Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yesterday was Flu Shot day...

I had planned on taking the kids down Saturday morning for their flu shots. The clinic that our healthcare was giving was kind of a distance for us, but for some reason they never listed as one coming closer to us when i called the flu clinic hotline. Sat. morning I go on the web to get directions to this clinic and lo and behold it lists the health care office that we attend regularly for doc appointments will begin a clinic on Tues. I decided to just wait till Tuesday.

So Tuesday rolls around, I had spend sat, sun, and Monday working. Two four hour shifts and a six hour shift, and I also had class Monday night. Ive been away from the kids more than im comfortable with. Actually I came home sat night and I cried. But i know that im doing this for them, for christmas and for our future. It will only last till January. So im pushing and pushing through. I dont have to work again till thursday, so that makes me feel better.

So anyways. Ive been away from them a lot and the first day I have with them I get to take them for shots, yay we love Ive had their clothes laid out since Sat, when i thought i was taking them. I made sure they worse sleeveless things, so we didn't have to hassle with clothes amidst the crying and such. So Tues. morning I feed them, dress them, brush their teeth, do auroras hair, etc. Just normal morning mommy things. And i loved it : )

Well then john leaves for work, johnny is crying and crying. Poor little guy, i picked him up and comforted him. Then I gave my dad a call, told him the we are ready when he is. He comes on over and we all load up in his car to go get our flu shots. We got there about 7 minutes after they opened the clinic. I thought about getting there early, but I figured there was no rush.

We get there and the place is packed! No line to sign in, but a massive line to get the actual shot. Not really a line, so much as a mob of people. The chairs were all taken, there was people sitting on the floor, people standing against the walls. It was packed! We ended up sitting on a little bench close by the kids pediatric area, well of course aurora wanted to go play, but i kept thinking how sick kids might be playing with it, all the germs and such. But we were there for 2 hours! So I ended up caving in after a half hour or so.

So I move over to watch her and father is holding johnny, but I can tell johnny is getting ancy, so I go pick him up. I was planning on walking around with him while watching aurora play, but he had other plans. The instant he saw kids playing, he wanted down in the worst way. I let him down. Wasnt happy about it though. So he played happily and so did she. My dad comes over and I was pretty mad cause he gave up our seats. I had left my purse behind so we could move back over there when the time came.

I knew at some point johnny would want to nurse. It was coming. So dad found a seat by the kids area, but no place for me to sit. One lady moved to another seat so that we could both sit, mostly because she heard me bitching, oh well lol...

So the reading lady reads books to them, they play. Aurora made friends with another little girl who was waiting, Brooke, who was 2 almost 3. They played and danced. Aurora bumped her head while dancing and i comforted her and so did brooke. Eventually Brooke and her mom went in.

At that point i made friends with another mom there. With a boy who was maybe 3 or 4 and a 2 1/2 yr old little girl with a paci stuck in her mouth. Side note..but i hate seeing kids walking around with those things...

Anyways. Her kids were pretty friendly, her daughter was in love with johnny, but she wanted nothing to do with Aurora. Was afraid of her. Aurora ran off to sit with grandpa, who had moved back to our old spot so that he could hear the names a little better when called. I forgot to mention that for a good 1/2 or so johnny fell asleep on grandpas shoulder.

Well anyways, this lady's little boy took the clip out of my hair, i didn't mind, and made up different things for it. First it was an alligator lol. Her daughter just stuck around johnny. At some point aurora came back, tickled johnnys tummy and said, dudder how you doin?

The little girl got upset and didnt want aurora near johnny, her mommy had to explain that it was okay because she was his sister.

Anyways. Aurora starts asking to go eat, then to go to McDonald's...ugh... The entire time she kept saying, me flu shot now, me turn, me turn. Me get flu shot. She was excited about it... Finally we move back over to where dad was sitting, the amount of people thinned out a lot.

