Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My eyes burn

So for the last two eyes burn by the afternoon and im sooo tired.. I get enough sleep at night.. and i try to take it much as possible. Oh well..

Anyways. Today I made some progress with my to do list, which is almost finished. A few days ago i finished the baby boy bedding set..well its pretty much complete..I do have to iron one part..but thats it..its all sewn. I bought storage stuff for the nursery(i also couldnt resist buying a Santa hat for the new baby, new socks for aurora, and a cute purple switch plate for the nursery)...and more hangers for the baby's side of the closet. I reorganized the linen closets in the hall... which i started a few days back and finished today. I also organized the top of our bedroom closet..which is hassle since there was a ton of crap up there from when we got the apartment re-carpeted..and its a huge wall of closet... Though i did find some missing and useful things up Im working on getting the "nursing station", as i like to call it, in our bedroom ready to go. I took the slip cover off our wing back chair in the master bedroom and washed it.. I have my boppy pillow sitting right there..a little table next to it so i have a place to set things.. I am also organizing the bassinet area.. ive got diapers, wipes, paci's, blankets, all ready to go.... I was even thinking about making a little changing station on our dresser...but i think we would still end up changing him on our bed at night and the changing table in the nursery during the day.. we will see. I also washed all of auroras dirty laundry... will most likely do ours tomorrow..

My labor bag has been packed for quite awhile now...and the john put the car seat and base in the car on monday night... I still need him to put the double stroller in the trunk.. not sure if i want him to do that now or after the baby is born..though we should clean the car out..lots of junk in there...I was also thinking of packing the diaper bag for the two kiddo's... getting it ready for when we get back with the baby and go places.. I might still keep auroras old one packed for days when she is with grandpa..but eventually I will be using the new one for both.. i think it would be a pain and kinda silly to carry around two diaper bags.. Oh and john finally put the toilet lid lock on our master bath toilet..we hated the old ones we we bought new ones..we switched auroras toilet lock right away, but did without one on ours for awhile..She doesnt get into the toilet anyways..but it makes me feel good to know that she cant get into them. The nursery is completely baby proofed now.. all i need is a gate for the door way and then they can both play in there.

Oh and i need to write thank yous to those people who got us gifts at the last baby shower and a few people have sent us gifts..

Anyways. Hope everyone is doing well. : )

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MOMS club rocks

I love the gals in the moms club! They threw me a great shower today. I got a ton of cute stuff, diapers, and such. The conversation was great! The food was awesome. They had it decorated soo cute! I had a blast!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It could be soon....

So i had my doc appointment today..

Bp was 119/78

Weight was a gained like four more pounds.. i lost two at the last appointment.. so i think im at 22 pounds weight gain.. At this point ive lost track! LOL

They did the heartbeat, 150's

Then she did the group culture thing..

And then we discussed the size of the baby and the ultrasound they want me to go for.. well she said that she wants me to have an ultrasound by the end of the week so they can estimate the size of the baby.. So i called and made that appointment. Earliest they had was next monday. I also have a prenatal next monday, john has a dentist appointment, and I think i have maternity shots scheduled for that day! Oy... so im gonna have to reschedule something...

Well she also said she will be stripping my membranes again this time..made it sound like she would be doing it around 37 or 38weeks.. She also said she ideally wants me to have this baby by 38weeks.. Yeah..dunno if thats gonna happen.. i know they wont induce because of the size of the baby till at least 40weeks.. So she said to have sex and do all that good stuff to go into labor.. So im gonna work up a routine now.. get my evening primrose oil down.. red raspberry leaf tea..etc

Im 36weeks and like 4days now.. so if i were to give birth by 38weeks.. its not even two weeks away! I dont know if it will happen..we will see

Oh and at the end john and I got our flu shots.. Aurora and dad still need to get theirs. I think im getting a headache and john is

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas is COMING!

LOL.. Okay so yeah i tend to go overboard at Christmas and i am sooo going to go low key this year.. I dont want to go in debt buying millions of presents my kids arnt going to use.. Normally I would have done a ton of Christmas present shopping by now, but being as ive been pregnant.. my mind has been in other places (most of the time) and ive been doing other things.. However ive still taken the time to store up a few very very small things for my kids along the way.. Im sure baby John will be getting mostly clothes..since he will be only a month or so old.. my father however has already bought him his Christmas gift and its sooo awesome.. but im keeping it a

I also bought something for hubby..again a case he invades the computer and reads It isnt anything big.. because he got his gift early.. a tmobile G1...expensive super awesome phone. I may buy him a few more things between now and then, but nothing big..and im pretty sure i will wrap the phones box and put it under the tree... just to remind him thats what he got it for...

