Sunday, August 31, 2008


The weekend has been good and yes for me it is over. Well its almost like it was never here, i dont work so i dont have an offical weekend and with babies there are no true weekends. And john worked through the entire weekend and tomorrow.. so its just been another few days. Sat john worked from home and took his lunch to go to the ultrasound, while my father babysat. Today john worked from home while aurora and i went out and about, visited great grandma for a short while, dropped my dad off there, then we visited my mom for the rest of the day. It was a good day.

Although im still a little confused by the dvd from the ultrasound, we tried to see if it would work on grandmas dvd player, no go.. but she was there to see the ultrasound so it wasnt an issue, we were just testing the dvd out. Then i tried it at moms when we went over there, it worked perfectly.. and also worked perfect on her laptop, so we figured maybe we would try to rip it to her computer..yup no go.. so im gonna have to have one of my computer savvy friends check it out... See if they can make us copies and upload it to the computer to see if it will work.

The ultrasound place was supposed to give me clips of it to share on the web, but they werent on the disc, Im gonna call them up on Tuesday when they are open again and see if anything can be done about that. The package we got was supposed to include all of the following.

5-10 b/w 2D images, 4 color 3D images

20-30 minutes of 3D/4D ultrasound session with music

Gender determination if desired, keepsake photo frame
20-30 min of DVD set to music (may bring CD of your favorite music).
15-30 3D images on CD suitable for printing, e-mailing to friends & family. CD will also include 4-5 video clips for viewing on computer or e-mailing
4-6 guests are welcome

We got everything and even more cause the cd actually had 41 pics on it.. but no video clips and we didnt get to check the cd or dvd out until after the fact, sooo..fingers crossed, i hope they can do something about it, because i really would like to be able to share part of it with my friends and long distance family on the web...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

3d/4d ultrasound

So i was very excited to have our 3d/4d ultrasound today. We went down there. My mom went, my grandma, my best friend, and my aunt, as well as john and I. We got there a little early and had to wait a bit. So then the lady tells me it may be a little early and he may be small and not get great images.. well they said 28-32 weeks and hello, im 28.. and i know i have big babies.. anyways.. i say im not worried. So they take us in and all that.. the ultrasound was very cute. He was sleeping the entire time. He loves to open and close his mouth and stick his tongue out.. its amazing how well we can see everything. Got to hear the heartbeat. Got to double check that we are indeed having a boy.. And at one part he had his hand down there by his little boy parts.. the lady pointed out and everyone thought that was funny. We also learned that he sleeps with is mouth open. It was hard to get a good pic of him cause he had his head down and was nuzzling into the placenta..too cute! He loves his mommy : ) We got to do a twenty minute session and boy did it go by fast. We got to see him make a smiling face. His heart, ribs, spine, jaw..all that fun stuff.. It was very fun. He was so adorable! Im so in love : )

We got a bunch of pics on cd, as well as printed out and we also got a dvd to music of everything. They also gave us a bunch of samples and a picture frame. We then went out to lunch, after that we came home. I went and chatted with my neighbor until my dad came back with my daughter. So then i came home and felt sick.. took a shower and then decided to get all this online and watch the DVD. Well the pics uploaded fine.. and then i did the DVD disc, well two minutes in it started skipping and i was getting a bit perturbed by that.. so i cleaned it and tried again, still skipping. So then we tried it on the xbox 360..still skipping! So then i called the place and they told me maybe our machines are dirty that they have this problem with customers sometimes and they drive all the way down and they try the disc out and it works fine in the office, so she said to try a different machine, a friends machine, etc.. and see if it still skip and if so then bring it down Tuesday. I said okay and i was pretty afraid that if we didn't get it to work that we were gonna be SOL and we didn't pay to be SOL!

So then i went back on the computer to finish uploading stuff and john took the dvd to test it on the ps3...well it works on the ps3! I don't know whats up.. im so glad it works.. john is going to try to download a program so that we can upload the dvd to the computer. Also we only tested the disk so far, since its twenty minutes, but later im going to watch the whole thing and then if we still have issues im going to have to go down there on tuesday.

Friday, August 29, 2008

My baby walking outside....

For everyone to see :)

Walking while holding hands with grandpa

Is that a toy I see!

A little farther down the sidewalk of the neighborhood


We had some drama last night.. but im not gonna go into it. It was with my dad... oh well.. we are a close family and ive already gotten over it, but hubby is still kinda mad.. maybe ill write about it later.. i dunno..

Anyways. Tomorrow is the 3d/4d ultrasound. Im excited!!!!!!! I cant wait, though i am a bit nervous, i want it to happen now! Im always a bit nervous.

Auroras bday is in a week from tomorrow! I cant believe she is turning one! Oh and i dont know if mentioned it but she has learned a few new words.. Apart from mama, dada, and bye bye... she has occasionally been heard to say kitty and She doesnt talk a whole lot though, mostly baby babbles...

Oh and i thought aurora was coming down with something, but turns out she is just teething, made her a little warm the other night. So now her fifth tooth is coming in! She now has two bottoms, a central incisor, a lateral incisor and is getting the second lateral incisor.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I sewed up the end of the bumper and IM DONE! (Well kinda.. i still want to do the velcro atachments on the bottom of the sheet, so she cant pull it off, but that will wait unil after her bday party.

I went out and got some needles yesterday for the machine, put the needle in and sewed up the end of the bumper!

One down, one to go! I love the way it turned out so much that i was even considering making these things for a living, but i dunno.. This one was the trial run, now we have the next one to do, lets see if i can make it even better! Im so excited. I put the bedding on the new babys crib the other day (before the bumper was finished), just to see how it looks at the infant height..since her crib is lowered all the way down and would be a pain to bring it all the way back up just to try the stuff on it.

