Wednesday, December 31, 2008


With grandpa

The three of us, mommy, aurora, and johnny!

Aurora and mommy!

Aurora in the snow.

So we took the kiddo's (we being my father and I, hubby had to work ) to the mountains to see snow. Mostly for aurora since i didnt really intend on having the baby out of the car in the snow. We packed them up for it to be very cold then headed on our way.. Got halfway up to big bear, where we had intended on going... and were making great time, except for the minor part of my father getting us lost.. his age is starting to show. Well halfway up we hit a HUGE traffic jam.. bumper to bumper going barely 2miles an hour. Stopped at a turnout so i could breastfeed the baby and aurora could eat and walk around. It wasnt very cold and i was undressing the baby to change his diaper and he was soaking wet with sweat. Dad took Aurora out into a bit of snow on the side of the road but apparently all she wanted to do was try to eat it, so they came back.

Got back into the traffic and headed back towards big bear in the bumper to bumper traffic, contemplated turning around and heading home because we thought it might not be worth it. Got to where the road turns off to go to running springs, big bear, or arrowhead. Said forget big bear and turned of to go to lake arrowhead. BEST decision we made! No one was on the traffic, it was beautiful.. so we get to arrowhead village and its like 1pm.. dad hasnt eaten and neither have i, but the place was packed! So we drove around a bit and ended up taking a long drive around the lake where aurora started getting a bit upset about being in the car so long, but i think she handled it very well. No crying, so screaming, just an occasional whine to remind us. Baby J also gave occasion protests. Found a McDonald's, finally got us Adults something to eat. Headed back out of arrowhead to a place we had seen on the way in for good snow play.

Dad ate in the car, while i took aurora out into the snow. At first she didnt want to be put down and would cry. But i sat her down and threw tiny tiny snow balls at her and giggled..did that for a bit then dad came over, took a few pics. Gave me the keys to the car, which was like four feet away. And i went to feed and change baby john. They played and took pics for a bit and then came back. Aurora got her diaper changed then got back into the car. We headed home. The traffic was still bumper to bumper into big bear, thankfully we didnt go there!

On the way home we had to make another stop because johnny was having a melt down and wanted to eat. We were so close to home, but i didnt want to make the poor guy wait. So we stopped fed him, dad and aurora ate again..and then headed home. We got home about thirty minutes before John got home from work. I wish he could have been there : ( Next year we are totally taking a family snow trip!

Video of aurora in the snow

Monday, December 29, 2008


We went to the lactation consultant yet again today for another weight check and thankfully he gained 9ounces in 7days! Seems like switch nursing and chucking the nipple shield has worked! YAY. Not only that but he took 4.2 ounces from me while we were there! Thats a whole 1.2 increase from last week. She said she was very happy with all the progress he is making and said his suck is about 70% of the way there, still a bit of learning for him to do. She also said we can continue letting hime sleep seven hours during the night, because whatever we are doing now its working. He normally eats every hour during the day and sleeps seven hours during the night.

He has now gained his birth weight back and then some..hopefully it just keeps going up and up. She asked if i wanted to come back in a week or two weeks, she said she felt comfortable with two weeks, but i said i wanted to do one weeks. Just to make sure everything is on track.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Some of my fave moments of the day

Family moment

aurora moment

john moment

Christmas was wonderful!

Christmas eve we trimmed the tree, yes we waited till christmas eve to decorate! Sent our little girl off to bed in her cute winter pj's...they have snowflakes all over them. Then Santa came and dropped off all the gifts..and it was then that i realized.. Our little girl is SPOILED! Its okay though..thats how i remember christmas, so i guess thats why i go so big on christmas, i really didnt think i had until i saw all the gifts in one spot... Took some pics and went off to bed.