Yesterday i also picked up the baby John letters from babies r us.. so maybe when i get a chance.. i can put them up on the wall. I also almost completed his crib skirt last night.. just one last thing to do to it and it will be done.. I also finished the mattress sheet...or so i thought..when i went to try it out on auroras crib mattress (since we havent bought one for his crib yet)... i found that it doesnt fit.. which upset me.. so then i was like, gonna have to buy more fabric! Then i looked through my bag and yeah..turns out i sewed the remnants together and not the piece i had cut out for the crib.. no wonder it didnt fit! So i got the new piece sewed together all except for the elastic..which i had to seam rip off of the old piece..ugh..that was a hassle... But i got it off.. ill sew it all together later on tonight.. Then ive got to sew the bumper and ill be done! I cant wait to be done cause honestly i love sewing, but i need a freaking sewing room.. I was using my dining room, but it was driving me nutts how bad it looked in there.. and how uncomfy it was becoming for i moved it all into the living room.. I just want my house back!!! Soon soon....

Oh and we got a package from my grandpa and his wife who couldnt make it to the shower. Sadly he is pretty sick..they dont know what.. nothing life threatening i hope.. Well they sent their gift and they got us a baby Bjorn carrier..which i tested out on john and i cause hello we are big people..and luckily it fits! And another borne free glass bottle.. so I think we have enough bottles now.. im still hoping to breastfeed, so if that works out as planned i wont need too many bottles. A friend from the MOMS club offered to give me her old boppy pillow and i said sure! So i might buy it a new slipcover..though she says its i might not have to.. So actually all that we really need is the mattress... which isnt something we need until after he is born..and even awhile after that since he will be sleeping in our room in his bassinet. Though i would like to have it either before or shortly after..because i do want to get him used to napping in his crib and getting aurora used to seeing him in there...

Organizing the house is going alright.. little buy little the junk shifts from one room to Ive gone through and weeded out a lot of stuff we didnt need... and donated some of it today.. still need to get my old microwave down there to donate... Im working on getting my hall closets organized. After that i think im going to do my bathroom closet.. It prolly wont happen today though. We are supposed to be attending the MOMS club family Halloween party today after John gets off work.. so im looking forward to that.

Ahh well..Ill write a ton more later! : )

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feeling sick

Im nearing the end.. in the final stretch! LOL. im 36weeks today... Its almost time.. I need to get my bootey in gear and finish up those little things that need to be done.

Last night i sewed the nursery curtains and then after Aurora went to bed i was able to finish the valence..and i have to say I quite like them. I still need a slipcover for my beautiful wingback chair.. i looked into getting it recovered awhile back and they wanted like 800 bucks for ONE chair..and i have two.. lets just say there is NOOO way im willing to pay that.. So yeah..slipcover it is.. I just need to order the one i want online. And i think the last thing i have to do is put up Baby Johns name on the wall. I just need to take a trip down to babies r us to buy the letters.

I washed all the basinette bedding and such awhile back, but hadnt put the sheet back on yet.. just did that.. brought the newborn diapers in here.. im getting all the stuff organized next to the bed so that i can be ready for the little one.

I also want to try to organize my shelves.. balthroom shelves..etc.. i just need to get to it!

Well anyways.. today i went to a MOPS meeting and i really liked it. So i joined.. So now im in two different moms its great. And i put aurora in the nursery for the first time ever she did great. Ill post more about it later.. she is waking up from her nap right now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been busy

Well we have been so busy seems like forever since ive been online..even though its only been since Sunday...

Yesterday I put up "Dream" letters above the bedroom window..and also repainted my reading nook drapery and put that back up..did some touch ups.. My mom and neighbor moved all the furniture back in place for me.. I also put up new baby safety covers for the electrical outlets..we had those little plastic things you plug in, but at the infant safety and CPR class we attended they suggested something else.. so i got those for the nursery and they are installed.

And then today i organized the room, hung up a ton of baby boy clothes..and omg..we have a ton of clothes and i still have one more baby shower! Hung up the "Aurora" letters ive had Forever... they arnt exactly centered over her crib, which sorta bugs me..but my back was killing i just got it done..and i still think its cute! The room is almost done. Oh and i went through tons of stuffed animals that she has and divided them into piles of what is going to grandmas, whats going to grandpa's, and what is staying at home.

Things left to do before baby arrives:

Sew curtains and valance

Sew baby bedding

Buy some more plastic storage bins to fit all the toys we have! (and clothes!)

Thats pretty much it..

Oh and Sunday john and i went down to babies r us to return the diaper bag i had bought.. it had a stain on the side that i never noticed.. luckily i still had the receipt..and it didnt have the plastic lining on the inside like the one we have right now for aurora does.. and that comes in handy when things get spilled. Plus i saw one that my Internet buddy Bonnie bought and let me tell you..i fell madly in had polka dots on the inside..and its got the plastic lining i love.. they didnt have it at the store when i had bought the previous one.. So we went and returned the one we had bought and bought the new one..and I LOVE IT.. lol... so happy with it.

