Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blah blah blah BLAH

So work has officially ended YAY. as of last thursday.. Last Thursday was also when i threw my back out. It felt off at work, but not horrible. Came home, took some Tylenol and went with my hubby to a special preview screening of The young victoria. My back was feeling worse by the minute.. then they did a drawing for posters... and i was surprised when my name was the last one called!So i jumped up and walked down, received my prize and went back to my seat.. the jumping up must have made things worse cause at this point my back was shooting pain... But i sat very very still and it seemed to go away or at least be tolerable. Well the movie was over, it was GREAT by the way, hubby and I both loved it. But on the way home I was in AGONY..tears, every movement hurt and even sitting still was excruciating pain.. called my dad in tears and we decided to head to the emergency room. I called the advice nurse on the way and she recommended I go home, sleep on the floor, use a heating pad while awake every 20 minutes...etc.. So i did, but was in so much pain, i needed help to get up or down, to get dressed, to go to the restroom, i couldnt stand straight up. Went to the docs the next day, diagnosed with muscle spasms. Rest, muscle relaxants, motrin 800... I was told that the meds would make johnny groggy. So my origonal intentions were to wean but after taking the meds for a day and not nursing johnny i decided to avoid the meds during the day and nurse johnny at night.

Well we had johns work christmas party sat night, i rested all the way up till that night.. also my aunts christmas party the next day. TGhe kids and I are sick..they are pretty congested. We took aurora to the doc the same day i went, but they said she should get better soon without anything but home care, etc.

Anyways. I have more to write, but dont feel like writing it just right now.. will try and update soon, if anyone even reads this lol

Sunday, November 8, 2009

low self esteem day

I have some very pretty and fashionable family. Now don't get me wrong, I have always thought I was/am pretty. But Ive always been heavyset and more and more I feel like Im always going to be heavyset. Although I went to the gym today, but I did horrible on food.. Ive got to get it all back under control. Ive gained about 10 pounds back since ive stopped going to the gym and since ive stopped watching what i eat. I need to get back on the ball casue I had lost about 50 pounds..

But anyways. I was at a party with my family today. And my beautiful family was there, they are so fashionable, so skinny.. I just felt crappy. Made more so by the fact that I was wearing gym clothes, i dunno what i was thinking, i had just come from the gym.. Oh well...

Anyways.. I haven't bought new clothes in ages, most of my clothes aren't in great shape anymore. But im always more interested in buying for the kids than for me. I ordered some new clothes from one of my fave shops that was having a clearance sale, just a shirt and skirt. Im exctied to get them.

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. I was planning on getting to the gym again, but my mom wants to get together. Ill have to make time later in the day. Im going to try and go for at least 30 min every day that I dont have to work.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate money...

Thats a lie... I don't hate money itself, its just paper or coin and actually i find its aesthetics kinda cool. I hate dealing with money, money issues, finances, the want or need of money, other peoples want or need of money, etc...

This morning started off kinda rushed. I needed to be at work at 10:30. So got up with john, who worked at 10 today, even though it was his day off. They called him yesterday when we were at the zoo. So anyways. We both get up, john gets the kids started with breakfast while i start some laundry, hang some laundry, bring some laundry in, etc. Then i come in and I take over feeding the kids. John leaves while we are still at the breakfast table. I brush their teeth, brush their hair, do auroras hair, wipe them down and all that jazz. Then I get them dressed, take the trash out, bring more laundry in and put it away. My dad comes over cause he has to babysit while i'm at work. So im getting dressed and getting ready.

So then I check what time i need to be there by, because I really wanted to rush out to the grocery store. Well when i checked my phone it turned out I didnt need to be there till 11:30, which was awesome cause I really needed to get some stuff done. So i finish getting dressed. I go to do the bills real quick cause john just got paid last night. Well Im doing Quicken and check my bank account and we got a ton of overdraft fee's and im like WTH! Call the bank and well we have had some issues with them, dont want to go into it just cause im sick of talking about it.. They waived a few of the fees... but not all of them. But im focusing on the fact that they waived a few, which is better than nothing ugh. But we do think we may be switching banks.. We have accounts at another one anyways, so we may just fully move there.

Anyways I put all that aside for later tonight, pretty much finished just need to put some stamps on and send them off. Well then I headed off to the grocery store with dad and the kids to deal with my other issue. The wonderful world of being a woman. I started AF yesterday while at the zoo.. Today was day 2 of my cycle. Lately day 2 has been VERY heavy flow, like soak a regular tampon in three or less hours. So I was very concerned about being at work. We dont have consistent breaks. I wanted double coverage, a tampon and a pad. Sorry TMI I know lol. So got to the store, bought the pads and some snacks for work. Back to the car, went with dad to drop of one of his bill payments. Then he dropped me off at work.

Work went by very fast, I never knew how busy it got in there! Next thing I knew it was over and I walked outside to see my dad holding my beautiful baby boy.. Aurora was asleep in her carseat. I cuddled with johnny, took him inside to show him off to my coworkers. I cant believe how big he is getting. Dad and I went to get some food because all I had today was snacks. Headed home and shared my burger with aurora when she woke up, changed clothes, nursed johnny, played on farmville, played with the kids.

Crawled all over on the floor with the kiddos, played pony, follow the leader, etc. John got home, I bathed both the kiddos. Read "Zoo Mac" one of the kids fave books. Then Aurora said prayers and they went to bed.

Now here I am, i should be studying, but I need a break sometime lol. I will be soon though.

Aurora is picking up stuff so fast now. She counts from 1 to 16. Can sing halfway through her ABC's, helps sing twinkle twinkle little star.

Johnny is walking more and more. I cant believe how fast my baby is growing up.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yesterday was Flu Shot day...

I had planned on taking the kids down Saturday morning for their flu shots. The clinic that our healthcare was giving was kind of a distance for us, but for some reason they never listed as one coming closer to us when i called the flu clinic hotline. Sat. morning I go on the web to get directions to this clinic and lo and behold it lists the health care office that we attend regularly for doc appointments will begin a clinic on Tues. I decided to just wait till Tuesday.

So Tuesday rolls around, I had spend sat, sun, and Monday working. Two four hour shifts and a six hour shift, and I also had class Monday night. Ive been away from the kids more than im comfortable with. Actually I came home sat night and I cried. But i know that im doing this for them, for christmas and for our future. It will only last till January. So im pushing and pushing through. I dont have to work again till thursday, so that makes me feel better.

So anyways. Ive been away from them a lot and the first day I have with them I get to take them for shots, yay we love Ive had their clothes laid out since Sat, when i thought i was taking them. I made sure they worse sleeveless things, so we didn't have to hassle with clothes amidst the crying and such. So Tues. morning I feed them, dress them, brush their teeth, do auroras hair, etc. Just normal morning mommy things. And i loved it : )

Well then john leaves for work, johnny is crying and crying. Poor little guy, i picked him up and comforted him. Then I gave my dad a call, told him the we are ready when he is. He comes on over and we all load up in his car to go get our flu shots. We got there about 7 minutes after they opened the clinic. I thought about getting there early, but I figured there was no rush.

We get there and the place is packed! No line to sign in, but a massive line to get the actual shot. Not really a line, so much as a mob of people. The chairs were all taken, there was people sitting on the floor, people standing against the walls. It was packed! We ended up sitting on a little bench close by the kids pediatric area, well of course aurora wanted to go play, but i kept thinking how sick kids might be playing with it, all the germs and such. But we were there for 2 hours! So I ended up caving in after a half hour or so.

So I move over to watch her and father is holding johnny, but I can tell johnny is getting ancy, so I go pick him up. I was planning on walking around with him while watching aurora play, but he had other plans. The instant he saw kids playing, he wanted down in the worst way. I let him down. Wasnt happy about it though. So he played happily and so did she. My dad comes over and I was pretty mad cause he gave up our seats. I had left my purse behind so we could move back over there when the time came.

I knew at some point johnny would want to nurse. It was coming. So dad found a seat by the kids area, but no place for me to sit. One lady moved to another seat so that we could both sit, mostly because she heard me bitching, oh well lol...

So the reading lady reads books to them, they play. Aurora made friends with another little girl who was waiting, Brooke, who was 2 almost 3. They played and danced. Aurora bumped her head while dancing and i comforted her and so did brooke. Eventually Brooke and her mom went in.

At that point i made friends with another mom there. With a boy who was maybe 3 or 4 and a 2 1/2 yr old little girl with a paci stuck in her mouth. Side note..but i hate seeing kids walking around with those things...