Woke up in the morning, fed baby john in the living room. Aurora was still sleeping. My father came over, didnt want to miss her opening her gifts The neighbors Son, who is a friend of Auroras..even though he is 14..they are buddies : ), came over to watch her open her gifts. John got aurora up, brought her into the living room and she didnt even look at her was just amazed that Ross, her buddy, was in the living room! LOL.. So we had Ross stand by the presents and thats when she noticed. First she pointed at the chair, then the gigantic puppy dog..then we started opening presents. She enjoyed that part.. Though once in awhile certain toys would distract her.. like the little xylophone, the bitty baby, and the toothbrush in her stocking. She wouldnt open anymore gifts until the bitty baby was taken out..she loved that doll. And the toothbrush and toothpaste were both stocking stuffers. Once they came out, her teeth had to be brushed. She finally upgraded from the finger brush to a big girl toddler toothbrush! She justs loves having her teeth brushed! Then we took a abreak for her to eat breakfast..Then continued opening gifts. At some point Ross went home, realizing it was going to take a LONG LONG time to open all her

She got a ton of stuff...books, dolls, balls, shopping card, tons of fake food and groceries, a box of animal crackers, a whole baby set(stroller, bouncy seat, diaperbag, swing, high chair..etc), another baby swing, sesame street remote, sleeping beauty on disney blu ray, a chair, a gigantic dog, a table and chairs, a disney princess tea set, building blocks, a daughter ornament, clothes, two pairs of shoes (she LOVES shoes), tooth brush and toothpaste, a recorder..the instrument, mini dolls, xylophone, new bath letters, tadoodles bath crayons, tadoodles markers, gigantic coloring book, and more...

I got a diamond necklace, john said he picked it out cause it had two hearts for two kids. And designer scrabble..which is a pink scrabble game! awesome! and tons of candy! And some socks from my mom. And money from other family members.

John got a fountain for his desk at work, the dark knight on blu ray and walle on blu ray, an energy shot, a lysol to go, air heads, two christmas ornaments, an icy penguin. My father got him an engraved desk clock/pen for his desk at work. Mom got us both a gift card to black angus. Other family members gave him money. Oh and his G1 phone was considered his big christmas gift. He got it early though.

After everything was opened..except for baby johns gifts...we asembled everything and played with aurora. She had a blast! Then we ate and hung around the house all day. We watched sleeping beauty. My grandma, aunt, and cousin came over and opened gifts with us. They played with Aurora a bit and then left. Aurora went down for a nap, begrudgingly but she was rubbing her eyes she was so tired. We watched Wall-e... and just hung around the house. In the evening my mom came over and opened gifts with us and played with aurora.

Then we had aurora open up johnnys gifts for him and she did very good realizing they were for him and would try handing them to him.. the only one she wanted to keep was a blue elephant someone got him.. He got a basketball hoop game for babies, a baseball game for babies, his own tool kit for babies, a hammer, three ornaments, clothes, a bib, and more.

Well id like to spell check this now, but ive got to sorry for any spelling errors.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lactation appointment number 7

Well its been one week since I saw the lactation consultant yet again. Well we went in today and found out that he had gained no weight nor lost any. So then she wanted to try without the nipple shield. She said he has a choppy suck and wanted to see how he does with the shield. Apparently it got even worse so then we went back to not using it. We also did switch feeding whrn his suck got too choppy or he fell asleep we would switch breasts. So then she checked after awhile and he had taken a total of 3 ounces...we have only ever gotten him to take 2 at theie office with the shield. So she wants me to chuck the shield and go without. She taught mt what ro look for in the difference of sucks. We go back in 1 week. She wants me to continue to give him a few bottles a day to total 9 ounces in a 24 hour period, but not after every feeding and only till he is on track and back to birth weight. She also wants me to pump 6 times a day and use just breastmilk for the bottles.Oh and he turned a month old yesterday

Well gotta is pic to enjoy

Holiday christmas party

We went to a family christmas party today. Had fun. Aurora was all over the food of fruit and crakers.. and water. Baby john slept mostly..though he did wake and want to be fed..where we retreated to my grandmas bedroom and i tried to feed him..and suceeded..even though it was a bit awkward...missed my boppy pillow..thought about bringing it but didnt. Aurora had a blast playing with cousin cody and it was fun to see all the distant family members.

Some family members gave Aurora and John some gifts for christmas, which was very nice. Came home and then realized a few hours later i had forgotten my

purse..luckily we dont live that far from grandmas and john went to retrieve it for me. Tomorrow we have lactation appointment number seven..wish us luck..and pray for weight gain..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gamer chick

So this pic is from last night. Aurora was wearing daddys xbox 360 headset..she loves to pretend play. : )

Today was a good and productive day. John had the day off..we went to the store, then the post office and omg there were so many people there. Thank God for my moby wrap..john slept the entire time! And Aurora was good was amazing. Then to sears to pic up our christmas cards..then home..fill out the christmas cards..then mail those off... then out to go grocery shopping..then home. All in all its been a great day.