Yesterday we went to target and bought some bottles for the new baby..borne free..we are trying to get a collection of them started, but they are expensive bottles. Right now we have one glass, two plastic..and they are all the larger size ones since thats all i really need. I have a ton of the smaller medela bottles that i have for my breast pump. We also bought a shirt for aurora and a new onsie for our baby boy. We still have a few things left to get...

Things left to buy before baby number two gets here:

Crib mattress

Boppy pillow (though one of the moms from the club im in plans on giving me i prolly wont have to buy this)

The letters J-O-H-N for above his crib

and thats pretty much it...

Im so excited...its getting closer..

I also might want to buy one more baby gate.. to gate off the nursery..because then i can have them play in there sometimes...rather than just the living room, since i have her toys split between the living room and the bedroom.

I also have a huge list of things i want to get done to the rest of the apartment before the baby gets here, just so its in order..but thats not a biggie if it doesnt get done.
Oh and john is sooo excited he got his brand new G1 phone today..ugh..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The paint is drying!!!!

My mom painting

My grams painting

I love it!

So yeah.. My family though at times can aggravate me..they are awesome! My Grandma attended my prenatal on could tell she didnt really like the idea of me painting when i asked the midwife... Then a few hours later she called me and asked if she could come over Sunday and help me paint. I said sure..that i would start taping it off and hopefully get it done on Sunday..well she got my mom to come on Sunday..who had only had two or three hours of sleep that night.. and then knocked it out.. they came a little after ten and left shortly before four and its done! I took all the tape off and it looks great!!!!!! Better than i could have imagined.. I mean there are touch ups to do, but not too much.. I love love love it.. I cant wait to start putting everything where it belongs and getting it super organized! Hanging up the name letters that ive had forever for Aurora and buying some for baby John.. Im sooo happy with it.. i LOVE IT. : ) Oh and did i mention that they hardly let me paint at all..they did it pretty much all themselves..i just helped with getting them the things they needed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby shower fun!

So I had my baby shower today..well one of them.. my Moms club is throwing me a little one too in about a week and a half. But it went well. More people showed up than expected.. It was fun..we did like three or four games.. got time to chat.. ate..had cupcakes... john made some great punch for the party.. I had fun seeing all my friends and family that could come. Got some cute outfits for him, a bottle, some toys, gift card, nipple cream, breast pads..etc.. We had a great time. : ) Oh and john did a great job at taking pics..and nikki and my mom threw a great shower for me! : )

Im tired right now. I might blog more about it later. : )

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prenatal Appointment

So i had an appointment this morning. My grandma was able to go with me since she is here visiting from south carolina.

I lost two pounds..which surprised me.. My blood pressure was normal and so was my urine and all that. Babys heart rate was 130's...good and strong and she found it quickly. She said she wants me to have another ultrasound as i get farther along because Aurora was a big baby and because this baby is looking like another big baby, so they want to have an idea of how big.. So i guess in a few weeks i will be going in for another ultrasound.

I asked about the flu shot, because i was unsure whether or not to get it at this appointment since my baby shower is tomorrow. She suggested waiting for my next appointment because it can make me feel sick. So we will be waiting. Also at my next appointment we will be doing the group b or whatever culture. And thats about it. I said i was having normal preggo stuff, back pain, contractions, peeing a lot, all par for the course.. so there was nothing much to talk about. She gave me the okay to continue my painting..just to keep it well ventilated and take breaks. She also said if i go into labor from here on out..they arnt stopping it... So its becoming more real!

Ive been busy getting things done. Did two or three loads of laundry over the last two days.. washed the bassinet bedding. I have the paint for the nursery, i just need to tape it off and paint! I finished up the baby shower party favors a few moments ago. I cant believe its tomorrow! Im excited. Though i dont think there will be a lot of people there.. its still exciting! : )

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tired but having fun

Today was a fun but busy day. i dont have much time to blog, so im gonna do the synopsis of it all.. I did some housework this morning, watched a sad movie..atonement.. did some baby shower stuff with my bestest, nikki. Met with my mom..who had just picked up my grandma and grandpa from the airport..we all went out to eat..then back to my moms to visit. Then john came by and picked Aurora and I up.. Came home.. put her down for a nap.. cooked john dinner. John bathed and put Aurora to bed.. stuck my head in to say goodnight to her and i love you.. and then finished up dinner.. Watched a bit of tv with john..then decided to come in here on the computer..and now im off to lay in bed while he uses the computer. Hope everyone had a good day : )

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My little water lover!