Anyways. Her kids were pretty friendly, her daughter was in love with johnny, but she wanted nothing to do with Aurora. Was afraid of her. Aurora ran off to sit with grandpa, who had moved back to our old spot so that he could hear the names a little better when called. I forgot to mention that for a good 1/2 or so johnny fell asleep on grandpas shoulder.

Well anyways, this lady's little boy took the clip out of my hair, i didn't mind, and made up different things for it. First it was an alligator lol. Her daughter just stuck around johnny. At some point aurora came back, tickled johnnys tummy and said, dudder how you doin?

The little girl got upset and didnt want aurora near johnny, her mommy had to explain that it was okay because she was his sister.

Anyways. Aurora starts asking to go eat, then to go to McDonald's...ugh... The entire time she kept saying, me flu shot now, me turn, me turn. Me get flu shot. She was excited about it... Finally we move back over to where dad was sitting, the amount of people thinned out a lot.

Johnny has a hissy and I nurse him and of course the instant I start nursing him they call us.We go back there, and answer more questionnaires. They ask if the kids are getting both shots. It was up to me, I decided yes... we can go into how i came to that conclusion if you like.

So then johnny and i head over to the first nurse for the regular flu shot. I come up and she is like when is his birthday, 11/21. Oh my babies is 11/6, is he walking yet? I smile and say No, but he took his first steps this morning, and she goes "Oh, we are a little slow arnt we!" WTF lady..thats not slow at all. So i was uber annoyed with her already. Aurora trots on up and cuddles next to me and this lady goes "Oh we are a cute chunky one arnt we" WTF lady you just called my kid FAT... F you..F you! I was so mad, but i dealt with it. Plus Aurora is in no way fat..that lady was just one of those people..ugh.

So johnny gets his shot first, no crying, nothing. Aurora gets hers, no crying. I get mine.. i start bawling..NAH...just kidding, lol, no crying. Then we head on over to the swine flu station. Aurora is playing with grandpa who also got his. Johnny gets his shot.. The dumb nurse, whose name is Donna btw...still thinking about complaining, sticks him with the needle and FORGETS to inject the flu shot! So she has to stick him again, that is where he lost it and honestly I would have too. His body went hard and he starts crying. My dad comes to the rescue and walks him out of the room so i can hold aurora for her shot.

She climbs into my lap with her baby doll and tells me that its her baby's turn. The nurse gives her baby a band aid. Then she tells me that "me already got mine" Poor girl knew it was coming again. So they gave her a shot and she cried about thirty seconds and we left. They gave her a pin and three stickers. I gave them some Tylenol when we got back to the car and we went to McDonald's : )

Honestly I think they were such champs about it!

After we ate we went to game stop and surprised daddy with Forza 3. Then we went to babies r us and bought some stuff for johnny's bday party. Decorations/toys that will be his. Then home. Took a little nap, tried to get aurora to nap. Completely forgot that i needed to get to school early cause i had to buy a scan tron.

So i call the school bookstore make sure they have them and head off to the school. Dad drops me off, cause john is normally leaving work when i head to school. My car just isnt up for the distance. Anyways, he drops me off in front of the bookstore. Im super early. It takes me a second to find what im looking for and I bought pre sharpened pencils because the ones i had were broken.

Then off to class. I get there early and talk with a girl there, who thought that i was a singly mom who was only 19! I set the info straight. Went in when it was time and took the midterm. I think I did well, cant wait to find out. Ive got more to say about class, but this is long enough as it is. lol

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wont have much time...

But I did want to jump on here and give everyone a quick update. I doubt that anyone really reads Its more of a journal. But its still nice to jot things down once in awhile. Well I got a part time job for the holidays. Im actually pretty excited about it. Its to save up for a house, pay down some bills, and buy christmas gifts with cash. I also started my second class today, its 2 nights a week for nine weeks. I am now taking psychobiology and history 103.

Psychobiology has been a fun and interesting course. History seems like it is going to be fun. My teacher really seems to love what he is teaching and is very structured. As always I will be aiming for a perfect score, we will see where we end up. I have confidence that i can pull it off or come close.

The kids are doing good, getting bigger everyday. I cant believe johnny is almost one. Im currently working on his birthday plans...its gonna be a small gathering, aurora freaked out at the large first bday party we had for her, so this time around Im going to try and keep it low key for him, so that he isnt overwhelmed. Its coming up really close though. I think i have the location finally nailed down...its everything else I have to work on.

Johnny is doing good, he has taken a step from the table to me, stands alone and is a freaking monkey. He is always climbing now, everywhere. Its got me a bit concerned.

Aurora is doing good. I think can finally say that she is potty trained. She has been doing so well, full panties. Hardly any accidents..they are becoming more and more rare. She is telling us she needs to go. She is also talking up a storm, the things she says, it amazes me.

John wants to start teaching the kids some learning stuff..which i think would be cool.

Oh and I think im going to try to do black friday this year, wish me luck, i never have.

Monday, September 28, 2009

OMG I want to voimit..

So today the kiddos and I went to my friend Deja's. She took us on a five mile walk then the kids played in her back yard and then we ate lunch. We let them run and play and tucker themselves out.

We got home, I put aurora on the potty and then I put them both down for a nap. I knew aurora would most likely get up and play, but i was hoping and praying that either she played herself to sleep or she just went to sleep. After awhile i heard no noise and i thought, hm maybe she did go to sleep. After it had been a bit i heard noises again and I thought Ill go in there and get them, assess the situation and if they havent napped ill put them down individually later.

Well i walk in and auroras bed is (Was...I just moved it) the first thing you see when you walk in. She is playing in the center of the room. The first thing i noticed is that she got into some hat boxes i had in there and apparently there was stuff left in it and it was strewn everywhere. Crinkled little pieces of blue and pink paper, EVERYWHERE... Great..but i cant get made at her, I left it in there.

So then she says "Mommy, Dudder (brother) poopied, mommy, Dudder poopied."

I continue walking in "Oh he did baby"

Then i turn the corner of the entrance to the room and i see my son standing at the side of his crib, simling at me. My eyes go from him to a brown spot on his head then to the diaper that is missing from his tushy and is currently laying in the crib and then to his hand that is covered in POOP to his mouth that has um POOP around his lips!

Inwardly I start flipping and i mean FLIPPING OUT. I pick him up and as i do so i step on a piece of POOP! I look down and the floor is littered with little pieces of poop. I rush him into the tub, shirt and all. Turn the water on and start to clean, his hand his face. And then I realize i can call my dad. So i do

"Dad I need you here RIGHT NOW.." I was flipping out. I then get on the phone with john and tell him. Im still bathing johnny. Im like WHAT DO I DO.

Dad shows up and the consensus was call the doctors. So I did, but ended up on hold with the advice nurse while i started cleaning my sons bed.I felt so embarrassed when i was on the phone trying to get the advice nurse and they were like "Whats your concern" "UM, i think my son ate his own poop" The phone literally when quiet for a few seconds. "Okay" and then i get transfered, I got transfered again because they thought it would be best if i spoke with the doctor. So they were leaving her a message and I asked the lady if there was anything I could do (I dont think she was a nurse...) and she said "Oh I think all kids go through something like this" and i was like "my daughter didnt" she responded with "Oh well she is a girl".... I was like...ha ha.. (not really) okay... bed was littered in poop. There was poop smeared the railing of his crib, on the slats of the crib, everywhere! I literally tore the entire bedroom apart and disinfected EVERYTHING. I found two small pieces of poop in auroras bed...dunno what was going on there.. and so i washed her sheets with his sheets. I moved his crib across the room. Found poop BEHIND the crib.

They told me that it would be best to speak to his doc so they left her a a message, i was told i would most likely hear back this afternoon, so far nothing.. He seems to be in a fine mood and is currently napping in his newly cleaned crib.

Then my dad, who had finished bathing johnny for me, gave me each of the kids and I brushed both their teeth with toothpaste and baby toothpaste (i dont think aurora actually ate any poop...just wanted to clean her up too). I washed both their eyes out... Please GOD dont let them get pinkeye...

I called my friend Deja to tell her all about it....

We dont know if he took his own diaper off, he has done it before in front of me and I quickly put it back on, at the time he was wearing a pocket diaper. OR aurora could have helped him take his diaper off, we asked her and she said yes, but she says yes to everything. I could ask her if she took my pants off when she didnt and she would say yes. I had put johnny down in a tshirt and diaper so he would be a little cooler but from now on out we will be putting pants, onesie..etc on him.