It looked good, baby number 2's crib is a tad bit longer, but other than that it fit fine.

Wanna see pics : )
The Crib skirt on auroras crib.. not finished in this picture. And its long because her cib is lowered all the way down.
How the crib skirt will look on her crib
The bedding, not the best shot, i had a baby climbing And its on baby number twos crib.
From the side
Aurora, checking out her new crib set, before the bumper was finished, and her brothers crib. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 years

Today we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We went with the traditional gift, which i think we will be doing from now on out.. i think its cute. Anyways. We slept in, thanks to my dad who took aurora for us for most of the day. We exchanged gifts. I got him a pair of leather shoes and he got me a beautiful leather bound copy of all the Jane Austin novels. And we each got each other some really cute cards. Then we spent some time just sitting around the house, not doing much. Some time with aurora. Then we headed off to Jo'Anns the fabric store. I wanted to get a new needle for the sewing machine and some other odds and ends. Plus find some fabric for curtains for the babies room. Well we didn't have any luck with the fabric but the woman suggested trying a Jo'Anns a bit farther away that had a larger selection. So we drove there. I did pick some fabric out. Its gingham.. i got it in lavender and blue. I'm working up a design in my head for the curtains. They are special order though they were half off. Even with that they were really expensive. I feel sorta guilty buying them.. I keep thinking, we could save that money.

Then we came home and got dressed for my surprise dinner. John made reservations at a local french restaurant to surprise me. He knew i wanted to go there and that it would be perfect for our anniversary because its very fancy. Its called La Vie en Rose. It was very nice (and I had escargots (yes i ate snails!), Rack of lamb, and got a slice of chocolate cake (which i took home) and also shared a raspberry souffle with john. John got a three different ravioli starter dish, buffalo rib eye and the raspberry souffle. We just drank water. Though towards the end i asked for ice tea and it was good, like tropical.. though to our surprise that tea cost us 4.75! lol... oh well. It was all worth it. Though again, i felt a little guilty for spending the money, even though we have it to spend.

Then we came home. Dad was just bathing aurora. So we were able to put her to bed like normal. She is such a little walker now! I cant believe it, she wants to walk everywhere. She walks to and from places, switches directions midway through with no assistance, carries things, etc... its so much fun to watch.

Its been a great three years and i now we have so many more to look forward to. In the last three years we were married, we got our own apartment, became pregnant three times (one miscarriage, aurora, and this new baby), lost one family member (Johns grandfather passed away a little over a year ago), bought a new car (our first car payment ever!), watched our daughter grow month after month.

Our life has its ups and downs, more ups than downs i like to think. I cant imagine it any other way... There is no way i could be without my husband and my daughter.. they are so much a part of me.

Oh and i have pictures to share, this is us before we headed out for our anniversary dinner.

27weeks6days : )

Our little family : )

So this is love.. : )

No more sewing..

for a little while. I was on the final part of the bedding set for aurora last night (minus the quilt that i might make in the future)... i was closing up the ends of the bumper.. Got one side done... was doing the other... and the needle broke! Ive never had that happen before, so i was quite shocked, i mean i knew it could happen... Well i was sewing through something very thick.. and like john said.. that needles been used for over three years now over and over and over again. (though i think that should hardly make a difference) Oh well. So any sewing projects are off until i find the spare needles i have, which i have no clue where they are, or i go to the store and buy new ones. Either way.. i hope to have the machine up and running by the end of the week.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Took a little break

Well i ran some erands with aurora and my father this morning. Then i sewed for a bit, then we took a break and went out to lunch with an old church friend. After that she invited me to go with her to get my nails done. Dad agreed to watch aurora, so i took a break from all the projects and got a mani and a pedi.. it was nice. Its been a long long time!

Im still waiting for my nails to completely dry and then its back to the sewing machine i go..almost done though.

Busy busy bee

Ive been so busy. Sometimes i write blogs in my head that never come to fruition. But i havent had the time. Ive been working hard on auroras new bedding set. Though she may not be able to use the bumper, im still making it for her. I want her to a have a complete set. Maybe something she can pass on to her kids. I finished the sheet and the crib skirt. I really love the way the crib skirt turned out. I think once its done i will try it all out on the new babys crib, since its at the highest level and id rather not move auroras up, just to move it all the way back down again. Plus i want to just test it out and see what it looks like, before i wrap it up and give it to her as a first birthday gift. I still have to make the bumpers... but im almost done.. i need to go to the store to get some stuff today, to finish it off. Also the sheet was a little loose... and I am uncomfortable with that. So i will be making little attachments for the bottom of the sheet, that can go around the mattress at each corner and snap into place, so that it cant be pulled off. Im also thinking about making a quilt for it, but thats something that wont be done until later. I need to work out what exactly id like to do.

I still need to finish the scrapbook im making her. I guess i will get back to doing that when im done with this project. Hopefully soon though, because her first birthday is coming up asap! I know she would love this gift too, because she loves pictures and loves to turn the pages of things.. but i may not be finished in time. We will see. I need to have a ton of pictures printed to finish the last half.. but ive got enough to do the first half.

And then after her birthday is over ive got the second bedding set to make for the new baby and the nursery to think about. And Halloween. Im thinking about making auroras Halloween costume. We bought her a cute bee outfit, but it scared her sooo much that we had to return it. Im thinking costumes wont be happening, she will have to be a princess or something thats a dress. Im going to go to downtown Disney to see if they have any princess costumes that would be her size. If not, maybe check some local Halloween shops out, when they open up, and if i still dont find anything, then ill be making her a costume.