Life has been busy, but duh..ive been saying that for days. Yesterday i finished up priming the nursery... it was hard work but i did it.. in time to jump in the shower and run off to the local hardware store to meet with the design class.. We got ten percent off stuff in the design i bought the paint for the nursery which cost me A LOT..ahh... anyways... I dont know when i will get to the actual painting. I will most likely start taping it off tomorrow. Came home early from the design class and john had aurora bathed and in bed already...what a great hubby! And i cooked dinner and we ate together.. My back was KILLING me.. ive been doing too much and i know it.

We went to bed around ten forty up at six thirtyish to get ready to take aurora to the aquarium of the pacific! We were so excited.. Though i was pretty tired and was having pain in my lower uterus..i didnt sleep well the night before... Got everything ready to go.. Then got on the road..well of course we had L.A. traffic to contend with..ugh.. but we got there with like five minutes to spare and ended up having to wait for a few other people.. I had paid and signed up for this about a month ago.. here is what the page said

Aquarium Education Program
Sea Life Stroll

This one-hour tour is designed to bring your child in a stroller up close to our exhibits before the Aquarium opens. During your personalized tour time, you will get a chance to touch animals in our Aquarium classrooms, see our galleries without the crowds, and make a keepsake book to take home with you. Please join us as we see, hear, and touch our way through the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Its for kids from birth to three.... And it was GREAT! Aurora loved it, we got to touch tons of stuff. She wanted to jump into every bit of water she saw.. with the sting rays, with the star fish, with the otters...etc... she wanted in! She touched sharks, sting rays, sea snails, star fish, etc.. The lady that did the tour was great..and actually at one point aurora was walking around and she was playing with a jelly fish stuffed animal above auroras head and aurora was just giggling and giggling. After the tour was over we got to check out the rest of the aquarium on our own.. However i was pretty beat..and hadnt eaten.. So we ate in their aurora a milk, me a chocolate milk and muffin and john didnt want anything.. Then we spent some more time checking out all the stuff in more detail and we went into the bird exhibit..Which had me laughing hysterically. We paid for nectar before we went in and OMG.. john was covered in like five or six birds at one point. They were pooping, luckily not on was nipping at his ear..another at his nipple! LOL.. it was sooo funny...

Well we hobbled our way back through the aquarium and back out to the car. Aurora fell fast asleep on the way home and guess traffic! We grabbed a bite to eat at the drive through and came home. Put aurora down for a nap though she didnt sleep long. Well john took her in the living room and told me to take a nap that i needed the rest..what a sweetie! So i got to try and get some zzz's while he watched aurora. Then i got up and we all got ready to go out yet again. Ran an errand, then went to the tmobile store to see if they had a floor model of johns new phone..he is psyched cause its supposed to be coming soon. Then we headed off to Belly Sprouts.. Which was a fun little store.

I still cant convince John to cloth diaper..i guess oh gonna buy one or two diapers to try them out..see how i like it.. I bought my Moby wrap while i was there..and got my ten percent off.. She showed me how to use it, which was great...even got to put aurora in it and man was that thing awesome..she felt weightless! I went with just plain black....goes with had a whole range of colors though. I am definitely going to go back to that store.. i mean im not into all of the things they sell or do, but some of it i do like.

Then we made our way home..went out to eat as a family..where aurora was a perfect angel! I just have to say that for now, because i know that someday she will get more of an attitude, she is a wonderful little girl..she is well behaved, understands everything we tell her, can point to various body parts, is saying a number of words, trys repeating us, loves to give kisses, brush her teeth, etc.. we really won the lottery with our little girl! I cant imagine her not in our lives.. she is sooo wonderful...okay..enough of my little girl

Then we made our way home..put her down for a nap..and here i gonna go play with my new wrap in a bit..practice practice practice!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When isnt john working...

So john had to work Saturday.. but luckily he didnt have to go in until twelve..sucky part is he had to work till eight! UGH! Anyways..we had a great family breakfast..great morning. Got ready to go and john left for work..Aurora and I left shortly after that to go visit grandma. She was on the way to my aunt nancys to get her hair cut by my cousin who was visiting home from Az.. Anyways.. picked grandma up and all three of us drove over to aunt nancys and then Aurora got to play with Cody, her second cousin (my cousins son).. they had a blast, though it was a lot of working watching her over there.. they are more laid back on their baby proofing than i am.. and cody is almost two and over the put things in the mouth stage and aurora we had a few close calls and at the end she did end up putting some freaking dry cat food in her mouth! YUCK! luckily i got it out before she actually ate any of it...ugh... thats not the only thing she tried for though.. i saved her from quite a few other things.. and well she did feed something off the floor to her cousin cody.. not sure cousin tried to get him to spit it out, but he was interesting.. we just have different parenting styles..john and i are pretty strict I guess..

