Monday, April 21, 2008

Long time no blog...

Life has been so hectic..

I have started going back to college. Majoring in Chemistry. I'd like to have a degree to back me up in case anything ever happens to John, hopefully though, that will never happen. I still intend on being a stay at home wife and mommy though. That is where my heart is at.

We found out a few weeks back that we are expecting baby number two! We are super excited about that. We were kinda trying, so it wasnt too much of a shock. Im due November 20th. We got to see the little babys heartbeat and hear it at two different ultrasounds.

Time has been flying by.

My fathers tenant has asked for some painting done for her ive been doing that.

And then there is always aurora to keep me busy. My little bundle of joy, though not so little anymore..LOL. And she gets into everything. She is rolling and pulling herself everywhere and trying to get into everything. She is such a joy though because she is happy all the time (unless of course i lay her down, walk out of the room, or she is tired or hungry)

Thats life right now.

John and I are doing great as always.. nothing new to report there.. we are as much in love as we ever were and even more so. Time only makes us stronger. We will be celebrating our three year wedding anniversary in about four and a half months or so..