Oh and tomorrow is my 3 year wedding anniversary! Whoo-hooo.. :) I love my hubby. Im not quite sure what we will be doing yet. Exchanging gifts, of leather?, and cards. Definitely be going out to dinner. During the day though we have discussed a picnic..we will see if we come up with any better ideas. Last time i was nine months pregnant with aurora and we just went out to dinner.

And Saturday is my 3d ultrasound! YAY. cant wait! I wish i had gotten one done with aurora, but oh well.. she got tons of ultrasounds from the docs cause she was such a big baby! I also will be getting another ultrasound from the doctors because of the placenta issue.

And then next Saturday, my baby girl turns 1!! Can you believe it? Im not sure too many people are going to be coming to the party, but honestly i dont care, no one is rsvping but no one ever does.. All that matters is my close family will be there, and they all said they will.. I already know she is getting tons of stuff from everyone, which doesnt matter to So we will have fun together. I cant wait to watch her smash that little cake!

I also have her one month doctors appointment the Monday following, that evening john and i have an infant safety and CPR class to attend. Then the next day is auroras one year pics, which depending on how she feels could end up getting postponed. She will be getting shots the day prior.

And then somewhere in all of that i have another doctors appointment.. im going every two weeks from here on out until 36weeks, then ill go every week.

Oh and i mustnt forget that Christmas is only a few short months away, normally by now i would have bought a ton of Christmas gifts, but ive had a lot going on... I do however have a small stash that i started for aurora.. other than that though, nothing has been bought. I cant wait to decorate!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visiting with family

John worked overtime today, so Aurora and I spent the whole day with my mother. Aurora doesnt get to see her grandma, or "nana" as she would like to be called, very often. Mostly because my mother still works, so she is a busy woman. But today we all three went out to breakfast, then to target where i helped her pic out the gifts she got for aurora for her first birthday..she wasnt sure what to get her. Then I picked up some cute things for the new baby, some snacks for aurora, another bday gift for aurora, and some other various odds and ends. Then we all headed back to my moms house.. Went swimming, then we ate lunch. Then we got dressed and went to wal mart. I got john and anniversary gift, we are doing the traditional thing this year. I looked it up and it said year three was leather.. so i got him something..not very expensive or anything.. i had a hard time thinking of something made of leather that wasnt I have no clue what he is going to get me or if it will even be leather..because i know he is having a hard time thinking of something too. Also got aurora a new t-shirt. I got a beach bag that was on sale..since its always summer in cali! I got some other odds and ends.. Mom bought some stuff for her house. Then we went over to the hallmark store, got some bday cards for aurora and anniversary cards for the hubby. Then i came home. Fed aurora and laid her in bed. She is now attempting to go to sleep. We will see how it goes, she is quite a bit overdue for her nap, but she wouldnt go down for one at her grandmas.

Anyways. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! : )

Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting somewhere!

I called the La Leche League leader and left her a message saying that im interested.

I also called my docs and signed up for the classes john and i wanted to take. Infant safety and CPR as well as breastfeeding with success.. Although i took the breastfeeding class last time, i still want to take it again.

I also signed up for a medical tour of a new hospital that opened up, its quite a bit farther away, but with the experience i had last time at the last hospital and the recovery floor staff.. i may be willing to go the extra distance.


Okay, so im determined to do all i can to make breastfeeding work this time around. I think those nurses truly screwed me up.. and then i just let it go down hill. This time i will be taking control and not letting them push me around. Yes im young, but no im not a first time mom anymore. I know how to take care of a baby and im darn good at it!

I think I will be writing a birthing plan this time around, something i didnt do last time.

Also, im looking into joining a local La Leche League for support. I found a meeting that is for couples, which would be more comfortable for me..john is my support system. I already talked to him about it and he is willing to go with me. He knows that this is important to me.

I will also make sure to see the Lactation consultant in hospital, like i did last time, however this time around i will wait until i see her before taking any advice from the nurses. I also will see the lactation consultant frequently in the first few weeks, its a bit of a drive and parking is crazy, but its worth it.

Also, no bottles.. NONE.. I really believe thats one of the main things that screwed us up the first time and its not happening this time. I know that i can and will produce milk. I know that Colostrum is all that they need for the first few days.

Also if a bottle is for some reason needed, like in the situation of low blood sugar, i know they supplemental feeding systems you can use and i will use that.

And another important thing. This time around im not waiting on them to move me to feed my baby or to take him away to the nursery for hours. I WILL feed him before he is whisked away to the nursery (with my husband in tow of course) and I will be feeding him within the first hour of birth.

Sure there are things that could possibly go wrong to keep me from doing some of these things, but having goals is good. Im sticking to my guns this time.


Was a pretty uneventful day. Did some laundry. Caught up on some sleep. Tv repairman replaced some parts in the tv. Did a lot of sewing. Im trying to get auroras bedding set done by her birthday so that i can give it to her as a bday gift.. but i dont want to rush it, so we will see. That was my day.. My dad was around watching aurora on and off.

And this morning she got up and ate next to me in bed, as always.. and we showered and played in the shower.. and then i put her back down because she didnt get enough sleep yesterday or last night. She went to bed later than normal and got very little of a nap yesterday. She was rubbing her eyes, she was tired this morning.

Seems like it might be an overcast day.

Anyways.. Today will prolly be more of the same. John will get off a little early, after that we may go somewhere.. i dont know..

Oh and next week is our three year wedding anniversary!

Feeling so nervous

We are getting closer and closer to the arrival of baby number two... and im so nervous and ancy about breastfeeding. I want it to work out soooooooooo bad. I cant even tell you how bad. I feel like it was all my fault that it crashed and burned with Aurora. I remember how much i felt like a failure. So i guess i want to get that off my chest. Here is what happened with her..