Anyways.. after that we headed back over to my grandmas house..dropped her off and my friend nikki met me there. We went to do some baby shower errands. Aurora was tired, so i dropped her off at home with my dad to nap. Nikki and I did a lot of running around and got a lot of stuff done for the baby shower, including like 90% of the party favors.. i just need to do some hot gluing.

Sunday I did a lot of running around with my aunt susan and grandma...john had to work again..but its a normal work day for him. We all went to a pumpkin patch together and aunt nancy and cody and two of my cousins met us there.. so they got to hang out at the pumpkin patch together.. different one this time than we took her to before. Had a petting zoo, bounce houses, a cool giant wooden pumpkin, pony rides, but they were both too little for most of it.

Today we visited my grandmas for a long long time, then we took her for a ride..then came home and got together with was gonna go get some car parts with her for her vw, but the shop turned out to be closed.. anyways.. we have had some busy days..

Ive still got a ton left to do..luckily, i got hubby to move the desk out of the babys room, now it just needs to make it to dads house.. I also need the changing table moved so i can start painting the last wall to be primed.. then tomorrow night at design class..we will be having it at the local home store.. so i will buy my paint then..and then ill be ready to paint! YAY. Though my to do list seems to be getting shorter, it still seems like ive gotten nothing done!

Pumpkin got a pumpkin!

So we took pumpkin, aka aurora, to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon!!!!! It was great..she had a blast just wondering all over the place.. there was little mini trains and firetrucks she could ride on and she was very interested in them. We took a ride on the little train, i thought she would be scared, but she wasnt..she just stared in amazement the entire time.. I was kinda bummed that they didnt have a petting zoo this year, but oh well... We took forever picking out a pumpkin and we had a few contenders, but at last came upon our "perfect" pumpkin (other than aurora of course...) So we paid and left after being there for awhile.. Pumpkin seemed interested in the pumpkins, but even more interested in the wood chips on the

Later on in the evening my father babysat while John and I went out together with a few of his friends from work. To the horse race track of all places.. I had never been, its quite interesting. On of the friends from work apparently owns a horse and races him there... well his horse won and we all got to go down and take a pic in the winners circle.. he said he is gonna email John the pic.. so when he does.. ill put it up :) And I did place a few little bets..bout nine dollars and won more than double my money.. in the end we came home with all the money back we had spent at the pumpkin patch and then a little more. : ) All in was fun.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Belly Sprouts

So we had a speaker from a local store called Belly Sprouts at our moms club meeting this month and she had a ton of great stuff to show us and great info on going green. Now i wont ever go fully green, sorry its just not my thing.. but there are certain things i am very interested cloth diapers..its great cause they have a seminar about cloth diapering..etc.. but its something i have to talk john into. She brought a lot of great stuff to show us..and one thing she talked about was the moby wrap..something im very curious about..and they do sell it and i can go in and check it out and i think i will be buying it.. plus we all got 10% off coupons.. im very excited..they do pre and post natal yoga, mom and me classes, mom luncheons, make up days.., mommy mixers..all kinds of fun stuff.. i definitely want to check out the store.

The Joys of Apartment living

I swear i was so mad i could hurt someone this morning! UGH.. I dont have to live with too many of the downsides of renting an apartment, my father owns the triplex that we live in..we pay him rent, but its a reduced rent because i do take care of many things for him and hey we are family.. I can paint the walls, i can redecorate..i can change the flooring and actually i dont even have to pay for any of it cause he can write it off on his taxes... so thats all been great..heck the only reason we would want to move is because we would want to own something of our own or need more space, but right now even thats not an issue, we have a very spacious two bed two bath apartment, with a patio..its great..its prolly like 1000 sq feet.. But anyways..

The downside..having people live on either side of you.. One side is dad and thats fine..he doesn't make much noise..however the other side is a tenant and her daughter has a tendency to play loud rap music... well the neighbors complained so my dad had a talk with her about it, so hopefully that has stopped for good. BUT another that they went away for the weekend and the daughters alarm clock when off at 6:02am this morning.. now johns alarm clock went off at 6am..waking me up, though he had already left for work.. and then i heard their alarm clock, faintly from our bedroom... and i knew that since auroras room is the one the is directly next to the daughters room that it was louder in there.. I laid there awake awhile to see if it woke aurora up, but it didnt... Well i wake up at 7:20am...alarm still going off and my daughter is crying! Its like freaking torture.

Now i have a key to that apartment and i could go in there and unplug the thing, but i dont like going in there without letting them know..however this noise has got to stop and they wont be here all weekend so its going to go off all weekend.. Its dads building so i want him to take care of it.. so i call him and call him and he isnt i haul aurora in her pjs with me in mine over to dads front door and he opens it and at this point im mad.. so im half screaming about how they left the alarm on...extra... and he takes the keys and goes in and unplugs the thing.. and i told him to tell them when they get back that they cant go around doing that crap. Its bad enough that i have to hear their dog whine like a dying animal sometimes at got so bad he had to ask them to board the dog somewhere when they left because he just whines and whines and the neighbors had complained about it time and time could hear it at his unit.. ugh..

