Friday, January 30, 2009

Made my first two cloth diapers

and im so proud!

So happy with the way they turned out..the first one is a little smaller than i wanted it to be..but still works..and the second one works great.. Here they are.. They are kck one diapers..i bought the pattern online

I have another one started..and fabric to make a few more.. im excited..

Update on hubbys job

So we finally have news! Its not offical or anything, his boss called and told him what is going on. Apparently some of his computers security programs thought he had a hacking program on the computer, but when they actually took a look at the computer they found out it was just his devry school program. So he isn't losing his job but he is being written up for downloading stuff to his computer. He goes back to work tuesday. The human resources woman still has to call and then it will technically be offical.

Aparently his boss and the higher up boss finally went down to hr to see what the heck is going on..and i think maybe helped speed the process along. So yay.. he isnt losing his job! And while its not great that he is getting written up, it is a heck of a lot better than losing his job.. And from now on out he will be just working at work..and then doing nothing on his more internet and no more schoolwork.. best to be safe than sorry...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy busy busy

So some of you may know that john has been off work for almost a week now. Tomorrow marks a week that his work put him on paid administrative leave..pending some sort of investigation. We have no clue what they are looking for, what they think he did..etc.. So pray for some sort of end to this.... I just want to know whats going on. Sure I'm scared he is going to lose his job, but part of me just keeps saying.. could they fire of their best employee's. Someone who has never taken a sick day, never late, never reprimanded, received multiple awards, etc.. The things that he has done are minor infractions at best and things that he told them about up front. Like doing his schoolwork in his lunch hour.. and accessing the Internet...which kinda goes hand in hand with the schoolwork. These are both things he shouldn't be doing, but apparently most employee's do.. but again..that's not an excuse.He shouldn't be doing it and in the future wont be, if given the chance..

On another front. Im halfway through making my own cloth diapers and just bought another diaper off ebay. Im waiting on some aplix (commercial Velcro) and some elastic to come in the mail so i can finish them up. I also started making my own diaper wipes..since it only seems logical to make wipes to go with the diapers. Right now we are only cloth diapering maybe 1% of the day.. since we only have three.. But as soon as john gets paid again im going to buy a prefold sampler kit for aurora.. to use during the day when john isn't home (since he doesn't really want to cloth diaper and i really do so im trying to make it as easy as possible for him..thats why we are doing pocket or all in ones) But that way i can cloth diaper while i build up my stash of pockets and all in ones. Ive decided to start with aurora because i have a ton of disposable diapers for the baby..ones given to me at my showers.. Oh and i bought some items to use as inserts for the diapers i am making. As well as some fleece to maybe make soakers with.

Oh and i started weight watchers on Monday. I feel so much healthier. John and I went grocery shopping (where i bought reusable shopping bags.. im telling you.. im getting more granola crunchy by the day!) And bought tons of healthy whole grains and such.. Right now i feel as thought i am doing well. We even walked to the grocery store earlier in the day for a few items then went back in the car for everything (since we couldnt carry everything in the stroller home with us).

And today i have done loads and loads of laundry. Just busy busy

Also on Monday i had to have some cavities filled at the dentist..since they wouldnt do it while i was preggo..they didnt want to chance anything..they like to wait until you have had the baby.

Well anyways..thats whats up.. im trying not to think about the whole job really really scares me and like i said.. part of me thinks they just cant fire him.. thats what i keep saying to myself. John was a mess the first he was going to cry. Said things like what are we going to do, what is he going to do, he is the provider..etc.. Would i still love him if he couldnt provide..etc.. he is taking it really hard..He works hard to allow me to stay home and live the nice life that we do..and this is killing him

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Play date fun

Today we had another play date with Deja and Logan. He is a cutie! Its nice being able to just sit around and talk about whats going on in our lives.. and share the ups and downs of mommyhood. : )

Also grandma is being moved to a convalescent hospital for recover. Luckily my best friend works at one that she thinks is top we will be sending grandma there and its nice to feel like grandma is in good hands. Hopefully she recovers quickly and is outta there soon.

Things have been going well around here. Breastfeeding is going great. We have been cosleeping but are slowly transitioning baby j into the bassinet..which is going well. He also is starting to like his swing more and it gives me a chance to do other play with aurora or clean.

Well thats about it for now : ) Baby J turned 2 months old today, but he doesnt have his check up for another two weeks.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayers please

Please pray for my grandma. She fell today and they think she broke her hip. My aunt and cousin live with her and she is able to do things herself, but she is older and stumbles easily nowadays. She is 87 years old. She has esophageal cancer and undergoes chemo for it, right now its stable, not any worse or better. Well today she was alone for a few short hours while some new furniture was being bought and brought over to her house. She fell and was able to get to the phone to call my dad and my aunts. They rushed over there and called an ambulance. They said she was in pain and the paramedics seem to think she might have broken her hip.

I went to visit her..she was tired, weak and a little out of it. She shattered her hip and now has to have hip surgery..either tonight or tomorrow. They are waiting for the surgeon to come speak to them. I know this surgery is likely to be very risky for her and im worried.

Update number 2:
My aunt arrived at the hospital today to find my grandma already in surgery! Grandma is out of surgery now and the doctor said it went well. Now she is on the road to recovery. She will be resting today and then at some point she will have to go to either the hospitals rehabilitation center or an elderly home to do her rehabilitation.. the doctor said that could last for at least a week. Im so thankful that my grandma is doing good. Please keep praying for a full and swift recovery.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dont have much time

To post..