So yup..thats my story.. It was the most disgusting thing ive ever seen or done in my life....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I hadnt intended on writing another blog tonight. But now i feel like i need to put my emotions somehwere, because if i dont they will just sit inside of me and churn. It may be my youth, but I am having a very hard time dealing with the death of my grandparents. My grandfather died about 8 years ago and I always felt like grandpas little girl. I was very close to my grandma as well, though we could butt heads at times, but I loved her so much. She passed away March 1st of this year. And I get by because I forget. I forget that she isnt just as the hospital or at her house.

My cousin made a beautiful picture and some video collage for her funeral. It has some beautiful music to it. I stumbled upon it today and added it to my myspace. I showed it to Aurora and johnny, because I dont want them to forget grandma, aurora was very close to her. I cried, i tried to contain it though because the kids were sitting there as well.

Well I had a comment about it today from a friend, mentioning how beautiful it was, and it truely is. But then i watched it again. I watched it because I wanted to see her face. I wanted to see her youth, her age, her movements in her videos. I just wanted to see her again. Of course it is filled with images of grandpa too. I sobbed..

Have you ever wanted someone back so bad it hurt? What I wouldnt give to lay with my head in her lap again and tell her my troubles while she combs my hair. She took care of me everyday and I tried to return the favor as an adult whenever I could. She was more like a mom than a grandma.

I want to shout from the tops of my lungs. I WANT HER BACK. Yes she lived a long, happy, blessed life. Yet I still feel this gaping hole in me. I cant just call and chat with her like i used to. She isnt here to see aurora chatting up a storm or johnny cruising around. Im so blessed she was able to see them at all.

And then to make matters worse, I keep thinking Oh my lord one day I WILL die.. I have a very big fear of death. I have actually cried when Ive thought about it before. I know as a human it is hard for all of us to deal with our mortality. The idea of just not existing is so scary, so different. And honestly I dont want to die, but then again WHO DOES?

I try to hold strong in my faith, but my new psychobiology class, which i do find ineresting, does seem to push the monism aspect. That there is no soul, that when we die, we are dead and gone. And honestly why should that bother me, but it does. When I die, i hope to see my babies again someday far far away.

My youth is getting the best of me, right now I havent lived that long of a life. But I did ask my grandma about a year ago...I told her I was scared of death, but she seemed okay with it. She said she had lived her life. Someday I know, i hope, i will reach that point.......

Someday I hope to see my grandma again, though biblicaly speaking I dont think we will recognize each other but be united in a praising of the Lord.

Thanks for listening to my blubbering.. I sound like a silly child I know..But right now I really feel like one too...

and if you havent seen it, here is the video


So right now Im winding down from what seems like a busy day. Whether or not it really was is really dependent on your terms lol. My body aches from my lower back down. Im not sure why, though I have a few scenerios.

Last night was a little odd, out of the norm. Johnny woke up at around four am and his crying woke aurora up. Aurora cried when we brought johnny into our room to nurse. But went right back to sleep. She then started crying an hour or so later when johnny was already back in the room with her. She was saying "want" in her sleep and crying. John went in and woke her up. She wet the bed. He went to take her to the restroom and she said she wanted mommy. He changed her undies and she came into bed with us, bad I know, but we rarely do it. She said cuddle mommy. LOL. So i cuddled her. I dont know what was wrong. But she laid with us a bit then went back to her own bed. When john went to put her back down I asked him to rip the sheets off, but aparently he didnt hear me so he laid her back down on pee damp sheets! He said you can go back in and do it, but I knew it would upset aurora if I did and he assured me that they werent very wet at all. When i took them off in the morning he was right.

Anyways. This morning was normal, actually not really, I did get to sleep in an extra thrity minutes, because Aurora did too. Johnny woke up on time, but he nursed for a long time this morning and nursing on my side allowed me to kind of drift in and out of sleep. We all got up, Aurora had an accident in her crib again. She went like two weeks dry at night, Im not sure why she is wetting the bed all of a sudden (although again i have a few scenerios, maybe too much liquid before bed or getting cold at night..). So I changed her panties and johnnys diaper. Put Aurora on the potty and she went like she normally does in the morning. Cleaned the potty out and let the kids play for about twenty minutes. I chilled on the couch and played with my computer. Aurora came up to me on the couch and then laid her head down and started crying for no reason. Then came to me and cuddled right up to me. Then I made us all breakfast and my dad came over for some reason. He pops by A LOT, most of the time I dont mind. This morning he fed johnny his cereal. Then we went into the bathroom like we always do. I clean them off, brush their teeth, and their hair. Take them into their room and procede to get them dressed for the day.

Their room has a gate on it, a recent addition in preperation for when we move aurora to a toddler bed, and its pretty much completely baby proof. There are a few minor things id like to do, like apply a latch to the closet so aurora cant pull all her clothes out lol. There isnt actually anything dangerous in there, but it does make quite a mess for me. Those of you who have been to my apartment know that i can see striaght down the hall from my room to theirs. So I got dressed and all that. Dad came over because he was going to go run my errands with me. That way i dont have to drive the grandma mobile.. My grandmas car that i inherited back in april and it has some issues. Though its good for around town right now.

Anyways I think some of you know that the buildings washing machine is broken. I already called and they cant come out until the 22nd, which was a day short of two weeks from when it broke. Most of you prolly know that im cloth diapering and potty training, so a washing machine is pretty important in my daily life. I was AT LEAST one load of laundry a day, but normally two or more. Well no washer means that I have to go to a laundry mat or do it at a family members house. While my mother was fully willing to let me use her washer, I didnt want to spend the entire day there washing my laundry when i could get it all done in one shot at the laundry mat. As it was I already had a few loads built up because I had let it go for the days preceding auroras birthday and after because i was sick. And then i let it go another day because the machine broke when i was trying to use it. So i had a few days built up. Since then I have gone 3 times to the laundry mat. Right now I am going pretty much every other day...Although i will be going tomorrow so that will make two days in a row. This will be explained later.

Some may ask why do i cloth diaper and potty train? Well its a personal choice I know. It really has nothing to do with being enviornmentally friendly, though this is a positive benefit. It is more so because I actually enjoy it. It also saves us money (I think, i havent really done the math on this...) Aurora is cloth potty trained because it seems that she has been doing better in cloth than in pull ups. She treats the pull ups just like diapers. And she has learned to rip the pull ups off just like she did with her cloth diapers. She also enjoys wearing "big girl undies" she and I call them.

Back to my day My father went to lunch with a friend, so i cleaned both bathrooms. I still have to clean the glass and mop the floors, but i cleaned the counters, toilets, and sinks. I collected any dirty laundry I had, because I wanted to make sure I got it all done in this trip. A friend of mine gave me some spray oxyclean to try it out, packed that in, hangers, etc. When dad came back we loaded up and headed off. We tried a third laundry mat. The first one was kinda pricey, the second was cheaper but dirtier, but this third one was perfect. It was clean, it was midway in price between the two, but it was very well kept. I did four loads, washed, dried, and folded.

While we were there Aurora wanted to go potty frequently. She doesnt really say anything to us to tell us she needs to go, She grabs her bits (bits being crotch lol) and looks at us. Well dad must have taken her three times and I took her at least three as well. She went the first time but every time after she just talked and did nothing. Though she was letting off some smelly gas. We came to the conclusion that she just liked watching us pay the quarter to take her in and then sit and then leave. Well I think after what happened she actually had to go to the restroom, but unlike at home where she can sit comfortably for a period of time, she was uncomfortable and out of the ordinary. It was too much to ask for her to sit still long enough to go. Well I was folding, all the laundry was done. Both kids were getting tired and ready for their nap. Johnny had been playing on the folding table in front of me, but grandpa took him so i could expidite the process.

I looked back at Aurora who was standing two feet behind me and she was holding the table and it was obvious what she was doing. I went right to her but it was too late. She had gone, no pee, just poop. Grandpa, the champ, took a clean pair of undies and wipes and went to the restroom to clean her up. While i finished up the laundry with johnny. He came out and I had the laundry all clean. But now I had a pair of brand new dirty undies. They needed to go home and nap, because we had plans later in the day, but now this dirty pair of undies was going to have to sit for at least two days! I soaked the thing in oxyclean (which i love by the and put them in a plastic baggie. Loaded up the clean folded and hung laundry. Headed home. Oh and I also went to the post office and to get food before we went to the laundry mat.

Got home, unloaded the car and proceeded to nurse johnny. Aurora was playing with this new puzzle she has that she just loves. She looked at me and grabbed her crotch. I said Aurora baby come here, because her potty is right next to me, so when im nursing i can lean over and pull her undies down for her and she can sit. She didnt come like she normally would and i could see the pee hit the carpet.. I was not a happy camper. I finished nursing johnny. I cleaned the carpet and changed her undies and put them down for their naps.