Anyways.. the joys of apartment living..ahhh...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dont know where to start

Ive been so busy that i dont even know where to

Tuesday..hmm..what did we do on Tuesday.. im not even sure i Ahh yes.. Ran some errands early in the morning. Took aurora to the park. Then my father and I (with aurora of course) helped my friend nikki with some car issues..Then I had to be back home to wait for the cable guy to come fix our broken dvr in the living room.. Aurora was asleep in the car so dad just took her with him. During that time i cleaned the house, started some sewing..etc.. Then the cable guy came home and dropped aurora off and went back out. Cable got fixed... John came home and i went to my design class..had fun.

Wednesday.. we just hung around the house.. i cleaned the hall bathroom...did some more sewing..tried to get some stuff done for moms club..Then i got this huge bug up my butt to clean out the fireplace..boy was that a disaster! Aurora is always trying to get it in and though we have lived here for a was so messy when we moved in that i kept putting off cleaning it..the previous tenants left it full of ash.. so i started cleaning and lo and behold i keep pulling out freaking nails! Come on... which a few got sucked up in my freaking Dyson vacuum cleaner.. so i stopped using it and used a magnet that i have.. well aurora starts getting curious about these nails im pulling covered in ash at this dad comes over to watch her cause i didnt want her getting hurt... So i finished it all and i must have pulled out over 100 nails..some over four inches long! And all the while my child has been trying to get in there.. Thank GOD she never did! UGH

And i also washed down the cleaned the couches and vacuumed.. As well as some more minimal sewing.. Cooked dinner and did all the norm...dishes...etc...

Today i woke up soooo sore from the crap i did yesterday that i was intent on taking it as easy as i could..but i guess i must be nesting cause that didnt happen. Went grocery shopping..two different stores, went to the hardware store to get more primer cause i ran out.. Then home...unloaded and put away some groceries.. though some of the dry goods need to be put up. Then I put aurora down for a nap. She slept three hours before i woke her up! Spent most of that time on the computer and the tv. She woke up, i fed her, and together we vacuumed all the furniture in the living room...cushions, underneath the cushions, underneath the furniture..etc.. and then we dusted the living room and started organizing it a bit. Then we sat down to play and gave her a snack.

And now john is home. Im taking a break from it all. Soon i have to go cook dinner, then put the rest of the groceries away.. help him move the changing table so i can prime behind it...

Tomorrow i have a moms club thing to go to... and then who knows what ill do the rest of the day. I think ill start painting the nursery next week sometime...the real pain, not the primer...

And im hoping to get a chance to go to the pumpkin patch, but john is working all weekend i im not sure.. plus i know he doesnt want to go too early and have the pumpkins be all rotted, but i also dont want to wait until they have no good ones left.. maybe tomorrow afternoon, he gets off work early.

Edit.. sweet..just talked to him..we are totally going tomorrow afternoon. Im excited.. last year the place had all kinds of play areas and a petting zoo and all that.. hopefully they do again this year!

Monday, October 6, 2008

getting anxious...

While i do feel that on most days i am getting a lot completed.. I still feel like i need to get everything done asap!. Im 33weeks4days pregnant.. ive got 45 days left to go! YIKES! And i have so much going on. My baby shower is coming up in like 12 days and im making the party favors for it... so ive got to get that done, which im working on... Then ive got Halloween coming up.. still trying to figure out exactly what we are going to do for that..ive got her costume, and i know we will attend the MOMS club halloween party, but i think we will go to a festival or something on Halloween. We still need to take Aurora to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin and all that. John doesnt want to go too soon, cause the pumpkin will rot. So im thinking maybe later on this weekend or next week. Next week we are taking Aurora to a special stroller tour of the Aquarium of the Pacific... Not the like two prenatals or so i have coming up this month... Ahh..

Oh yeah and i still need to finish painting the nursery, finish the baby boy crib bedding, wash the bassinet bedding (which im trying to wait till last minute to do...), make the curtains for the nursery, and there is a bunch of stuff around the house id like to get organized beforehand....

But luckily today i primed the nursery some more.. Its almost done. Honestly i think if john ever gets another day off we can get it done in no time... Once i get it primed..then maybe a day to get the actual paint on the walls.. I did some more work on the baby bedding today. Ill try to get some actual sewing done this afternoon, once that starts then its a breeze from there.. But then again i dont want to neglect my child to get all of this done.. so its coming along slowly. I worked on it while she was napping earlier.. And the painting i did while my dad played with her outside..she wanted to go out so bad. They are still out there, she is addicted i tell you!

