Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blah blah blah BLAH

So work has officially ended YAY. as of last thursday.. Last Thursday was also when i threw my back out. It felt off at work, but not horrible. Came home, took some Tylenol and went with my hubby to a special preview screening of The young victoria. My back was feeling worse by the minute.. then they did a drawing for posters... and i was surprised when my name was the last one called!So i jumped up and walked down, received my prize and went back to my seat.. the jumping up must have made things worse cause at this point my back was shooting pain... But i sat very very still and it seemed to go away or at least be tolerable. Well the movie was over, it was GREAT by the way, hubby and I both loved it. But on the way home I was in AGONY..tears, every movement hurt and even sitting still was excruciating pain.. called my dad in tears and we decided to head to the emergency room. I called the advice nurse on the way and she recommended I go home, sleep on the floor, use a heating pad while awake every 20 minutes...etc.. So i did, but was in so much pain, i needed help to get up or down, to get dressed, to go to the restroom, i couldnt stand straight up. Went to the docs the next day, diagnosed with muscle spasms. Rest, muscle relaxants, motrin 800... I was told that the meds would make johnny groggy. So my origonal intentions were to wean but after taking the meds for a day and not nursing johnny i decided to avoid the meds during the day and nurse johnny at night.

Well we had johns work christmas party sat night, i rested all the way up till that night.. also my aunts christmas party the next day. TGhe kids and I are sick..they are pretty congested. We took aurora to the doc the same day i went, but they said she should get better soon without anything but home care, etc.

Anyways. I have more to write, but dont feel like writing it just right now.. will try and update soon, if anyone even reads this lol