Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today was a laid back day. Just me and the kids for most of, which isn't the norm since we hang with my dad a lot. I decidec that today would be laundry day, so I did all the laundry in hour house. Picked up a bit, made the bed, etc.

I did school time with aurora and after lunch I took them both out for bubble fun! Played with the new camera. My father pulled up while we were outside and on and off spent the rest of the day with us.
I read a bit, finished Anne of avonles yesterday and began a conveinent marriage. So far so good. Visited my aunt susan. Came home, put the kids to bed and went to the gym with john. Dad watched the sleeping kiddos for us.

I was a little dissapointed with my gym trip. All john wanted to do was cardio. So ill have to work my legs at home (I'm on my way home from the gym as I write this). Shouldn't be too difficult to do from home,most of it doesn't require machines.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dont even know where to begin

So I havent been on in forver, ive been updating my twiter/facebook via texts, but thats it. Now i set up my phone to update blogger via texts, so hopefully ill be able to keep everyone updated..not that anyone actually reads

Lets just go over idividual events and


Easter was GREAT! Except for the fact that john had to work, but in the morning they went through their baskets, then he went to work. The kids and I went to my aunts with my dad, we visted my grandfather and grandmothers grave, went to the store, had a nice easter lunch at my aunts. My aunt had a basket for me and aurora, johnny really is too little for one. So then we went home. Nikki came over and gave aurora and johnny a HUGE easter basket full of goodies. Then we all went outside to write on the sidewalk with the sidwalk chalk that aurora got in one of her baskets. She had a blast. After that we went back inside, Aurora napped, john came home and my mom came over. She had baskets for each of them. My dad had given them a few things and cards earlier. We did an easter egg hunt out front, which i have video of..ill upload it later. She did really well and knew exactly what to do, but once she figured out there was candy in wanted to stop and eat it.. We did bubbles that someone had given her.. and at the end of the day i picked up all of the mess that was made. They made out big time!

Aurora has been doing great. She is potty training still, and goes on the potty pretty often, but we need to work on her telling us when she needs to go because she doesnt always do it. But lately we have been back to a pretty tight routine and she seems to really thrive on it, naps better. She is in love with the show Handy Manny and always wants to watch it! She is talking so much lately. I cant even believe it. I also cant believe how soon her bday is coming up, ive already started some planning for Today she went to the gym with me for the first time. I was afraid to put her in the gym daycare because she hasnt ever really been away from me and with strangers. But i had talked to someone who worked there and after speaking with them i thought id try it. It helps that only females work there and aurora is very uncertain of men. We showed up at the gym and my trainer said hi but he scared Took her to the daycare, signed her in. She ran in and then back out of the play area then back in and she was gone and playing when i left. She stayed for 43mintues! So proud. I was almost done when i got called to the daycare room. I show up and she is crying, when she sees me she starts sobbing. Runs over to me and i pick her up and she stops sobbing...just quietly crys.. I show them my id.. The lady told me aurora did great until another boy started crying and she freaked out and started crying too. My father babysat johnny. He doesnt like watching them both..feels like its too much for him.

Rolling pretty much both ways.. better tummy to back than back to front, but he is a rollie pollie. He has great head control, tries to sit up from a semi lying position. Loves his jumper. Big giggler and smiler. Teething... i can see where the bottom tooth is coming in. He is five months old today! And im proud to say that we are still just breastfeeding! We havent had bottles in forever.. he might get one,once a month..if that.. and its only because im not there to feed him. Im holding out until six months to give him solids. He has really gotten over his crankiness and as long as he is fed and changed then he is good. We are still cloth diapering him.

John and I
Are great! We are both going to the gym, often seperately but we do go together occasionally. We are both losing weight. I can really see it in john. He lost ten pounds in six days! They will be doing measurements at his training session tonight. I bet he lost a lot of inches.

Ive been doing great. I lost five pounds and gained a lot of lean muscle... Ive lost quite a few inches and am proud to say that i fit into my wedding dress. Im also fairly certain that im smaller now than i was at my wedding! Cant wait to lose even more! Ive been trying to go to the gym everyday.

I also have been feeling so great lately. This morning some electricians came by to give quotes on putting up new lights. Cant wait till that is done. Im also trying to clean the house top to bottom..taking it room by room, day by day.

I think that keeping myself busy has kept my mind of grandma.. i miss her. Though i inherited her car, so its hard not to think about her when i get in it. I love having a car, but id rather have grandma..

Ive been doing a lot of reading, read all the twilight books, read jane eyre, anne of green gables, im currently on anne of avonlea. I took the kids to the library the other day.. cant wait for aurora to be old enough to read. : )

Well thats all for now i guess.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today we went to the Fullerton was the kiddos second time there, but this time Aurora was more free to run and touch and smell things. We had a blast. John was working, but we went with Aunt Susan and dad. We spent a lot of time there.. And i went through a tour of the old heritage house.. Though i felt odd cause i was the only one taking the tour who wasnt a college student...Though because of my clothes and age they assumed i

Anyways..took tons of pics.

On another front, Ive been trying to find a rose, called the black baccara, to plant, but finding none at local nurseries and online options are sparse..we will see.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

been mia

Been reading the twilight saga... finished it yesterday.. LOVED IT!

Potty training is going well and ive got a gym membership again.. And john got one too and we paid for training sessions.. I also lost 5.6 pounds last week.. So i have offically lost 5% of my weight watchers weight.. And i was thinking about this today.. from the highest weight ive been at.. nine months preggo with johnny..till now.. Ive lost like thirty pounds!