Been busy..going here there and I normally just check everything from hubbys phone and typing a blog on there would be rather difficult... We have been having playdates with our friends... deja and her cute lil son logan and lacy and her cutie devyn... Also we have started transitioning to cloth diapers..pocket diapers to be exact.. we will see how it goes. I just bought our first two today, they were pricey but i like them so far.. I also bought a pattern recently and ordered some fabric online and will be attempting to make my own. Im a pretty good seamstress so hopefully it will go well.

Oh and took baby john into the lactation consultants for a weight check..gained 11 ounces in 9 days.. now he is 11 pounds 11 ounces. : ) Two month check up coming up in about two weeks, he will actually be two and a half months at the time..

Tomorrow he will be eight weeks old : )

Friday, January 9, 2009

Been busy busy busy

Been busy.. Doing tons of laundry.. we are finally getting back into a routine.. Get kids up.. both get diapers changed and dressed.. Aurora gets her hair done, face washed, teeth brushed..all that jazz.. Then make her breaskfast..feed her..then feed him.. sometimes he gets fed first if he is really having a fit.. Then play...grandpa often comes over to play with aurora outside... and all that jazz.

The other day my friend Deja came over with her new son Logan. The two boys had a playdate.. it was fun..her son is about a month older than baby john. It was nice to sit and talk and at one point we were both breastfeeding on the

Then today I took both kids to the park by myself..met my friend lacy and her son Devyn there.. that was an interesting event... aurora had fun..ill write more later. Then lacy and i got some food and met at my grandma's house. Stayed there with the kids for a long time and then home. Now im pretty

Pics and more details to come soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


From the breastfeeding clinic that We went in again yesterday..and he gained 10 ounces! in a week! he is now 11pounds!!!! YAY... and we breastfed there, he did well and she said it seems like we dont need them anymore and she said John has : ) She said we can call and come back if we ever have issues and need them, but that he is doing good on his own.. So no more bottles if i dont want to give him one. I did mention that im having trouble pumping much of anything and she said that it sounds like i might be not responding to my pump anymore because my body has become so used to the way my son lets the milk down.. oh well.. i guess if we go out then he will either have the little breast milk that i do pump or formula, since has had it already. But im going to try and pump a little everyday and maybe build up a store in the freezer.

Oh and i also had my postpartum yesterday.. she said everything looked a-ok and asked what kind of birth control i was thinking. I was on the fence about a few different kinds, but i really wanted no hormonal.. so i opted for the paragard IUD.. We want to start trying for baby number three in about three years.. so ill have it taken out in about three years.. ugh.. I really dont like the thought of knowing that right now i prolly cant get pregnant.. but i need to remind myself that its not forever..but that right now we dont have the time, money, or space for another baby.

And we also took pumpkin to the park yesterday..johnny slept in his car seat the entire time.. daddy stayed with johnny by the stroller and i played with pumpkin on the playground, we had a blast!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Im kinda depressed right now..mainly because john has had to work so much lately.. and i just miss him.. miss having him around all the time. And then on the rare occasion he has a day off..we are running around with doctors appointments and errands. Today is especially depressing because he hasnt had a day off in a week.. tomorrow would be his day off, but he has to work half day, and the only reason he isnt working the whole day is because we have two appointments to go to.. my post partum and another lactation appointment. Then today he tells me that he has to go back to work tonight..he came home for maybe an hour...and then had to head back out..and will prolly be gone all night :( Luckily my father is here to keep me company and help me out..though aurora is in bed and ive just got the baby to take care of, but i would be rather lonely.

Well though thats sad..we did have a good day. My cousin brandon came to visit and i hadnt seen him in forever.. Aurora looked super cute today, as she does everyday, but she just keeps growing up and looking more and more like a child..and while i love that, its just hard to realize she isnt my little baby anymore. And baby john just makes me realize how much she has grown and even he is getting bigger, getting more interested in other things.

Friday, January 2, 2009


YAY for 2009! At some point im going try to post one of those look back questionaires about 2008.. when i get a chance.

How we spent our new People kept asking me if i had plans for new years eve..and i was like yes..SLEEP.. a mom..with a newborn and a 1yr old, i was not about to give up my sleep for anything! So we did go to sleep. At midnight someone set off fireworks and it woke the baby and me up..just great. Luckily i just breastfed him back to sleep.

What did we do on Jan 1st..not much. John had to work the latter portion of the day. So we ate breakfast together that morning and just played with the kiddos. Then my dad came over like two hours after john left for work. We all went for a drive then went to my grandmas for a visit. Were there for a long time, I took aurora for a walk, while dad watched the baby. Then we came back, got em ready to go and headed out again. Took another short drive and went home.. That was my day.. Picked up the house.. thats about it.

I dont get a whole lot of time to do anything, the baby screams if i put him down and rarely lets anyone else hold him. He is okay in his vibrating seat for maybe five minutes, but thats it. The swing broke! But luckily john took it apart and fixed it..some plastic piece on the inside was broken. He is laying in it as we speak, though he is not asleep and i bet i will have to go in there and get him in a bit. I was glad he could fix it, because it was only like a 1 1/2 ago that we bought that one..and it was expensive! And i loved it with aurora.