I cleaned the hall bath while she played next to me earlier... I did some work on the shower invites, but had to stop when i found out that i couldnt scan anything into the computer because its power cord is missing, so johns going to have to look into that when he gets home. All in all though.. its coming along.. I also did two loads of laundry today, i try to do at least one a day.

Yet for some reason i still feel like im not getting things done fast enough!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Productive night

John came home. I cooked dinner, washed the dishes, we ate, cleaned the hall bath mirror, bathed pumpkin, read her her story, said prayers, then put her down for bed. Then I polished my dining room table and the hutch, swept the kitchen floor and then mopped. Then i cut out the ma tress cover for the baby boy bedding. Ive got to cut out all the pieces for the crib skirt and the bumper....then sew it all. So ive got loads more to do, but im getting there. :)

Out and about

Today was an out and about sort of day. John was working. So my father and i took aurora to a local park. She had a blast! We had some fun looking at open houses.. a wonderful hobby of ours..and then we visited my grandma, aunt susan, and cousin david.. After that we headed home.. we were out for the entire day. John should be home soon, actually i think i hear him pulling up.

Yesterday was...

Great. The perfect amount of productivity and fun! Aurora slept in till 9:20 which let john sleep in until 9:20 on his only day off, so that was great. I personally couldnt sleep that long, so i ended up reading little things in the what to expect: toddler years book... Then we all got up.. I cooked us breakfast, washed the dishes, john watched aurora while I scrubbed the shower down. When i came out, i could hear pumpkin crying, so i went into the living room and john said she was crying for no reason, she came over to me and hugged my legs and put her hands up like she wanted to be lifted up. I explained to john that she is very used to a routine in the morning and that she must be upset because its been very thrown off. John hasnt been around all day for weeks... he has been working non stop for weeks.. She isnt used to him watching her in the morning..and we have a tendency to do the same things every morning. So john brushed her teeth, then he sat her with in our bed and let her watch some cartoons while i got dressed, brushed my teeth, etc.. She was fine after she got back into the normal swing of things. Then I got her dressed while john got dressed. It was a rainy day out, so we werent sure what we were going to do. We had wanted to take her to the park, but it wasnt a good day for that.

So we headed off to run some, post office, and sams club for diapers. Then we decided to take her to the childrens museum. So we drove over there, she was ancy in the car, so she was crying by the time we got there, but once she was out of the car she was okay. We went in and i said "two adults" and they were like, oh its free today! I was like..score! sweet!!!! So we headed on in and let her play in the birth to five years room, but once we put her down she started crying, so i had to play with her on the floor for a bit to get her comfortable, she is getting attached to me lately.. and then she was fine. So then we played in there a bit, then went off into the other rooms. She had a blast and was all over the place.

Then we left there and got something to eat, fed pumpkin..then came home. Put her down for her nap and spent time together. Then when she woke up we headed out to the mall.. first we met my mom so she could buy some stuff for the shower...decorations and such..she wanted me to point out what we needed.. Then we went off to the mall.. Looked around a bit.. and then left and came home... Though the mall did give me a few ideas of what dress i may want to get for pumpkin for her christmas dress/outfit. Then when we got home it was time for her to eat. So john fed her while i cooked us dinner. Then we ate dinner, with pumpkin having some bread and such in her high chair... and then we watched some tv. Grandpa came over and played with pumpkin. They went outside together.. Then grandma came over to play with pumpkin. I mopped both bathroom floors. Then we fed pumpkin dinner and then john bathed her and we went about her bedtime routine... and then we watched some tv and then we went to bed.. all in all it was a good day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Time keeps on spinning...

Im so busy lately. Yesterday was an off day for me. I woke up all energized to do stuff and then took a shower, got ready to leave the house with aurora and my father..and all of a sudden i was in this very down mood. It lasted most of the day.We went out to three different stores..Then came home. I worked on baby shower party favors. Sent a sample pic to my friend who is throwing the shower for me to see what she thought.. And got the green light to go ahead with the idea.... Spent the rest of the day just playing with aurora and what not.. Hubby came home, he knew i was down and decided to skip fencing class.. Which i told him NOT to do.. i know he loves it, but later that night he told me he felt as though he was needed here more. I actually felt much better when he was here. I cooked dinner, we ate as a family, watched the vp debate.. played with pumpkin. Got her to bed...bedtime routine, bath, book, prayers, then bed... Then we watched iron man on bluray dvd... which we had just bought the other day cause hubby loves it.. didnt get all the way through it cause it was late and he needed to get up early for work. Then we went to bed I stayed up for a few minutes, but decided to go to sleep as well..

Today i got up..did the morning stuff with aurora. Its my dads bday so we went out to breakfast with him, gave him a card. Then we went to a store and then home.. Put aurora down for her nap.. cleaned the master bath, made a list of things i need to get done in the next few weeks, read my what to expect in the toddler years book that finally arrived, updated auroras baby book and then surfed the web a bit.

