Saturday, June 13, 2009


We made our hotel reservations. John applied for two more positions in his company..If he gets one the soonest her could transfer is July 3rd. He would have to go out there without us.. Ive got stuff to finish up here..but i doubt it would be that soon. I just hope he gets one of the positions.

Dad and I made our hotel reservations tonight... The kids, dad, and I are going out there at the end of the month. John cant go cause of work... but im so excited. Ill miss him and traveling that far with kids wont be fun..but im soooo excited for our trip! And possible our move.

John wants a dog when we move... Im not so sure..that one we will have to think on a bit. If we do get a dog we will be going through a refferal from the american kennel club and paying for pure bred.. taking no chances with my kiddos.. Im doing some research, john wants a st bernard, but i dont think it would be fair to a dog like that in that kind of heat.

Oh and i emailed the realtor again, hadnt heard from her in a week or so.. let her know our hotel info and asked if she had found anything.. not that we can buy right away.. but i did ask about getting prequalified while we are out there. We cant actually buy till we know for sure that john has a job out there, i think she knows that though cause i told her we were only considering relocating to tx and that we would like to see the area.. But i really want to move there, unless i get there an hate it on our trip lol, but we arnt going anywhere without john getting a transfer.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So ready to go

It seems quick but i feel like im just ready to be done with california as my home. Im all for coming back to visit, but im so done living here. Im done worrying if we will ever own a home cause they are just too expensive for a family living on one income.. Im done worrying about what if someone breaks in and kills us or robs us...cause we live in an "okay" area..some might even call it good, but seriously an elderly guy just got shot here a year ago...killed in the night.. there are drug dealers at the other end of the doesnt look like the ghetto cause of its facade..but it is.. Its better than a lot of places here, but its no where near my ideal for my kids. Im sick of worrying about the day they go to school...what will other kids teach my kids, what will the teachers want to teach my kids, will they get the attention they need when the classes are splitting at the seams with kids!..should i homeschool? etc..

Im ready to give my kids the life that i dreamed up for them.. and its not here in cali. Yes my mom will hate me for moving, yes i will miss her and the rest of the family and friends i have here. but its not forever..i will visit and they certainly can visit me..

I cant wait till the end of the month..i want to see what this place is like..what these possible new homes hold for me. I hope hope hope that i love them.. I hope they turn out to be all i want them to trying not to build them up in my head. I also hope that john gets one of these positions he applied for. He has applied for two in our first choice city and will be applying for two more in our back ups tomorrow.... I hope something comes of those.. all those positions are within his current company.. i hope that we can make this work..

Pray for us. Im praying for God to tell me if this is right, is this where we should be?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Its set in motion

Now lets see where we go....

My father and I have planned a trip to the area in tx we want to move for the end of the this month. John cant go cause he has to work. John also applied for a job in the area as well, a transfer within his own company. Right now its the only position open in that area, so we didnt want to take the chance of passing it up and not having another one come up.. We will see if he gets it, its a supervisor postion. I hope he does.. but then again i hold out my hope until i know for sure that im going to like this place.

My father suggested emailing a real estate agent in the area. Someone to take us around, show us the city and some homes. So i did this morning and she emailed back this afternoon saying she would love to work with us and show us the city. To give her info on what we are looking for, our price range, and what we like. So i did.. it was pretty I hope she can find what we are looking for, i think she will. I hope to hear back from her tomorrow. Even if john does get the job i doubt we can move till the end of july at the earliest..though he may need to go out there before us.

We would still have to get the front two units of dads triplex rented..set up who is going to manage them for us..get them ready for the next tenants..anyways there would be a lot to do..but thats all a little down the line..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

millions of things going through my head

Okay.. so the past four years we have been discussing moving away from SoCal... for many reasons.. Well recently my father mentioned it as well, he feels as though nothing is holding him here now that grandma is gone.. he is disliking cali more and more...

So anyways...lots going on..we have a possible city lined up, a possible transfer in johns job..we will see, and we are discussing a mini vaca to visit the possible city : ) We might wait till end of july for the vaca..since we have one planned then already, but im hoping to do it sooner.

If we do move we will wait for john to get a new job or transfer, either find an apartment until we find the right home or go out and find a home.. either way...we will be buying a home..

Who knows if it will happen...its all so crazy, but somewhere inside me i feel like this is the right thing to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

not very happy

Today was a pretty good day. Got up, made the bed, dressed and changed the kids, fed the kids, brushed their teeth.. etc.. Went to wal mart, watered my garden, did a little gardening with the two plants i just bought, made dinner, cleaned the living room, replaced the bathroom toilet seats, washed dishes, picked up the kids room....not in that order..but you get the idea.

Well tonight the kiddos go to bed and john is sitting at the computer frustrated.. it crashed..wouldnt come up...even in safe mode..worked on it forever! And finally came to the conclusion that windows needed to be reloaded...just freaking great.. so lets lose almost everything. Luckily we have a storage drive that stores all the important stuff, files, photos, videos..etc.. We lost a lot of programs.. most importantly my quicken..which im not too happy about. Oh well..such is life, we move on.. Im gonna take this as a positive...

We are cleaning out..all those favorites that i never used...are gone..i can now put ones that i really use, i can start quicken over afresh.... make us a new budget. Im gonna try to keep positive and we didnt lose the pics.. which just keeps me happy.. if we had lost the pics i would have been very upset.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today we got up around nine, watered my plants. Got the kiddos ready and headed off for disneyland! We were there about three hours. Went on small world, went through minnie and mickeys house and took pics with minnie and mickey... And that was about it...

Came home, fed the kids, put them down for naps and had dad watch them while i went to clean my moms house. She pays me money to clean it cause she is too busy to do it herself. I take the money and put it in a savings..we just started this a few months back, she asked me out of the blue and i said sure why not..

Met my father at my aunts house, fed johnny.. came home. Dropped my car off and went with my father to get dinner and see if the bank was still open so he could do some banking he needed to do.. wasnt open..came home. We ate dinner. Johnny went to bed, aurora played, john played video games and i worked on my garden. Then i washed dishes and put them away. We got dressed...aurora was put to bed.. and we went to the gym, dad stayed here and held down the fort.

We did our workout, came home and here i

My garden is going good, i cant wait to see if the seeds i planted start to sprout. Some are plants and some seeds... But so far i have a tomato plant, squash, corn, green beans, peas, carrots... And some herbs.. cilantro..oregona, mint, and sage.... more to come.. im also going to start composting, but i have some things i need to move out of my garden first.