Oh and yesterday baby john rolled over..four times! He is a squirmer. Sorry the video is so dark..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another quick update

Things are good.. just j wants to be with me 24/7..but refuses to be in his moby wrap at home..though he absolutely loves it when we are out. Walked around the mall in it, tons of stores.. I finished all my xmas shopping in the last few days. We took aurora to see Christmas lights and Santa, took her to the children's museum..we have been pretty busy around here..However when we are home baby j wants to eat nonstop and because of his weight issues i am inclined to let him feed whenever he wants.

We are co-sleeping..something im not a fan of, but oh well. I am just concerned its not a safe place, but its the only place he will sleep right be it... yes i know we will have to break him of the habit someday.. I still wish we could cloth diaper, but hubby is still very against it.. I told him the other day that i feel i am turning into a granola crunchy however i will never give up my bleach..nor my MAC make : )

Oh and we got our christmas tree, ive wrapped nearly all the presents though im keeping them in another room so aurora cant get to them...we still need to decorate the tree..oh and i stuffed the stockings... its been really cold and rainy here too..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gotta be quick

Things going well. Breastfeeding seems to be going better, we will see on Monday if he gained any weight. I changed my appointment from tuesday to monday so john could take me.

We got our christmas tree last night and it cost a small fortune, but its beautiful!

Monday we are gonna try to take the kids to see santa and to see christmas lights in a local neighborhood..

Well gotta go, duty calls.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

LC appointment number...ahh who's counting anymore!

LOL.. i am! Number six i believe...

Went in..they said he was 9 pounds 9 ounces..which would be a 2 ounce drop from his pedi appointment, but she said she wasnt going by that because their scales could have a difference and that just him peeing cold throw his weight off by two ounces.. and i also mentioned that i was concerned his weight at the pedi appointment was inaccurate because he had eaten immediately before we went and hadnt pee' i knew he had at least two ounces of supplemental formula in him and then whatever he took from my breast... So she decided to off of his last recorded weight at the lactation from that he had a five ounce weight gain. She also said his jaundice was gone...

So we did the breastfeeding and he took two ounces total.. but my right breast is really not keeping up with my left.. the mastitis really left my supply in the dumps on that she wants me to pump at least six times a day on that side. I am also continuing to take the more milk plus herbal supplement.

She agreed to start cutting back on the formula bottles..and supplementing in general.. She says to do 1 to 1 1/2 ounces after each feeding. And i also mentioned how he is a sleeper..goes about five hours in between feedings at night.and she says not to let him do that right now.. that once my supply is established and his weight is back up past his birthweight..then we can let him go longer between nighttime feedings.

And then today was nice..i got some cleaning done around the house. Still stuff to do, but Rome wasnt built in a day! We started getting the christmas lights up yesterday. I visited my grandma today..that was nice.

Well john is finally home from work..yay.. i missed him. gotta go..hope everyone is doing well...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gettin into the swing of things

Life is starting to get more routine..starting to calm down a bit. Ive been able to get a lot done. We went out tuesday and I did pretty much all of my christmas shopping for the kiddo's...just a few more small things to get and some stocking stuffers. I also picked up a thing or two for john, but we dont plan on buying each other much, plus he has his new phone was his christmas gift..and im fine with that.

Then we got down all the christmas lights.. I had the baby in the Moby wrap which went great.. Allowed me to be out and about with aurora, which i really liked. Took her for a short walk.

I also started weaning the baby off his bottles.. took them down from 2 ounces to 1 ounce..during the night he doesnt breastfeed as well and goes a lot longer between feedings, so i have kept those at 2 ounces...

Well ill update this more later..gotta go..time to feed the little one.

Monday, December 8, 2008

not out of the woods yet...

Well today we had a pedi appointment for Baby J, which went great. However John couldnt go, so i had to take the baby solo. Today is Johns day off and I had a lot planned for today, but sadly john started getting sick last night and is sick today. So all those things we were going to try and get done today have to be put off for another time... Which im kinda sad about.