Johnny has a hissy and I nurse him and of course the instant I start nursing him they call us.We go back there, and answer more questionnaires. They ask if the kids are getting both shots. It was up to me, I decided yes... we can go into how i came to that conclusion if you like.

So then johnny and i head over to the first nurse for the regular flu shot. I come up and she is like when is his birthday, 11/21. Oh my babies is 11/6, is he walking yet? I smile and say No, but he took his first steps this morning, and she goes "Oh, we are a little slow arnt we!" WTF lady..thats not slow at all. So i was uber annoyed with her already. Aurora trots on up and cuddles next to me and this lady goes "Oh we are a cute chunky one arnt we" WTF lady you just called my kid FAT... F you..F you! I was so mad, but i dealt with it. Plus Aurora is in no way fat..that lady was just one of those people..ugh.

So johnny gets his shot first, no crying, nothing. Aurora gets hers, no crying. I get mine.. i start bawling..NAH...just kidding, lol, no crying. Then we head on over to the swine flu station. Aurora is playing with grandpa who also got his. Johnny gets his shot.. The dumb nurse, whose name is Donna btw...still thinking about complaining, sticks him with the needle and FORGETS to inject the flu shot! So she has to stick him again, that is where he lost it and honestly I would have too. His body went hard and he starts crying. My dad comes to the rescue and walks him out of the room so i can hold aurora for her shot.

She climbs into my lap with her baby doll and tells me that its her baby's turn. The nurse gives her baby a band aid. Then she tells me that "me already got mine" Poor girl knew it was coming again. So they gave her a shot and she cried about thirty seconds and we left. They gave her a pin and three stickers. I gave them some Tylenol when we got back to the car and we went to McDonald's : )

Honestly I think they were such champs about it!

After we ate we went to game stop and surprised daddy with Forza 3. Then we went to babies r us and bought some stuff for johnny's bday party. Decorations/toys that will be his. Then home. Took a little nap, tried to get aurora to nap. Completely forgot that i needed to get to school early cause i had to buy a scan tron.

So i call the school bookstore make sure they have them and head off to the school. Dad drops me off, cause john is normally leaving work when i head to school. My car just isnt up for the distance. Anyways, he drops me off in front of the bookstore. Im super early. It takes me a second to find what im looking for and I bought pre sharpened pencils because the ones i had were broken.

Then off to class. I get there early and talk with a girl there, who thought that i was a singly mom who was only 19! I set the info straight. Went in when it was time and took the midterm. I think I did well, cant wait to find out. Ive got more to say about class, but this is long enough as it is. lol

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wont have much time...

But I did want to jump on here and give everyone a quick update. I doubt that anyone really reads Its more of a journal. But its still nice to jot things down once in awhile. Well I got a part time job for the holidays. Im actually pretty excited about it. Its to save up for a house, pay down some bills, and buy christmas gifts with cash. I also started my second class today, its 2 nights a week for nine weeks. I am now taking psychobiology and history 103.

Psychobiology has been a fun and interesting course. History seems like it is going to be fun. My teacher really seems to love what he is teaching and is very structured. As always I will be aiming for a perfect score, we will see where we end up. I have confidence that i can pull it off or come close.

The kids are doing good, getting bigger everyday. I cant believe johnny is almost one. Im currently working on his birthday plans...its gonna be a small gathering, aurora freaked out at the large first bday party we had for her, so this time around Im going to try and keep it low key for him, so that he isnt overwhelmed. Its coming up really close though. I think i have the location finally nailed down...its everything else I have to work on.

Johnny is doing good, he has taken a step from the table to me, stands alone and is a freaking monkey. He is always climbing now, everywhere. Its got me a bit concerned.

Aurora is doing good. I think can finally say that she is potty trained. She has been doing so well, full panties. Hardly any accidents..they are becoming more and more rare. She is telling us she needs to go. She is also talking up a storm, the things she says, it amazes me.

John wants to start teaching the kids some learning stuff..which i think would be cool.

Oh and I think im going to try to do black friday this year, wish me luck, i never have.