My friend nikki came over and we chatted for mabe an hour. I had to go in and wake the kids up, dress aurora in pants so that we could go to the Fire Department tour. We packed up the car and I headed off. We arrived a few mintues late, but it seems so did everyone else. I had johnny in the baby bjorn and Aurora by hand. I opted to leave my purse and diaper bag in the car, since i wanted complete control of aurora, we were next to a busy street. We got in and Aurora was a little leary of all the kids and the firemen. She wanted me to pick her up and I did. One of the firemen looked over and said jokingly that some of us really had our hands full and I was like yeah...picking up a toddler with an infant strapped to your front takes some finesse lol.

We ended up sitting on the floor. Listened to their whole talk on what to do in case of a fire, etc. Watched them suit up. Aurora got scared. They took the outfit off and let the kids try on the jacket. Most of them did, aurora was too scared. Then they asked if the moms wanted to. I think i might have been the only one who volunteered and I did try it on. I also got to hold the ax. One of the moms asked how heavy it was and I said about baby weight LOL. Then we all headed out to see the Firetruck.

Omg..Aurora was so excited. She wanted to sit inside so bad. And she got to! She got out and wanted right back in. They gave all the kids plastic firehats and goodie bags. We got back to the car and I was changing johnnys diaper on the front seat. Aurora was playing in the backseat and she said pee mommy. I said do you need to go potty and she said no. I couldnt do much about it anyways. I had a half naked baby on the carseat and the firedepartment was a little bit of a walk. So I finished johnny up and put him in his seat. I went to put aurora in her seat and thats when i found out she had an accident.

I wish there could have been something I could have done, but even if we did go back I dont think we would have made it. So now I need to go wash her carseat cover tomorrow. I had no time tonight. We came home. I gave aurora a snack, johnny played till grandpa came over to see them. I made meatloaf and put it and some potatoes in the over. Switched carseats back to grandpas car, made myself a snack, fed aurora a snack and then packed up all my school supplies. I headed off to school.

Dad drives me to school. John isnt off work in time for me to take our car, and the grandma mobile just isnt up to the distance. John leaves work right about when i leave the house. So dad dropped me off and normally by the time he gets back to the house john is home to take the kids. Well class went well. We discussed animal research and then neurons. For those who dont know im currently taking psychobiology.

John picked me up after class, dad sits at the house while he does, since the kids are already asleep. I came home and my wonderful hubby had waiting till I got home to eat and even warmed the meatloaf i made in the oven while he picked me up. We got home, i changed my clothes and all that. Then we sat down to eat. I got ready to watch the big brother season finale but sadly dad had stopped my recording and only a minute was recorded, i was pretty upset lol.

But then it was sitll on so we were able to watch the end of it and I was very happy Jordan won!]

Anyways. That was my day... :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been Awhile

Ive been so busy lately that I havent had the time to blog at all. Aurora turned two last Sunday, sheh ad a great party. The party kept me pretty preoccupied. Right now im just getting over being sick. The kids are currently napping, or they were, Johnny seems to have woken up, but we will give it a few minutes because they went down not too long ago.

But anyways.. Im rambling. I started school last month, next month I start another class.

Anyways... well thats all i really have to say for now. Hope everyone is doing good. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hubby and I were supposed to go to Lake Tahoe with some family and friends, but everybody kinda backed out last we decided a vacation would be too costly anyways...and so we decided to have a staycation. Yesterday was day 1 and it was fun.

We slept in...i got to sleep in longer too. Made yummy breakfast, waffles, fruit and eggs and potatoes... Then lil brother napped a bit. Then we all went swimming at nanas, we had a BLAST. Then we went home and aurora and johnny napped. John and I just chilled on the couch. When the kids woke up, which wasnt very long, we got ready to go out to dinner with nana and her friend. We went to a new town, one we hadnt been to before, and tried a restaurant we had never been to before. It was good. They have hot wings that they call atomic hot wings.. and nana, ross, and john tried one... Ross and nana ate a lot..ross looked like he was going to cry and john said he felt like he was going to vomit. I steered clear of that...i dont like hot at all. I had teriyaki wings. We had a godfather pizza and then dessert. Fried Twinkies and snickers lol.

Then off to home we went. By the time we got home it was bedtime for the kiddos so john put the kids to bed while i got some laundry done in the laundry room. Then we had grandpa babysit while we went to wal mart and bought a few party supplies for auroras second bday and some picture hangers. We got back and i did some party planning, still loads more to buy..but a pretty good plan is starting to shape up in my head. Im excited.. She picked the theme and she is going to love it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today was a great day

We got a lot done around the house today. Did all the laundry, again...seems like there is always a load to do. All kinds of household things got done today, not going to bore you with the details lol.

What i did want to say is that aurora went the whole day with only making one accident (So far..but bedtime is in thirty minutes) She actually went from 7:30/8am till 6:30pm with no accidents. Then while we were both in the kitchen and i was making dinner she had an accident by the kitchen gate. Im not sure if she was trying to make it to the potty or let me know and i was just too into what i was doing. But she went at least 5+ times in the potty today. Very proud of her.

We even went out for an hour and a half running errands and she stayed dry the entire time and went tinkle when we came back! Hope we can keep this up. : )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Soooo..Potty training fun TMI WARNING

So potty training got put on the back burner lately. Cause of vacation and such. Plus we spend a lot of time away from the house..well we used to, but now im trying to stay at home as much as possible so that the kids have more play time, we have potty training time, and i have time to clean.

Staying home has been good for us, we eat healthier, the house is way cleaner which i enjoy a lot, and of course aurora gets to potty train more. I have instituted a new rule.. She is in cloth potty training panties at home, no matter what... only at night does she wear a pull up at home. Hubby and my father put their feet down about wearing cloth panties out of the house and i said alright.. but once she gets good at it then ill be putting her in cloth panties when we go out. She treats pull ups like diapers.

Well the days are so-so.. she did good yesterday. Not too many accidents.. and she told me after she had an accident. Today she has had quite a few accidents, but we are working on it and it just makes more for me to clean. I put vinyl training panties on over her regular during her nap. Sooo..funny story.. but today we went out to breakfast then we walked over to toys r us.

I checked auroras pull up when we walked in and it was accident so far. I asked her if she needed to go, but of course she said no.. i mean i dont blame her.. she was in a toy store.. lol. So we walk around for like ten minutes and we walk right past the bathroom and i say..lets go try.. if she hasnt gone she prolly will go. So i take her in.. i lysol the toilet.. and i look back and she is pushing... she is going in her pants.. So im like hold it baby we will make it.. I yank her tights and pull up down and hear a thunk.. And put her on the toilet.. Well she pooped right as i pulled the pull up down and it got on the restroom floor.

So now she is sitting on the toilet pushing, trying to do more.. And im looking at the poop on the floor thinking.. um.. wth do i do now lol.. eww...So i help aurora finish up, she didnt go, but she did try.. put her off the toilet and then i use the toilet seat protectors to pick the poop up off the floor and toilet paper to clean up the poop smudges.. I knew i couldnt leave it there.. it just wasnt right.. Washed our hands and left.. So thats my

Tomrrow will prolly be an off day..we are going to the OC fair and im gonna try to take her to the restroom while we are out.. but like i said..she uses pull ups like diapers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lets skate!

Last night my friend nikki and her boyfriend jason invited us out to a skating rink, for an adults only skate. John used to rollerblade all the time and ive been dying to see him do it.. So we said yes. Dad babysat.

We got the skates on and i realized i hadnt forgotten how, but i was scared of falling. I didnt, but i was holding johns hand pretty hard lol. Nikkis boyfriend, jason, had never skated he had a hard time of it, but he was determined to get it. I think he is going to practice more and more cause nikki was really good..

And i was happily surpised that john was great, and very sturdy on his feet..He helped me up and down and held my hand while i skated and put tons of pressure and weight on him lol.. My feet hurt and john got a blister... but it was fun. I think john wants to do it more often.

Afterwards we went to the yardhouse for dinner, which was yummy..and we had a few drinks.. Then home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July trip

The road to where we stayed Auroras Fourth of july moment

Johnnys fourth of july moment

The kids together on the morning of the frouth, amazed that johnny took a paci..believe me...thats amazing! lol

Auroras moment on the way up..she loved the wind in her hair!

