Thursday, April 29, 2010

Been Busy

I dont even know where to begin. I am getting close to the end of this semester. Still holding onto my A's in my classes.. I just have one paper left to write for English 100 and the final for my math class. I signed up for an online summer anthropology course, it ought to be interesting.

I think we have decided that Aurora will not be continuing mommy and me ballet right now, she just isnt enjoying being there anymore and I just dont think she is ready for the structure of the class. Who knows, maybe ballet isnt going to be her thing.. So I am thinking about looking into different classes and trying to pick something that will really interest her. I think during summer we might do swim classes again, she loves the water.

Johnny is doing good, talking more now. He is quite the loving little boy lately, with kisses, hugs, and cuddles. I am concerned that he may be bowlegged, his appointment is coming up at the end of May and I will be mentioning it to his pedi then.

If I have not mentioned it yet, our family is expanding! We decided to begin ttc and had my IUD taken out at the end of feb. I thought it would at least take a few months, but was very happily surprised when I received three positive tests at the end of March. We are now eight weeks along, we had an ultrasound last week. We were able to see the little ones heartbeat, it was beautiful. Aurora is overjoyed to be a sister again. She randomly talks about the baby, comes up and hugs my stomach. We are very excited about this new addition to our family. : ) Its amazing to think of it, but our family will now be a family of five!