Well anyways. The pedi appointment was for a weight check and his jaundice..well yay he gained 7 ounces in four days! He is now 9pounds 11 ounces... And his jaundice seems to be gone! Yay.. So we have a lactation appointment on thursday and im really hoping that we start cutting back on the bottles or the pumping or something..because honestly its getting to wear on me. I really want to spend more time with aurora. My father has been around a lot and watching her a lot and its driving me nutts. I see some bad habits coming out in her..and my father refuses to follow our parenting style..which would be fine if he only saw her once in awhile, but he sees her everday since he lives right next door.. So it may sound mean, but i kicked him out today. He was getting on my nerves...calling me names..saying im a nazi, because i have discipline in my household. We are starting to get back into a routine, im very thankful for that. Right now aurora is down for her nap, we will see if she actually goes to sleep.. and the baby is sleeping. He needs to eat again by the next unless he wakes up i have a little down time. I picked up the living room and kitchen. The bedroom needs to be picked up, but john is sleeping in there.

Oh and the pedi told me that the baby could potentially catch this flu...and that there isnt much they can do for him if he keep him away from the sick people...which is what we have been trying to do.. so far no sickness, but im watching him pretty close..i really pray he doesnt catch it..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its been rough...

Man it seems like we have had a freaking rough two weeks!

Okay, so obviously some of the things that were happening we knew were coming, like the birth of our son. But other things like the tenant giving us her 30 days notice threw us for a loop... and yes we did have a month to plan for that...but things happened that were out of our control and made a tough situation even more difficult.

First Baby John was born..which was wonderful. The birth went great. We left the hospital and he screamed and screamed at night for the first three days.. On the second day being home I became engorged and couldnt feed him. I already have slightly flat nipples and when my breasts become engorged they get really hard and make my nipples very flat. So he was hungry which lead to lots of crying, which lead to him being very gassy the next night. So then we saw the lactation consultant, which ill refer to as LC from here on out... and he had lost weight.. so we started a supplement regiment..which was 1/2 ounce to an ounce of breast milk after every breastfeeding. So we did that, but he continued to lose weight and became jaundiced.. and while that happened, i got mastitis in my right breast on thanksgiving. Which pretty much ruined thanksgiving for us cause i was very sick..had the chills and fever.. so we pretty much skipped out on that. My father took aurora to my moms, where we had planned on going, for thanksgiving.

Then the mastitis started getting better and the back tenant went two days over moving out..which cut our five days to paint, repair, and install carpet to the apartment..down to three...yeah that sucked. So then i started help painting.. I would paint, john would call me when the baby needed to be fed..i would feed him, pump and then go back to painting. Got the living room and most of the hall done that way... So then the next day we saw the LC yet again (oh and in all of this we say the pedi twice two...and this was LC trip number 4) and learned that he had gained a bit of weight...YAY..he gained 1.8ounces at LC trip number 3 and 4.2 at LC trip number 4!!! and his jaundice seems to have gone away, we see the pedi again tomorrow about that..hoping for even more weight gain. Of course by LC trip number 2 they had us giving him 2 ounces of formula or breast milk after every feeding, which is where it has stayed at since then..hopefully soon it will be going almost no bottles after feedings....

Well anyways..on the day we have LC trip number 4...aurora comes down with the flu..poor thing was puking up everything. Screaming cause she wanted to eat but couldnt. I had to give her sips of 1tsp of pedialyte every ten minutes and up the dosage as long as she wasnt throwing up... Well guess what..that night I got the flu...and i was puking up everything. Poor john was emptying out my puke bucket.. feeding the baby, and taking care of aurora..who threw up on him that night. It was a rough night. So now..who is going to paint..well my aunt had my cousins ex boyfriend come by with a friend and dad paid them to paint. Which has actually caused a lot of drama, cause dad thinks they did a crappy and unfinished job, my aunt thinks he should be grateful it got done and thinks he should have paid them more.. oh not gonna be a part of all that...

So then the next day when i was recovering and still had diarrhea... John had to go to work..his boss was being mean and wouldnt let him come home early. So here i was still sick..taking care of a newborn..and keeping up with my breastfeeding.. luckily my father came by to watch my daughter..who was also still getting over being sick... And then when i was sick i couldnt take my antibiotics and i started to feel like my mastitis was coming back or even getting in my good breast...luckily today that feeling has gone away and im back on my antibiotics... and im taking a herbal supplement to up my milk supply..its good on my left side, but the mastitis has left my right side pretty crappy...

Now we all seem to be back to normal.. Hopefully things calm down!! I think thats everything.. Tomorrow we have pedi appointment number 3! And Thursday LC appointment number 5!