So we were back from texas for about two days, three nights. Luckily we were home for johns days off, so we got to spend some time with him before we headed off again. I wasnt really looking forward to another road trip. Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. Called my mom and told her about it, she thought i was trying to weasle my way out of the trip (And i was) and she told me i was still going..

And yes she holds that power over me. Well we left, hit a little traffic, but ended up in Fresno at about elevenish...Spent the night at my aunts house and left the next morning. Really didnt have a whole lot of time to visit. We drove on up to the San fran area. Stopped at a babies r us along the way and picked up a few things. I was getting sicker and the kids were coming down with it too.. got some vapor rub for them and cold medicine, just in case..i had everything else i would need.. And actually they didnt get that bad.. so i didnt end up using the cold medicine or the vapor rub, so i returned the medicine yesterday at our local babies r us.

We stopped at a farm that sells all kinds of jams, jellies, fruit smoothies, pies..etc.. All stuff made there and with items grown there too. I was getting a little worn with all the traveling though, so i was just ready to reach our destation. We wound our way up into a really pretty wooded area. Reached our destination in the early afternoon, brought everything in. Set up the pack and plays..we were in a tiny room with a twin bed.. but it was the only place i could fit both the kids in the room with me.. and they needed to be in there with me. We chilled. Tried to go to bingo..but i explained to mom it would prolly not end well since it was past the kids bedtimes..Ended up having to go back and put the kids to bed before bingo was over. Then we hung out with papa and his wife. Then to bed.

The next day we went down to all the fourth of july festivities..that was fun, took aurora to the park, bid on silent acutions..etc.. had a blast..the kids were awak for like five hours and doing all kinds of stuff..and then i took them back up by myself and put them down for naps and they were out for like two hours where i got to read. They came back and mom and barbra went down to the river to float down the river..and i got the kids ready to meet papa down at the russian river bank.. well they were screaming, his screams were reverberating in my ears...and i was was difficult... and aurora fell part way down a flight of stairs..its a four story place, we were on the bottom third story...had to climb up to go in and out.. Not baby proofed, no baby gates.. i felt like i was walking on egg shells the entire time.

Left a day early because we wanted to split the trip up again. I did all the driving back. We went down to Albany..the bay area... to go out to lunch for two family members birthdays. We went to a fancy itallian restraunt, not a place for kids.. They did arlight, but it was taking forever and we ended up having to leave early so i could nurse johnny and they could nap. Drove back to my aunts house. Got to visit and had a blast.. played scrabble, aurora had a blast with my cousin emily..they are about four years apart in age..

Woke up the next day, visited some more and then left for home. Drove back home and thats it.. I have a ton of pics to get off my moms camera..mine died and though i had the charger i kept forgetting to charge it lol


Grandpas moment: He liked the air museum and he was great cause mommy didnt feel so great, so he took care of the kiddos.

Mommys moment: Going crazy from boredom, but excited to be heading to Tx
Johnny's moment: Chillen at the childrens museum..he had a blast there

Auroras moment: At the hotel, being a cute ham!

So as most of you know we took a trip to Texas recently. At times it was a bit rough with the two kids, but worth it. Here is my little cliff notes on the trip.

We dropped some stuff off at johns work and left from there. We drove for awhile until johnny had enough of driving and ended up at a pretty neat military museum. A Patton museum. We had a blast going through that and getting out of the car lol. We saw some neat tanks. Got the kids two new outfits. Then we got back in the car and drove and drove and drove... We stopped at some Wendy's real late to get something to eat and to check on johnny who had been crying a bit. Little did we know, he had his head stuck under the britax headrest. We had made a last minute decision to move johnny into a big boy seat that still faces backwards and actually is meant for newborns and up.. Though he would be more comfortable, safer..etc.. my father had suggested it.. Oh and if i haven't said yet. The trip was my dad, the kids, and I...john had to work.

Well that scared the crap out of us..Dad got him out of the car and i walked him around and comforted him and massaged his neck. He was alright. We got driving again and ended up in Benson, AZ. We spent the night there in a nice hotel and got on the road again the next morning. Drove and drove, stopped at a little gift shop in New Mexico. Got the kids cowboy hats and moccasin's. Got back in and did more driving. OH and my dad had a horrible toothache the entire time, we had him see the dentist before we left, but she said she didnt see much and told him to make an appointment to see the orthopedic surgeon/specialist. Oh and we also tried johnny out in the other car seat for a day before we left and had no problems...little did we know..

So anyways, we didnt drive as much the second day. Ended up in a rainstorm in El Paso. Stayed at a really nice hotel there. Had some room service and just chilled. Slept and all that, left the next day and drove and drove and drove..finally ended up at our destination outside of Austin.

Got completely lost looking for our hotel.. Had to call and walk us through the way to get there.. little different than here..quite a few more one way streets.. But by the end of the stay we got the hang of it. Checked in..went to sleep, it was really late. Found out that they didnt have roll away cribs.. which sucked cause we could only fit one of our pack and plays in the car. So i had a hell of a time getting aurora to sleep with me every night.

Well the next day we meet up with my friend Teela and her two cute sons. Went to lunch and then looked at homes. Saw some really nice homes, not the perfect one yet, but thats okay cause john doesnt have a job out there yet. Dad was all about it at that point (now he is second guessing his feelings about moving cause of the heat. We will see what happens)

After that we explored the town a bit. The next day we went to the Inner space caverns with my friend and her sons again. That was fun, though a tad bit humid.. lol..and they told us to make sure the kiddos didnt touch anything..right... 3 two year olds (Almost...) we did our best and Id say they didnt touch hardly anything that i know of. We went back to the hotel after that and bathed aurora..she fell and got mud all over.

The next day we went to find a baptist church my dad wanted to see, then to the Austin children's museum. That was chaos, but fun. Dad pretty much stuck with johnny in the infant areas. And aurora and I were all over the place. She got a wooden choo choo set when we met and she loves trains now. We even bought her some more train stuff when we got back. I met another friend of T's and her cute daughter Addyson. All of us went out to lunch/dinner afterwards. Stayed there forever talking and letting the kids play on the playground. T's son, Jackson, finally warmed up to me!

We left the next morning. Aurora was sad to leave, she actually told me she didnt want to go home. Oh and to solve our little carseat problem, that was really a big problem. We bought a new infant car seat and stuffed the britax in the trunk. That was a feat...oh my.. that mustang has a tiny trunk.. and i used my tetris skills to make it all work lol.

We had a good drive on the way back, we stayed outside of El Paso.. We were forced to stop by a really bad rain/lighting storm. I mean lighting struck really close to us...i cant even count how many times we saw the lighting strike! It was amazing, cool, and scary! The kids pretty much slept through that. Stayed at an okay hotel, wouldnt be my first choice.. but we didnt have any other options. The next day we drove and drove and drove, stopped at a cool air/space museum that i wouldnt mind going back to and ended up home.. at like midnight. But i was determined! I missed my John Brown!

All in all we loved it.. it was hot, but i can deal! We will see if we actually move, we want to, but again its giving up our family, friends, and Disneyland! Cant forget my dad is worried about the heat and im concerned john wont like the heat, plus he hasnt hear anything about his transfers... So things are still up in the air.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We made our hotel reservations. John applied for two more positions in his company..If he gets one the soonest her could transfer is July 3rd. He would have to go out there without us.. Ive got stuff to finish up here..but i doubt it would be that soon. I just hope he gets one of the positions.

Dad and I made our hotel reservations tonight... The kids, dad, and I are going out there at the end of the month. John cant go cause of work... but im so excited. Ill miss him and traveling that far with kids wont be fun..but im soooo excited for our trip! And possible our move.

John wants a dog when we move... Im not so sure..that one we will have to think on a bit. If we do get a dog we will be going through a refferal from the american kennel club and paying for pure bred.. taking no chances with my kiddos.. Im doing some research, john wants a st bernard, but i dont think it would be fair to a dog like that in that kind of heat.

Oh and i emailed the realtor again, hadnt heard from her in a week or so.. let her know our hotel info and asked if she had found anything.. not that we can buy right away.. but i did ask about getting prequalified while we are out there. We cant actually buy till we know for sure that john has a job out there, i think she knows that though cause i told her we were only considering relocating to tx and that we would like to see the area.. But i really want to move there, unless i get there an hate it on our trip lol, but we arnt going anywhere without john getting a transfer.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So ready to go

It seems quick but i feel like im just ready to be done with california as my home. Im all for coming back to visit, but im so done living here. Im done worrying if we will ever own a home cause they are just too expensive for a family living on one income.. Im done worrying about what if someone breaks in and kills us or robs us...cause we live in an "okay" area..some might even call it good, but seriously an elderly guy just got shot here a year ago...killed in the night.. there are drug dealers at the other end of the doesnt look like the ghetto cause of its facade..but it is.. Its better than a lot of places here, but its no where near my ideal for my kids. Im sick of worrying about the day they go to school...what will other kids teach my kids, what will the teachers want to teach my kids, will they get the attention they need when the classes are splitting at the seams with kids!..should i homeschool? etc..

