Friday, June 18, 2010

No school....

I have thought about it a lot, though I have yet to discuss this with its not for sure yet. However I am thinking of not going back to school in the fall. I am really just enjoying being mommy again... and while I love school and Im great at it, I really feel like my priority is my children. I feel like I need more time with them and now number 3 will be here in December and I think maybe I just want to go back to my little family.

I have retreated some from friends, it is not personal, im just ready for it to be my little family. Also I think I have mentioned before, I may even be a bit on the anti-social side.

I feel so blessed with where our family is right now, where we are at in life, etc. I look around and I realize how wonderful we truly have it and how so many out there would love to have a life like ours. So at times I know I wish I could change things, but deep down I am content with where we are now.

I dont really know what the future will really hold for us in the next 2-5 years. John will be graduating with his bachelors... We love the company he currently works for and he may try for a position inside the company but we dont feel tied down to where we are..and because of that we may keep our options open for positions nationwide... time will tell. I am excited and nervous..

Ive got some other thoughts running through my head, but not feeling like sharing lol.