In the hospital i didnt get to feed her for the first time until six hours after she was born, Then whisked her away with my husband to get all of her stuff done in the nursery...well apparently there were a lot of babies born that day and she was like the last in line. She gets back and she feeds beautifully from my breast... she did great! Then they come in and say her blood sugar is low and they want me to feed a bottle. I was unsure so i said id like to feed her and they keep pushing the bottle on me, i should have asked that her blood sugar be rechecked since she had just eaten... Well the nurses i had made me feel stupid and like a new mom that knows nothing.. and so we ended up giving her the bottle they wanted.. and then continuing to try to get her to take the breast. Well after she had the bottle she wanted nothing to do with the breast. Even the lactation consultant came in and couldnt get her to latch on. She found out how low the blood sugar had been and she said that it was barely low at all! Well i continued all day long to try to get her to latch.. the nurses would come in every once in awhile "have you fed her yet?!" and i would say, "we are trying" and then they came in and wanted her to eat more of the bottle! Then the nurse fed her the bottle! Ugh.. and so then we took my daughter home as soon as they would release us and the darn nurse had me so scared out of my mind that my daughters blood sugar was low that when she wouldnt breastfeed at home we resorted to giving her the bottle and trying to breastfeed... well yeah that crashed and burned.. we went to see the lactation consultant. Well she got her to latch on but she wasnt sure that she was actually drinking anything and she seemed a bit rushed because she had another mom come in. Well she told me to use a nipple shield because it will feel like the nipple of a bottle. To express a bit of breastmilk into the shield before you latch baby, latch baby, then breastfeed for ten minutes on each breast or however long she will latch.. and then give her one ounce in a bottle (i was pumping so that my daughter would at least get the breastmilk).. Then pump for ten minutes on each breast and then do it all over again in two hours from start. The whole thing became too much for me.. especially since afterawhile my daughter would just scream when i tried to latch her.
So sad to say.. I just gave up and pumped to give her full breastmilk for about a month then half breastmilk and half formula another two weeks or so and then full formula... I felt so crappy and guilty.. I had my chance and i ruined it..

I would like to think that im wiser this time around, and im not going to let them push me around.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day at home

Most days we are a go go go type of family, but today we just stayed at home and it was nice. I didnt get much sleep last night. My fault.. I didnt go to bed till like midnight.. and got up at seven thirty.. I normally try to shoot for at least eight hours of sleep. Today aurora and i just played around the house...we played in her room and read books, played in the living room. We did some laundry together. We ate together, which is normal if we are home. Although i let her have some table food today. Ive been real iffy about it, im always afraid of choking, but she did great. And she loved it! So here are some pics of my messy baby!

Oh and i here is a pic of our bassinet..all set up for baby number two!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dr. Appointment

So I had a prenatal yesterday, I didnt have time to update everyone..

My blood pressure was great. Last time it had been a little high, but thats because i had been stressing and rushing to get to my appointment ontime.

Did my urine as always.. which was fine.

I gained 13 pounds! Yes you read that right, 13! I hadnt gained anything during this pregnancy, so they werent too concerned. I actually mentioned it to them and she said to just watch what i eat and exercise, but it wasnt too big of a deal since my total weight gain is 13 pounds.

She measured my uterus.. said im measuring perfect, 27weeks (im 26weeks and 5days pregnant today)

Then she did the heartbeat.. 140's

I hadnt seen this midwife during this pregnancy yet, but she remembered me from my pregnancy with aurora. So we talked a bit about that.. And she asked what we were having and the name... I really like her a lot compared to the woman i was seeing this time around. Then we discussed the low lying placenta. I have to go in for another ultrasound between 28 and 32 weeks. I have a 3d we are getting done at 28weeks, so i think ill schedule the doc ultrasound at 32. She asked if i wanted to take the glucose test, i had taken it very early on in this pregnancy and passed with flying colors.. I said sure, i didnt mind.. it doesnt bother me at all. So i have to go in and do that one of these days.

She asked if i was having any conctractions. I said just the regular braxton hicks on and off. She asked if i was feeling baby move and i said yes. I asked for a list of the birthing and parenting classes. I think we will take infant saftey and cpr this time, we wanted to take it last time around, but didnt get a chance to..I think i will also take the breastfeeding one again and possibly the hospital tour one. I mean yes we have been there before, but it gives you a chance to pre register and pay for your admission. I think we will skip out on the baby care basics lol.. all that is still fresh in our minds.

She asked if I wanted to start coming every 2 weeks or do another 4 weeks.. i opted for the 2.. im a paranoid

That was pretty much it. The nurse scheduled every appointment until 10/27, every two weeks until 36 weeks when i start going weekly.. She scheduled me as far in advance as the computer would let her.. and they are all (except for one) with her!!!! Im very happy about that because i quite like her.

Oh and today the replacement pieces came for the baby bassinet we have.. So i set it all up and its all ready for baby. I just need to wash the bedding when its a little closer to my due date!

Its official

My baby is walking! Ive been wondering for days now whether or not to consider it walking (and she has been doing it since ten months, but only on and off), but Ive decided it is. She wants to walk everywhere now, but if she falls she may resort to crawling if there is nothing near to help get back up..but if she has the option between the two, she chooses walking.. She is going farther and farther now..trying to walking into other rooms, but the baby gates pose a problem, she has to step over them, even then she can make it if she holds onto the gate. She walks when we go to other peoples houses.

So its official. She took her first few steps at nine months, started walking in between objects a few steps without assistance at ten months, and is walking everywhere she can at eleven months.