Im ready to give my kids the life that i dreamed up for them.. and its not here in cali. Yes my mom will hate me for moving, yes i will miss her and the rest of the family and friends i have here. but its not forever..i will visit and they certainly can visit me..

I cant wait till the end of the month..i want to see what this place is like..what these possible new homes hold for me. I hope hope hope that i love them.. I hope they turn out to be all i want them to trying not to build them up in my head. I also hope that john gets one of these positions he applied for. He has applied for two in our first choice city and will be applying for two more in our back ups tomorrow.... I hope something comes of those.. all those positions are within his current company.. i hope that we can make this work..

Pray for us. Im praying for God to tell me if this is right, is this where we should be?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Its set in motion

Now lets see where we go....

My father and I have planned a trip to the area in tx we want to move for the end of the this month. John cant go cause he has to work. John also applied for a job in the area as well, a transfer within his own company. Right now its the only position open in that area, so we didnt want to take the chance of passing it up and not having another one come up.. We will see if he gets it, its a supervisor postion. I hope he does.. but then again i hold out my hope until i know for sure that im going to like this place.

My father suggested emailing a real estate agent in the area. Someone to take us around, show us the city and some homes. So i did this morning and she emailed back this afternoon saying she would love to work with us and show us the city. To give her info on what we are looking for, our price range, and what we like. So i did.. it was pretty I hope she can find what we are looking for, i think she will. I hope to hear back from her tomorrow. Even if john does get the job i doubt we can move till the end of july at the earliest..though he may need to go out there before us.

We would still have to get the front two units of dads triplex rented..set up who is going to manage them for us..get them ready for the next tenants..anyways there would be a lot to do..but thats all a little down the line..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

millions of things going through my head

Okay.. so the past four years we have been discussing moving away from SoCal... for many reasons.. Well recently my father mentioned it as well, he feels as though nothing is holding him here now that grandma is gone.. he is disliking cali more and more...

So anyways...lots going on..we have a possible city lined up, a possible transfer in johns job..we will see, and we are discussing a mini vaca to visit the possible city : ) We might wait till end of july for the vaca..since we have one planned then already, but im hoping to do it sooner.

If we do move we will wait for john to get a new job or transfer, either find an apartment until we find the right home or go out and find a home.. either way...we will be buying a home..

Who knows if it will happen...its all so crazy, but somewhere inside me i feel like this is the right thing to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

not very happy

Today was a pretty good day. Got up, made the bed, dressed and changed the kids, fed the kids, brushed their teeth.. etc.. Went to wal mart, watered my garden, did a little gardening with the two plants i just bought, made dinner, cleaned the living room, replaced the bathroom toilet seats, washed dishes, picked up the kids room....not in that order..but you get the idea.

Well tonight the kiddos go to bed and john is sitting at the computer frustrated.. it crashed..wouldnt come up...even in safe mode..worked on it forever! And finally came to the conclusion that windows needed to be reloaded...just freaking great.. so lets lose almost everything. Luckily we have a storage drive that stores all the important stuff, files, photos, videos..etc.. We lost a lot of programs.. most importantly my quicken..which im not too happy about. Oh well..such is life, we move on.. Im gonna take this as a positive...

We are cleaning out..all those favorites that i never used...are gone..i can now put ones that i really use, i can start quicken over afresh.... make us a new budget. Im gonna try to keep positive and we didnt lose the pics.. which just keeps me happy.. if we had lost the pics i would have been very upset.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today we got up around nine, watered my plants. Got the kiddos ready and headed off for disneyland! We were there about three hours. Went on small world, went through minnie and mickeys house and took pics with minnie and mickey... And that was about it...

Came home, fed the kids, put them down for naps and had dad watch them while i went to clean my moms house. She pays me money to clean it cause she is too busy to do it herself. I take the money and put it in a savings..we just started this a few months back, she asked me out of the blue and i said sure why not..

Met my father at my aunts house, fed johnny.. came home. Dropped my car off and went with my father to get dinner and see if the bank was still open so he could do some banking he needed to do.. wasnt open..came home. We ate dinner. Johnny went to bed, aurora played, john played video games and i worked on my garden. Then i washed dishes and put them away. We got dressed...aurora was put to bed.. and we went to the gym, dad stayed here and held down the fort.

We did our workout, came home and here i

My garden is going good, i cant wait to see if the seeds i planted start to sprout. Some are plants and some seeds... But so far i have a tomato plant, squash, corn, green beans, peas, carrots... And some herbs.. cilantro..oregona, mint, and sage.... more to come.. im also going to start composting, but i have some things i need to move out of my garden first.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Six months!

Thats right, my baby boy turned six months old yesterday! Today we took him to the pedi for his check up. He was 17 pounds 10 ounces, 50Th percentile, 26.75inches, 60th percentile, not sure what his head circ was, but he was in the 75th percentile for that.

She said he is doing great developmentally, is very well proportioned body wise, that he should continue trying new, to start baby proofing...yeah thats already all done about 20 months ago, Anyways..alls good...Oh and she said we could start a sippy of water if we wanted..and we did and he did great... I am still nursing as well.

This afternoon i took out my baby food making supplies that i used with aurora, but i came to the conclusion that i no longer like my blender, borrowed my moms magic bullet, love it..gonna buy one. But anyways i made three batches of food today, green beans, squash, and peaches...froze all of it but one serving of green beans... My dad came around and fed him the green beans and he loved em! They were just straight steamed green beans, added a bit of water and blended them to a good consistency..

I also think im going to make my own little garden on the patio and grown some of my own veggies... we will see what happens, my grandma back east is great at it and so im gonna get some advice.

Oh and i went to walmart today and spent too much moula on clothes for the kiddos lol.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yay me lol

Wow im actually making time to blog two days in a row!

I went to the library today, babies r us, my moms to work out on her treadmail..just wasnt up for the gym, my aunt susans, and i thin thats it.. did about three loads of laundry, tomorrow is actually my laundry day... so i have a few more loads to do.

We gave johnny rice cereal again today.. went great..he loved it.. ive got pics of him in his new high chair... He loved it, fed him a bit less, nursed him afterwards and he kept it down. Last night he slept an extra three hours longer.. so like 10+hours.

Monday, May 18, 2009

They grow up so fast!

Johnny will be six months old this week! Man has time flown by.. Today we let him have his first bite of solid food..rice cereal to be exact. He ate it, but at first didnt seem a fan, but after a few bites he was starting to really like it. Then i nursed him, guess it was a bit much for his little tummy cause he spit a bunch up a few minutes later. Next time i will be doing less rice cereal, though we didnt give him much...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just dont have time.

It just seems like i have no time to blog lately..we have been so busy.

Aurora has started mommy and me ballet. She is pretty shy but once we are in class for about five minutes she starts warming up... We have also been doing mommy and me swim class, which she loves. She just loves water.

Johnny has been doing great, has two teeth now..tries to army crawl, sits up with assitance, reaches for anything and everything, rolls both ways, etc.. We have been breastfeeding for almost six solids yet..we are starting them this week, rice cereal!

We got disneyland passes and have gone like four times already, aurora loves it. She has met minnie, mickey, pluto, tink, another fairy, goofy, cinderellas fairy god mother, belle, ariel, jasmine.... thats all i can think of right now.

John and i both had our birthdays, im now 23..whoo and john is 29..

We have been going to the gym and training. Im currently so sore from my training on friday.

Sat we went to auroras ballet class and then the beach. Both kids did great and loved it. Today we went to my moms and went swimming then to the gym for training.

Tomorrow is another busy day.. off to the gym, then mommy and me swim, then my moms to clean, then home to do some more cleaning.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today was a laid back day. Just me and the kids for most of, which isn't the norm since we hang with my dad a lot. I decidec that today would be laundry day, so I did all the laundry in hour house. Picked up a bit, made the bed, etc.

I did school time with aurora and after lunch I took them both out for bubble fun! Played with the new camera. My father pulled up while we were outside and on and off spent the rest of the day with us.
I read a bit, finished Anne of avonles yesterday and began a conveinent marriage. So far so good. Visited my aunt susan. Came home, put the kids to bed and went to the gym with john. Dad watched the sleeping kiddos for us.