John is on his way home from work.. so thats about it..we will see what we are gonna do for the rest of the day. My goal is to get the laundry finished, which i started earlier, wash the dishes..which i do every night, and mop the bathroom floor..and possibly clean the other bathroom today..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Review of Contours Options Tandem Stroller - Ruby Red

Originally submitted at Toys R Us

With 4 seating positions and a uniflex design that can be used as a single stroller by removing the extra seat, the Contours™ Options Tandem Stroller in Ruby Red from Kolcraft® includes rear stadium-style seating so the little one in the back seat can have a front view too. The stroller f...

Great stroller so far

By Soon to be mommy of two under two! from Orange county, ca on 10/1/2008


4out of 5

Pros: Easy To Maneuver, Smooth Ride, Comfortable, Durable

Cons: Too Heavy

Best Uses: Newborn, Preemies, Toddlers, Infants

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

We decided on this stroller when we found out that we were having baby number two! Im due in under two months and our daughter just turned a year old, so we knew we would need a double stroller to accomadate our daughter, who walks, but still loves to ride in her stroller, and our new baby. Hubby loved the looks of the stroller and I loved the different seating options.

I thought the price was great, considering we spent more on our daughters single stroller than we did on this double stroller. It works great with our graco snugride carseat, which we tested out when we got it home. We also tested it out in the store with our daughter in it. I was worried she would be too tall for it considering she has always been very tall and lean, but she fits fine. We bought it and took it home. We took it for a walk and i love it.

It handles smoothly, turns on a dime, and is all around beautiful. My neighbor called it the "Cadillac" of strollers..

Yes its a pain to have to take off one seat to fold it, but honestly we wont be using the second seat for awhile and i love that you can take the seats off. We spend a lot of time with my father who is retired, my daughters single stroller would not fit in the trunk of his 2006 mustang.. but this stroller does, yes you have to take it apart, but i think its great that it even fits. I doubt that another double stroller would, because you cant take them apart.

Its not hard to fold up at all, one you know how, its pretty darn easy.

The negatives... well its heavy, but i expected that. It could be more compact if the handlebar part would telescope into itself...

So far we love it.

Amazed it fits! super small trunk and opening


Tags: Picture of Product, Using Product

1yr old asleep after riding in it for the 1st time


Tags: Picture of Product, Using Product


Prenatal appointment

On monday.. completely forgot to update..

I dont have a hole lot of time.. so here is the quick version.

Gained seven pounds.. no biggie the midwife said.. total weight gain, 20 pounds.

Blood pressure was kinda low for my norm, but hey thats a good thing.

Pee'd in their cup...i assume those results came out normal..

Results of the bloodwork and glucose test were fine.. still slightly anemic, but just barely

Results of the ultrasound- my placenta has fixed is now uptop and may be cushioning the kicks i get from baby johnny, he is still head down, he is measuring ten days ahead and approx 4pounds 11 ounces (tech had told us 4pounds 12 ounces..but whatever), so all is good there.. he is big, but they arnt concerned. Amniotic fluid was fine..etc..

Heard the heartbeat, fine..

Talked about where we are delivering, made the rest of my appointments till the end of the pregnancy. Discussed breastfeeding, etc. Discussed childbirth..etc.. Discussed birth control.. Im going to do the pill, i believe. Im not a big fan of bc, but i gotta do what i gotta do, we need to give my body a rest for awhile

Soo thats about it.

Tonight john and i have a breastfeeding class to attend. :) Also i think next week we will attempt to attend the la leche leauge couples meeting, not sure yet.. have to check the time and see if we have anything going on..

Well ive got to go..aurora is awake from her nap.

Class was fun

Design class was fun last night. The teacher loved the diagrams i did for the nursery and my grandmas kitchen that she walked them from table to table, showing everyone. : ) Then when it came to discussing colors, she asked if anyone had gotten color swatches yet... well of course i do, i know what color i want to paint the nursery and the layout of that paint on the wall (thanks to HGTV..which i told them...) Well i showed them the picture and she asked if i had picked the colors out myself or if they did it at lowes for me, I said no..that i saw the design on HGTV, so then i went to lowes, picked out all the blues, all the beige's, and all the purples that i liked, Took them home. Debated over them, then picked three.. bought three samples and tried them on the wall..and decided to go with those three.. then she said to me that i have got a real eye for this and should think about maybe doing it professionally. : )

While that was a totally nice comment and i do think design is fun, its not exactly my dream goal. Im still gonna be a stay at home mom, no matter what.. my kids come first and thats what i want out of life, but i do loves school, so i may eventually go back to school.. right now my hopes are to major in a science..preferably chemistry.