Here is a video i took of her the other night right before bedtime and her bath.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today John worked most of the day.. Till sixish.. Aurora and i started to head over to my grandmas, but my dad needed to sign some checks first. So then he invited himself along.. so all three of us went to grandmas..and then we went house We love looking at open houses. I found a piece of land to build my dream house on.. anyone got two million seven hundred thousand dollars to loan

Anyways.. came home, played around outside..visited the neighbors.. had a lazy day... Tomorrow i have a doctors appointment, just a regular prenatal and then i think we might go swimming.. if john isnt too tired. He has to be to work early four am...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick update

As always, things have been busy. Thursday was grocery shopping day..did that.. and ran some other errands. Friday i took Aurora to the park with my father. She loved it.. This time she got to play in the water area all by herself, there a few kids every few minutes or so, but they didnt stay long. Aurora had a blast. She went in the swing then we took a little walk. This park is becoming a favorite!

Today i had a MOMS club board workshop to go to. So john got to do a lot of baby/daddy They went to the park, where i guess my daughter tried to make a friend.. Apparently there was an older little girl there and Aurora loves other kids. So she played in the sand with her. John said the girl eventually got up and left and aurora stood up and tried to walk to follow her.. poor thing couldnt walk well in the sand. She has been walking up a storm the last few days. Mostly when we are at home, but sometimes she will do it randomly when we are out. She wants to walk so badly. Around the house she is trying to walk everywhere.

She also said "baby" while i was out today.. so now her vocabulary is "mama" (and variations of) and "dada" very clearly.. and "bye-bye" and "Baby" not as clear. She also babbles a lot to herself, but thats all gibberish to me. I love watching her wave bye bye and clap...i love to watch her clap..i think its just sooo cute!

Oh and i measured her.. to put it down in her baby book..she was around 30 1/2 inches by my calculations.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Am i even pregnant?

Honestly, sometimes i can forget that i am even pregnant. I started this out overweight and ive gained nothing, according to my last doctors appointment. I can still fit into my regular clothes, though they are uncomfortable so i stick with maternity. But honestly i can dress to where you wouldnt even know im pregnant and im 26weeks and its not even hard.. I actually have accentuate the fact that im pregnant so that people see that im pregnant and not just

And he kicks and kicks hard, but im just too busy during the day to notice. I dont notice till i sit down to relax or im in bed.. etc. Its just not the same as when i was pregnant with aurora. Where i was able to sit around all day and plan my upcoming motherhood. I could sit around and rub my belly and feel every kick. The one thing that is a constant reminder is my horrible pelvic pain.. though its not even that much of a reminder since ive had it nonstop since i was pregnant with aurora. I told my midwife about it then and i was told it would go away after birth, yeah it never did, it just got less painful.. then i got pregnant again and it was still present but as ive gotten farther along its gotten more painful..oh well.. its something i can deal with. Ive been meaning to mention it to my midwife, but i keep forgetting. I swear the moment that women walks in the room all my questions go out of my head.

Also i feel like this baby is smaller than she was.. i dunno though..that i could be wrong about.

Anyways..Today i went grocery shopping.. came home, put the groceries away and aurora went down for a nap. Then i did the and now i sit here thinking about what to do for the rest of the day. Im thinking about going and putting in a balloon order for auroras first birthday or checking out the party store..they are having a sale right now. I made out all her invites.. so now i need to run them by the post office and mail them out. Oh and i need to go to two other stores. I need to get formula and gerber puffs at one..and milk at the other.

I was supposed to have a play date with someone today, but she cancelled and it turned out that it was a good thing because i was running late this morning and aurora would have slept through the play date time. She had to cancel cause a family member had a baby.. a girl... the scary part is that she was told she was having a boy, even at the 3d ultrasound.

That terrifies me.. Because you plan for one gender and end up having another, its not that i wouldnt have anything for a little girl. I obviously do.. but its that i am buying so much for a baby boy.... what would i do with all of it if i did end up having another girl...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting things done.

Yesterday i tackled the bathrooms, vacuumed the entire house, picked up the nursery, the living room, and the hallway. I also did laundry and set up the baby bassinet (which is still missing some pieces but i contacted the manufacturer and its still under warranty so they will be sending me replacement parts, put up the portable crib in the living room, moved the papsan swing into the living room and set it up.

Today i took aurora to the park with my friend lacy and her son. Ran some errands and came home. Her first birthday stuff had arrived, so i started her invitations. Hopefully i will have them all out by the end of the week. Im starting to think more and more about the little details of the party.

Also John and I have our 3year wedding anniversary coming up in a few weeks. I think we are going to do a picnic.. it will be nice, but i need to get him a card and maybe a little something. Though i don't think we will be exchanging gifts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What do you consider walking!

So im a tad bit confused.

Aurora took her first steps on the fourth of july.. I put her down leaning her back against the couch, she was nine months.. and she went a few steps..about three.. and fell.. Then when she turned 10 months she started walking a few steps on purpose between the cofee table and couch without holding onto anything.. she would go two or three steps between the two.
Now she is 11 months old and she will walk a few steps between two objects. Or she will stand and walk to me, or to something else.. she does it often, but still sticks to mostly crawling.
So now im confused. People ask me if she is walking and i say no or sometimes i say she is walking a little bit.. About five steps or so at a time, before she either reaches her destination or falls. So she is walking, but i guess i consider walking to be something she does consistently, instead of crawling...

Im not dead

Just busy.. its been awhile. Last night at like midnight i had written this huge blog and guess what.. yeah it all got deleted before i was able to post it...long story..