I was a little dissapointed with my gym trip. All john wanted to do was cardio. So ill have to work my legs at home (I'm on my way home from the gym as I write this). Shouldn't be too difficult to do from home,most of it doesn't require machines.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dont even know where to begin

So I havent been on in forver, ive been updating my twiter/facebook via texts, but thats it. Now i set up my phone to update blogger via texts, so hopefully ill be able to keep everyone updated..not that anyone actually reads

Lets just go over idividual events and


Easter was GREAT! Except for the fact that john had to work, but in the morning they went through their baskets, then he went to work. The kids and I went to my aunts with my dad, we visted my grandfather and grandmothers grave, went to the store, had a nice easter lunch at my aunts. My aunt had a basket for me and aurora, johnny really is too little for one. So then we went home. Nikki came over and gave aurora and johnny a HUGE easter basket full of goodies. Then we all went outside to write on the sidewalk with the sidwalk chalk that aurora got in one of her baskets. She had a blast. After that we went back inside, Aurora napped, john came home and my mom came over. She had baskets for each of them. My dad had given them a few things and cards earlier. We did an easter egg hunt out front, which i have video of..ill upload it later. She did really well and knew exactly what to do, but once she figured out there was candy in wanted to stop and eat it.. We did bubbles that someone had given her.. and at the end of the day i picked up all of the mess that was made. They made out big time!

Aurora has been doing great. She is potty training still, and goes on the potty pretty often, but we need to work on her telling us when she needs to go because she doesnt always do it. But lately we have been back to a pretty tight routine and she seems to really thrive on it, naps better. She is in love with the show Handy Manny and always wants to watch it! She is talking so much lately. I cant even believe it. I also cant believe how soon her bday is coming up, ive already started some planning for Today she went to the gym with me for the first time. I was afraid to put her in the gym daycare because she hasnt ever really been away from me and with strangers. But i had talked to someone who worked there and after speaking with them i thought id try it. It helps that only females work there and aurora is very uncertain of men. We showed up at the gym and my trainer said hi but he scared Took her to the daycare, signed her in. She ran in and then back out of the play area then back in and she was gone and playing when i left. She stayed for 43mintues! So proud. I was almost done when i got called to the daycare room. I show up and she is crying, when she sees me she starts sobbing. Runs over to me and i pick her up and she stops sobbing...just quietly crys.. I show them my id.. The lady told me aurora did great until another boy started crying and she freaked out and started crying too. My father babysat johnny. He doesnt like watching them both..feels like its too much for him.

Rolling pretty much both ways.. better tummy to back than back to front, but he is a rollie pollie. He has great head control, tries to sit up from a semi lying position. Loves his jumper. Big giggler and smiler. Teething... i can see where the bottom tooth is coming in. He is five months old today! And im proud to say that we are still just breastfeeding! We havent had bottles in forever.. he might get one,once a month..if that.. and its only because im not there to feed him. Im holding out until six months to give him solids. He has really gotten over his crankiness and as long as he is fed and changed then he is good. We are still cloth diapering him.

John and I
Are great! We are both going to the gym, often seperately but we do go together occasionally. We are both losing weight. I can really see it in john. He lost ten pounds in six days! They will be doing measurements at his training session tonight. I bet he lost a lot of inches.

Ive been doing great. I lost five pounds and gained a lot of lean muscle... Ive lost quite a few inches and am proud to say that i fit into my wedding dress. Im also fairly certain that im smaller now than i was at my wedding! Cant wait to lose even more! Ive been trying to go to the gym everyday.

I also have been feeling so great lately. This morning some electricians came by to give quotes on putting up new lights. Cant wait till that is done. Im also trying to clean the house top to bottom..taking it room by room, day by day.

I think that keeping myself busy has kept my mind of grandma.. i miss her. Though i inherited her car, so its hard not to think about her when i get in it. I love having a car, but id rather have grandma..

Ive been doing a lot of reading, read all the twilight books, read jane eyre, anne of green gables, im currently on anne of avonlea. I took the kids to the library the other day.. cant wait for aurora to be old enough to read. : )

Well thats all for now i guess.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today we went to the Fullerton was the kiddos second time there, but this time Aurora was more free to run and touch and smell things. We had a blast. John was working, but we went with Aunt Susan and dad. We spent a lot of time there.. And i went through a tour of the old heritage house.. Though i felt odd cause i was the only one taking the tour who wasnt a college student...Though because of my clothes and age they assumed i

Anyways..took tons of pics.

On another front, Ive been trying to find a rose, called the black baccara, to plant, but finding none at local nurseries and online options are sparse..we will see.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

been mia

Been reading the twilight saga... finished it yesterday.. LOVED IT!

Potty training is going well and ive got a gym membership again.. And john got one too and we paid for training sessions.. I also lost 5.6 pounds last week.. So i have offically lost 5% of my weight watchers weight.. And i was thinking about this today.. from the highest weight ive been at.. nine months preggo with johnny..till now.. Ive lost like thirty pounds!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well im trying to keep my regular blogs and her potty training blogs seperate.. Today obviously we stayed home for most of the day and did potty training and such. Though my cousin did come over with her nephew and they played for awhile...had a blast. My father picked up my easter photo cards for me, so that i could stay home and be with aurora during our potty training.. Trying to stay home as much as possible, which is so hard for Cleaned a bit when i had a chance, Went with my mom to get her car washed and to wal mart to buy some pull ups for auroras outings and a spray bottle for my diaper wipe mix..since we are cloth diapering we might as well be cloth wiping.. lol.. John came home, made dinner, john played with aurora and the baby napped and here we are. I think i might strip my diapers tonight.. i think they are giving the baby a rub rash..not very bad and if i put a doubler on top of the prefold then it goes right away.

Potty training day 3

So today Aurora went pee in the potty/potty chair twice..And one number two in the potty. The day isnt over yet, but who knows if ill have time to update later. She had numerous accidents least five.. I started doing a version of the 3day potty training method today. I just cant stay home for three days straight though.. Too many errands to run. But we only went out for about an hour to two hours today and her diaper stayed dry the entire time! I bought her some pull ups for our times when we are out and about, because the men folk around here refuse to let her into their cars with just panties on....Which at this point is understandable, but she doesnt want to wear the diapers when i give her the option, so i hate to force her to.

The accidents seemed to have taught her something though. The 3 day method basically consists of putting them straight into underwear and then being with them all day long..not letting them out of your sight, not going on the computer, no watching tv, etc. Well we did that today and she "tinkled" as we call it.. in her panties once..didnt make it to the potty seat in time.. second time we made it..Third time she grabbed her crotch, squeeled and pointed to her potty but she had already gone by the time she was on the potty..and the fourth time she pointed to the potty and squeeled and made it in time to go number 2.. So she is learning to tell us.. I had to change her undies a lot today, but i think she is getting the hang of things! And luckily all her accidents were pee.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Potty training day 2

Again we only got a chance to try it out in the morning, though i would have let her in the afternoon, but my father was against it. She was put in her panties when she woke up and kept them dry till eleven when we left.. she didnt want to put a diaper on but my father insisted. She did number two in the toilet earlier her sticker and star as well. I might put her in them again when we she gets up from her nap. We just got home. Had to run some errands and then we went for a 2 hour walk with our friend deja and logan. Got home and did her school time, now she is down for a nap..we will see if she actually falls asleep though.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 1 of potty training

So i thought id blog about our experiences with potty training..all the ups and downs and such.

Today we got Aurora up and put her straight into training panties (the cloth kind).. I put some plastic on the couch and some towels and let her sit and watch her morning shows, she ate breakfast and came back to sit next to me while i fed and changed her lil brother. She got fidgety at some point and asked if she wanted to sit on her potty..She did and after a few minutes went pee! We cleaning it out, did all that, gaver her a sticker for herself and she put a sticker on her chart! She even got up when she was done and tried to pull her panties up herself.. too cute.. Went on with our day. She ate lunch at some point and afterward asked if she wanted to sit on her potty..she did again and went again! Did the same sticker system..which she really seems to love. She went four hours in her undies without an accident..Though we were off to grocery shopping so i put her back in a diaper. I feel its too early to expect her to stay dry while we are running around town.

We will see how tomorrow goes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potty training..

