Friday, May 22, 2009

Six months!

Thats right, my baby boy turned six months old yesterday! Today we took him to the pedi for his check up. He was 17 pounds 10 ounces, 50Th percentile, 26.75inches, 60th percentile, not sure what his head circ was, but he was in the 75th percentile for that.

She said he is doing great developmentally, is very well proportioned body wise, that he should continue trying new, to start baby proofing...yeah thats already all done about 20 months ago, Anyways..alls good...Oh and she said we could start a sippy of water if we wanted..and we did and he did great... I am still nursing as well.

This afternoon i took out my baby food making supplies that i used with aurora, but i came to the conclusion that i no longer like my blender, borrowed my moms magic bullet, love it..gonna buy one. But anyways i made three batches of food today, green beans, squash, and peaches...froze all of it but one serving of green beans... My dad came around and fed him the green beans and he loved em! They were just straight steamed green beans, added a bit of water and blended them to a good consistency..

I also think im going to make my own little garden on the patio and grown some of my own veggies... we will see what happens, my grandma back east is great at it and so im gonna get some advice.

Oh and i went to walmart today and spent too much moula on clothes for the kiddos lol.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yay me lol

Wow im actually making time to blog two days in a row!

I went to the library today, babies r us, my moms to work out on her treadmail..just wasnt up for the gym, my aunt susans, and i thin thats it.. did about three loads of laundry, tomorrow is actually my laundry day... so i have a few more loads to do.

We gave johnny rice cereal again today.. went great..he loved it.. ive got pics of him in his new high chair... He loved it, fed him a bit less, nursed him afterwards and he kept it down. Last night he slept an extra three hours longer.. so like 10+hours.

Monday, May 18, 2009

They grow up so fast!

Johnny will be six months old this week! Man has time flown by.. Today we let him have his first bite of solid food..rice cereal to be exact. He ate it, but at first didnt seem a fan, but after a few bites he was starting to really like it. Then i nursed him, guess it was a bit much for his little tummy cause he spit a bunch up a few minutes later. Next time i will be doing less rice cereal, though we didnt give him much...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just dont have time.

It just seems like i have no time to blog lately..we have been so busy.

Aurora has started mommy and me ballet. She is pretty shy but once we are in class for about five minutes she starts warming up... We have also been doing mommy and me swim class, which she loves. She just loves water.

Johnny has been doing great, has two teeth now..tries to army crawl, sits up with assitance, reaches for anything and everything, rolls both ways, etc.. We have been breastfeeding for almost six solids yet..we are starting them this week, rice cereal!

We got disneyland passes and have gone like four times already, aurora loves it. She has met minnie, mickey, pluto, tink, another fairy, goofy, cinderellas fairy god mother, belle, ariel, jasmine.... thats all i can think of right now.

John and i both had our birthdays, im now 23..whoo and john is 29..

We have been going to the gym and training. Im currently so sore from my training on friday.

Sat we went to auroras ballet class and then the beach. Both kids did great and loved it. Today we went to my moms and went swimming then to the gym for training.

Tomorrow is another busy day.. off to the gym, then mommy and me swim, then my moms to clean, then home to do some more cleaning.