But anyways.. just been so busy, so much is going on. Ive got my MOMS club board duties..this month they arnt so bad. Ive got a workshop to go to on Saturday. Ive got Auroras first bday to plan.. so much going on there... im trying to get a scrapbook done for her first bday, as well as some few other little crafts..and a slideshow.. Ive got my 3d ultrasound this month, im excited about that. My 3 year wedding anniversary this month.. Im also trying to make the bedding for aurora and the new baby.. if im not doing that then im working on the scrapbook after aurora goes to bed at night.

And the house is suffering from all of this, so today i decided i just need to get down and deep clean! So ive been working on that, im taking a break though.

I still need to repaint the nursery, but im not worrying or thinking about that until after auroras first bday.

Then in October i have my babyshower. After that im due in November! I just feel like i have this huge deadline and ive got to get things done!

Ive been working on getting my house in order. I organized the kitchen cabinets..threw out crap i didnt need and put like things together on the shelves. Im starting to weed through stuff and get rid of things i dont need. So that we have more space here. Plus we have wayy too much junk.

On Sat. I cleaned out a bunch of junk the previous tenant left behind in our storage space, then i put a ton of our stuff that was at my dads in our storage space. I also put the crib up that day. Sunday I spent running errands. Monday was more of the same, went out to lunch with the family. Then john came home and we went as a family to the park. I have a few pics for everyone to see of my cutie.

Aurora is doing great. She now waves bye bye and says bye..its too cute. She also is walking a few steps here and there, like today my father had been babysitting her while i cleaned...he came home with her and she walked from our coffee table to me..about three steps or so, by herself.. She then stayed in my arms and didnt want to go to anyone else..she missed me. : ) She has been doing two or three steps on her own for a few weeks now..since she was 10 months.. but hasnt started walking on a regular long basis.. we will see. She just doesnt seem too interested in it. I see her look like she is going to sometimes, then just get down and crawl to what she wants.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well we all got up this morning.. John watched aurora while i started to put the crib together. I really wanted to do it and I knew he didnt, so i just started it.. Well Aurora was fussy all morning.. she is teething again.. getting her fourth tooth..the upper top. (right now she has her two bottom and her upper left canine) Her upper tooth is obviously bothering her. I called my dad to see if he could come help me with the crib, since john had his hands full with Aurora. Well the minute dad got there, i could hear Aurora crying. She loves her grandpa and she wanted grandpa to take her outside, so he did. John came in to help me with the crib. We got it all done. I like the color of it, it actually matches a toddler rocking chair that is in the nursery, that was mine when i was a little girl. Aurora is now napping..

We still have a lot left to do though. Ive got to prep the walls, then prime the walls, then paint the walls, but i think im going to hold off on that until after Aurora's first birthday.. so a month or so.. At least the painting park. Ill prep and prime if i have time.

I think we will also be moving a desk out of the nursery today and then putting the crib where it goes. Oh and i have some pics to share.

Here is the crib after we finished putting it up

And here is our new diaper bag.. its bigger than the old one and will carry sippy cups in the side pockets. The only think i dont like about it is that it doesnt have stroller straps.. But if all else fails, i will sew some on. Speaking of sewing. I got a tiny bit more done on the baby bedding last night, Aurora's, ill do his matching set after i finish hers. And i was working on an idea for homemade babyshower invites.. its really cute, i just need to perfect it.

Oh and here are the fabrics i bought for the baby bedding. I hope they turn out the way i envision them in my mind.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Today has been a hectic day!

So we didnt get the car back until around two, then i had to take it home and put aurora's car seat in it.. switch her from the 66 mustang to our car, then take dad to pick up his car from the Ford dealer, which was also ready.. Then to johns work to pick up john. Then we grabbed a bite to eat. Then to the bank to do some stuff. Then to walmart, where i bought a few things for the bday part, for the babyshower, and for a scrapbook for pumpkin. Then came home. Dropped pumpkin off with my dad and went to buy the baby a crib. Didnt think it would fit in the we placed it on hold. Came home. John watched aurora while dad and I picked up the crib. Then came home and dealt with some drama with tmobile that is now resolved... And here i am..almost nine oclock.. finally done.. I think ill work on the baby bedding now.

Oh and here is a pic of the new crib from the website.. I will prolly put it together tomorrow! YAY! and take pics of it then

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ahhh.. its almost here

Aurora's first bday is almost here.. i feel so unprepared! Her cakes are ordered and paid for.. i had picked out all the plates, etc.. and just ordered all of that, we have some gifts for her. We will be having it at my moms, maybe even make it a pool party.. i dunno.. I guess there isnt much else to do. The invites should be here in about four days and then i can fill em out and mail them in, i had intended on getting invites printed, but these match the plates and theme, so i thought they were cute.. so i guess ill just be filling them out. I need to go down and make a balloon order, but i can do that a few days in advance, though ill prolly do it over the next week. She has her first birthday outfit, though im starting to get concerned that it still may be a little too big for her, so ill have to see when the time comes closer. I have a crown for her : ) And im going to make a little decoration for her high chair.. I think thats about it.

Oh and the car is dropped off at the other mechanics.. should get it back sometime tomorrow.

Car Update

Okay, so they called. It will be 265 for the brakes, its the front.. While that doesnt seem like too much money.. My local mechanics quoted me 170, and told me he would keep it under 200... and while we may not get the car back as quickly, there is no reason to waste 100 bucks.. Plus this is a mechanic we trust. I felt bad having to tell them we were taking it somewhere else, im just like that... but i did.. I did have them change the air filter though, cause it was dirty. They wanted us to do a tune up, but the local mechanics said our car did not need one this soon.. its a 2008, with 29,000 miles on it.

I know i could change the filter myself, but i felt ugh.. my hubby should really do this stuff.. Im bad when it comes to this. And they will still be ordering the parts we need for the "chill zone" and we will have to take it in at a later date to fix that.