Thats right.. tomorrow we are going to officially start potty training.. I hope it goes well. She has been using the potty on occasion, but it hasnt been a regular thing. Today we got her another potty book, a potty chart, stickers, a stool to get on and off the potty cause she prefers it to her potty chair. So tomorrow we start it.. I wonder how its gonna go... I feel like she is ready. The other day she brought me a diaper and she had just peed. She occasionally grabs at her crotch and points to the potty, but this is very sporadic, she knows where the potty is and what we use it for, she likes sitting on it.. I dunno..we will see how it goes, no pressure.


Showing her stuff off to grandpa

Showing those pearly whites


Excited to go to the dentist

Well today the kiddos had their appointments and im just amazed at how they went..
First we got them up, dressed them..we dressed Aurora up help set it up in her mind that we were doing something special today. We went to the pediatric dentist. We make our way inside and the waiting room is very very nice.. they had a little cubby area with kids toys and books and a tv playing the lion king and two smaller tvs with xbox and PlayStation hooked up. They had it all decorated for st. pattys day...which is passed, but it was cute anyways.

The only downfall was the kid that was screaming bloody murder while we were there. I tried to keep Aurora distracted with other noisy things to keep her from paying too much attention to the screaming.. and it worked well. The dental assistant came up and took our paperwork. She had emailed it to me days ago so i had it all ready for her. Then She said it would be a second and a few minutes later they took us right back. The other child was crying in her moms arms as we walked past and she commented on how cute Aurora looked. I hoped that the crying child wouldnt upset aurora but it didnt seem to, she just smiled and kept walking.

We sat there and the dental assistant showed us the best way to brush on a monkey they had with a giant tooth brush and it had a set of teeth in its mouth. Then we went over her daily routine and habits. The dentist came in and said we were doing great, she had nothing to complain about, went over some more stuff in detail with us.. Positions to brush her teeth in..what kind of toothpaste to use, when to use it, how we should floss...etc..
Then came the part i was dreading... Actually seeing the teeth. They had aurora face me, and lay down with her head on the dentists lap. I held her arms while she checked her teeth and aurora seemed to make some protests, but no crying, no screaming..she did great! I was beyond amazed.

They were done, they gave her a balloon that had a little plastic pencil type bag on the bottom, with a tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss. They also gave her a token and took her to another room to pick a prize. She picked a little silver bead necklace and they gave her a certificate that said she had no cavities and it had a free kids meal at claim jumper.. The dentist told her how great she had been and such a good girl. Aurora put her stuff down and clapped for And then we made her next appointment and left.

The pedi appointment for johnny didnt go as smoothly to start. We got there and they said our appointment had been at ten..and i thought it was at we were 23 minutes late.. they took us anyways. We thought we were going to have a long wait, but nope..maybe five or ten minutes. We went in. Johnny was in his wrap but i had to take him out to undress him and all that, but he was in a happy smiley mood. He was such a cute lil flirt! :) His stats are as follows
weight 16 pounds 12 ounces
height 26inches
He is somewhere in the eightieth percentile for everything, she said he is very proportional. We went over developmental stuff... He rolls, he is trying to pull himself up to a semi sitting position, he grabs toys, he tracks, he smiles, he coos, he giggles..etc.. He was happy for her. She said it was good that we were still breastfeeding and we should continue. She said i could start rice cereal if i wanted or wait till he was five or six months. I said i wanted to wait till six months, she said that fine, but if he starts acting hungrier or wants to eat when we are eating dinner... smacking lips and all that, then its okay to feed it to him. I am really going to try and wait till six months.
She mentioned how cute auroras dress was and how cute johnnys diaper cover was. Though when she took it off i had to take the snappi off of it and she mentioned how easy it was. She asked how i liked my moby wrap and i said we loved it. Then we discussed moving Aurora over to her as her pedi..because aurora is afraid of men and was very comfortable with johnnys pedi..and She told us how to go about that. So ive got to do that.
Then the nurse came in and gave him his vax's..very slowly mind you..ugh...but i scooped him up after and cuddled him. He was happy and smiling by the time we got home.
And then today i got some good news.. My aunt is executor of my grandmas estate and they are giving me my grandmas old car.. yay.. a way to get around. Its not the nicest thing in the world but its a car! I actually offered to buy it from grandma when she was still alive, but she always hoped she would be able to drive again.
And we got home and my new happy heinys cloth diaper in cow print came! So excited. Its the cutest thing ever!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're Back!

Well we drove up to Fresno to visit with my grandmother who was out here visiting from South Carolina. It went alright.. the beginning was a bit shaky but the end was great. My mom decided to carpool so we all went in her car. She sat in between the kids, I drove because john was unable to. He falls asleep easily on long distance drives at night plus he cant fit in the seat with the baby behind him..he is just too tall. The drive up went fine.

Aurora stayed awake for most of the an hour and a half past her normal bedtime. She finally fell asleep maybe 30 minutes to an hour before we arrived. So when we got there she was still sleepy and she had no clue where she was or who all the people were. So she flipped out. Just hiding in my arms while i held her and she screamed. We whisked her away into our room and got ready for bed. She and baby brother were both in their pjs already. I dressed them in them ahead of time.

We brushed her teeth. Read her a story and john began to lay her in the pack and play and it just wasnt going to happen. He didnt even lay her down and she flipped out. We took pity on her cause she was scared and let her sleep in the bed with me. John slept on the floor. The only problem is she isnt used to sleeping with someone, plus she was afraid so she would wake up every few minutes and touch my face and try to lay on me. Eventually the baby woke up and wanted to eat. John put aurora down in the pack and play. She didnt like that, but once she saw that he was going to sleep next to her on the floor she was okay. Johnny slept in the bed with me.

The next day we stuck around the house for most of the day. It was nice cause they gave us the master bedroom so we had our own bathroom. So we didnt have to wait for anyone to get the kiddos ready. The day started off rocky. I was watching the baby on and off most of the morning cause john was crabby from lack of sleep and his back hurt from sleeping on the floor. Anyways. He was chilling in the living room with my cousin kyle. Well my cousin Emily, who is only four. Kept letting Aurora out of the house without supervision and I had no clue.. There are three entrances in and out of the house. I was sitting at the one they use the most, but they kept going through the slider. Well Im sitting in the kitchen doing something, i cant even remember what.. and i hear screaming.. my child screaming.. and i was gone like a bat out of hell. running as fast as i could praying that my baby was okay. I fly past john still on his butt in the living room. Throw the slider open and rush to my great aunt carrying my screaming daughter. Telling me she fell off the ladder to the play house. I scoop her up in my arms. Feel her arms and legs for breaks.. Hug and rock her. My cousin Brandon comes out and says "Christine here" and i hand him aurora. He pulls up her back shirt where i couldnt see and there is a two inch by two inch scrape.. I whisk her off to the bedroom. Yank my first aid kit out of my diaper bag and fix my baby girl up. Poor thing. It looked so bad then, not so bad now. I felt so guilty that i hadnt been there to keep it from happening and that i had no clue she was outside.

Needless to say John and I followed her everywhere the rest of the weekend. If she was out of sight for a second we flew to find her. Which was prolly a good idea since thats how we caught the face that my little cousin was letting aurora outside. I saw aurora stand by the door, point out, my cousin open it up and start to let her go out before I told Aurora no.

Later in the afternoon we went to the mall with my cousin, his new baby girl and his ex. We had a blast just hanging out. His daughter is so adorable. She has the most beautiful lashes! It was the first time i was able to see her in person. We came home, they put pics on the little girls and took pics of them together. We got the kiddos fed, bathed, and put to bed like normal. Then played some cards with my grams and great aunt.

Later on the boys were watching pirates of the Caribbean and my grams was folding laundry. She calls me in and says to me"Christine i am so proud of you. Aurora is such a great little girl, she is so well behaved and that doesnt just happen. You are doing a good job" I was shocked but so grateful to have such validation as a parent, i only hope i can continue to live up to such praise. Aurora isnt perfect, but she is well behaved and well disciplined. My cousin mentioned how he loved that i discipline so well and consistent.

Later on we went to bed..slept forever.. John on the floor again. I missed him. Woke up, ate, got the kiddos ready and headed off for home. We had planned on visiting the zoo up there, but the weather wasnt permitting, So we changed our plans. We visited the LA zoo once we got closer to home. We had a freaking blast! Drove on home and the kiddos were beat. We fed them and put them down for a nap. Our washing machine is on the fritz..its an apartment complex one and someone used soap that they werent supposed to in the front loader and now it doesnt work. So I had to drive over to my aunts to clean my cloth diapers. I dont have enough disposables to go without them and honestly i dont want to use disposables.

Anyways Ive got tons of pics to upload, but for some reason the computer isnt acting those will be up as soon as possible.