They are supposed to call me back once they have the tires back on the car. Im hoping its soon though, so i can get it into the mechanics to have it fixed by at least tomorrow.. hopefully the end of the day.


Well today hubby took the bus to work, as he has been the last few days. He is doing this to save money on gas and so that we can have the car in case of emergencies..etc.. It was all his idea and honestly its a good one monetarily. A bus pass is 45 dollars a month, gas costs us about 300 or so a month.. Still though i don't like the idea of him taking the bus, but he takes the ds with him and plays games.

Well for awhile the brake light has been coming on, long story short we just thought it was the sensor going back, we have reasons why we thought that, but it would be to much to explain. Well i was out today, had to pick up my dad from the car dealership (he was dropping his car off to be serviced, dead battery) and i had my window down at one point and i hear this horrible squealing/squeaking while we are driving and when we stop it goes away. So i call the dealership, cause i know the car is under warranty, but not the brakes.. and they say if its the brakes its not covered, but if its bearings or whatever then it is.. Well i took it in to get it looked at, still haven't heard back. If its the breaks then its 259 per axle, four axles on a car i believe.. Well we have a mechanic that the whole family goes to and i called him and explained the situation and he says it would be about 170 and it sounds like the front brakes.. So im waiting on dodge to call and tell me whats up... if its something not covered by warranty, then we will be taking it to the other mechanics.. Oh and while its there they will be ordering a part for the "chill zone" in the car, we went to have this fixed somewhere else months ago but the car dealership went out of business.. so we just needed to take it to another Dodge dealer since thats still under warranty.

Oh and i have yet had a chance to take the outfit back to get the ink tag taken off, but i may end up exchanging it.. Aurora is terrified of the I feel bad. My dad thinks we should just leave it out in the living room and see if she gets curious about it. If not maybe we will end up with the lady bug or witch one that i wanted to get. : )

Great night

We had a great night last night..except for one hitch.. but ill tell you about that later.

Dad babysat Aurora while john and i went to target... got a few presents for aurora's first bday (cant believe its a month away!) and some small odds and ends, like a set of cute pooh bear paci's for the new baby. Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster.. So yummy. : ) Then we went to babies r us, i got a new diaper bag for both babies, its a bit bigger than the one i have now and this one will fit sippy cups in the side pockets. And we got aurora a halloween costume! I hadnt planned on it, but they had them there. John wanted the bee outfit or tigger, i liked the lady bug outfit or the witch one, but it didnt seem like they had her size in the ones i liked, plus i also really liked the bee one.. so thats the one we got.. So then we bought that. Then went to best buy..looked around, then came home.. Get home, looked at everything, the babies r us lady forgot to take the ink tag off of the bee outfit.. so i have to go down to babies r us again today, and its not super close to our house. Oh well, nothin we can do about it.

Oh and i think john and I have picked out the crib for the new baby, i just have to order it online.. but we want to see how much shipping is gonna cost us.

oh and im 25 weeks today, yay!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Thats what i am. I am so blessed by God and honestly i dont even know why he is so good to me, why he listens to my prayers.. Why such an insignificant person, such as myself, would matter to him. He has given me a wonderful husband, a beautiful and wonderful daughter, a baby boy on the way and answered so many countless prayers.. so many questions i can take to him.

I hope that i can be a better person with his help. :)

Ugh.. i need to get caught up

ON BLOGGING that is..ha.. On Monday we took aurora to the park and swimming. Hung out at her grandma's house (my mom) all day long. Yesterday I went out and bought a ton of stuff for the nursery...organizing stuff.. hangers, shoe organizer(i can never seem to find auroras, plastic storage bins..etc.. And i bought all the fabric to make two matching bedding sets, one in blue and one in purple.. Wish me luck! I also dragged a bookcase we had stored at dads over... and bought brackets to secure it to the wall, then i got that all organized (though today aurora tore everything off the lower shelves..but i knew she would, so its mainly stuffed animals).. i moved her crib back against one wall, today hopefully i can get the changing table moved back underneath the window, so we can buy and put his crib where the changing table currently is. There is a lot more room for them to play now.. I also hung and folded all of his clothes.. which we have a lot.. i cant believe it.. I will need to wash some of it, but i will do that when it gets closer to that time. I brought the car seat base out.. so that we can put it in the car when we need to. I also started getting the bassinet assembled and yeah guess what.. its missing parts! I knew i should never have let dad carry it to his house to store it. I went through everything over there.. i have no clue where these missing pieces are.. so now im contemplating calling the company to get replacement parts of just chucking it and buying something new..i dunno...

I feel like im finally making progress. Though there is still a ton we need to buy, but i guess we will be waiting until after my shower... I also need to clean.. my house has been thrashed the last few weeks, ive been trying to take Aurora out and do something with her everyday and the house has suffered because of it. So im working on getting rid of things i dont need, organizing and all that jazz... And cleaning. The bathrooms will need to be cleaned..though they arnt really that dirty..but the kitchen needs a deep clean! I need to scrub the counters and floors and mop and all that jazz.

Baby Cadence

And i just want to say Congrats to my cousin Brandon, who is now a father! His baby girl was born today... Cadence Riley.. I cant wait to see pics of her! : )

11 months old today!

My little girl is 11 months old today! Can you believe it? I cant.. and whats more is i have a month to get the rest of her birthday party planned.. Well its pretty much planned, but the things i planned for i need to actually buy..yikes.. and then send out invites.. I think im going to keep it small, a few family and friends.. I already have her cake ordered (have had it ordered for, but last week i changed the plan..ha.. I have some gifts already bought for her.. not a whole lot, but then again i dont think she will be old enough to realize what is going on. I have her outfit bought (though im a little worried that it will be too big) and some other little odds and ends..

During her tenth month she perfected standing even more.. now she picks things up and stands and such. She has begun walking between the coffee table and the couch and between me and the other couch.. etc.. about two or three steps completely on her own. She claps now..which i think is sooo adorable.. She will give us a high five. She points at things she wants or places she wants to go. She talks all kind of baby talk, wonderful conversations. She loves to hand me things now, like her sippy when she is done, toys, things she finds on the floor/ground, etc. She tries to mimic all kinds of things i do.. like when she showers with me, she trys to wash herself too.. its cute. I think she has grown a few inches, i know she has grown at least one inch since her 9 month check up.. because i measured her at ten months.. But i will have to measure her again today. : )

My little girl is growing up!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday! OC Fair

So on Saturday john, aurora and i went to the oc fair. We had a blast. We were there for like three hours or so just wandering about. Looking at all the animals was neat, though pumpkin really seemed more interested in people watching(which there were a TON of people there to watch).. and people seemed rather interested in I know every mom thinks their kid is beautiful, but i cant believe how many remarks we get about our daughter.. every time we go out and i mean EVERY time we go out, someone has to comment on how beautiful she is.. I think it helps that she smiles and melts Though at times the comments can be annoying because some people just dont know when to stop.. they just go on and on and on... we had someone talk to aurora and tell us how beautiful she was in Ihop once, the ENTIRE time we were eating.. And i feel rude if i dont say Thank you, every time someone compliments her.

Anyways, im going off on a tangent.. We had a little girl "pet" our daughter... guess she must've though we were part of the petting and some random people wave at her, someone said she was beautiful, another said we "brought the angel to the fair"... I thought that one was cute and must've been inspired by the fact that she was wearing all white. We checked out the craft area, the agricultural area, the rides (though we didnt go on any.. john doesnt trust fair rides and i obviously cant go, and aurora is too little of course)... John and i had a fried twinkie and fried oreos for the first The twinkie was good, the oreos were kind ehhh.. And i had a frozen strawberry lemonade! Yummy and the best part was the Dippin Dots! I have been wanting them for months

We walked a lot and by the end of it i was SORE.. the front of my upper legs, where they meet my body just hurt.. but it was so worth it. : )

Oh and one thing, they had HUGE oxen.. omg..they were huge!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Okay... so Wednesday!

Wednesday was a fun but busy day. My grandma was getting air conditioning in her house. So my aunt wanted my father to go over and sit with her while the guys were there working.. Grandma is 87 and has cancer and the family really doesn't like leaving her alone too much, especially not with strangers. So i drive the '66 over to grandmas. Visit for a bit, then pumpkin and i head off to pick up our friend lacy and her son. Then we meet our other friend Nikki at a local gas station. Then we decided to go to the park. The park we went to has a small zoo area in it and a water fountain to play in. As well as the regular park features, swing and play area... I haven't taken her on those items at the park though because they are always crowded with older kids and i don't want her getting trampled. So we went and had fun looking at the animals. Aurora was very excited at seeing another baby, Lacy's son is almost five months old.

Then lacy fed her little boy while i took aurora through the fountain. She loves water.. I mean LOVES water.. its almost a concern because she loves water means she isn't afraid of it.. But luckily we don't have a pool, so its not a big issue. After each baby got a change, we headed off to lunch. Then to walmart and then we took lacy home.. Then back to pick up grandpa from great grandmas house.. and then home! :)

After the earthquake

We went to the park and i just got the time to upload the pics to the computer. So here is my pumpkin at the park. This is a new park for her.. we hadn't taken her to this one yet. She seemed to like it alright. I don't know whether or not we will return because there seemed to be a lot of ants..don't get me wrong.. i know the outdoors is full of ants.. but i mean you normally don't see them all the time....


Its been a few days.. Ive been pretty busy. Thursday was what i like to call Grocery shopping day.. went to four different stores, they are all pretty close to us..and shopped like a madwoman with my Got some great deals and some food.. Now if my stove were only working..ugh.. Im getting sick of trying to use my microwave to cook in new and inventive ways...i think we will be calling an electrician out and having the socket fixed next week... Thankfully!Ugh.

Friday was pretty hectic as well. Dad got his retirement check, so had to do his bills, run here there and everywhere to pay some. Then visited grandma, where i had a complete meltdown at dad over the stove (long story) and then we went to sams club cause i had to buy milk and diapers. Then finally back home.

Today..has been a lazyish day. John brought down our 2nd storage box of baby clothes and such.. and i took out all my breast pump accesories.. breastfeeding stuff (a dress, bra's..etc), and any boy clothes or neutral clothes that we had. Then i divided it all up into sizes and i have to say.. Im really surprised at how much baby clothing we have for a boy! I mean i did have some stuff i bought when we were ttc, and some stuff we bought when we found out we were having a boy. And some stuff people had given us.. and then neutral stuff from aurora... We have boys clothing in every size up to 24 months, the largest amount is 0-3 and its great winter type stuff, since he is being born during that season! I really thought we wouldnt have much, but we definitely have quite a bit..

Looking through all the clothes kinda made me sad.. Seeing all the dresses that aurora wore for every season and occasion, her Christmas dress, her first church dress, her dedication dress, her thanksgiving dress, her first Halloween costume.. aww.. my baby is growing up! It also makes me feel kinda guilty. Im not sure that this baby will have as much clothing lavished upon him.. i mean the economy is going to crap it seems, and we will have to be clothing and diapering two babies.. I dunno.. I hope that we can do the same for him that we did for her, but we will have to see with time.

We had a lot of fun last wednesday, but ill blog seperately about that. : )