Friday, July 17, 2009

Today was a great day

We got a lot done around the house today. Did all the laundry, again...seems like there is always a load to do. All kinds of household things got done today, not going to bore you with the details lol.

What i did want to say is that aurora went the whole day with only making one accident (So far..but bedtime is in thirty minutes) She actually went from 7:30/8am till 6:30pm with no accidents. Then while we were both in the kitchen and i was making dinner she had an accident by the kitchen gate. Im not sure if she was trying to make it to the potty or let me know and i was just too into what i was doing. But she went at least 5+ times in the potty today. Very proud of her.

We even went out for an hour and a half running errands and she stayed dry the entire time and went tinkle when we came back! Hope we can keep this up. : )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Soooo..Potty training fun TMI WARNING

So potty training got put on the back burner lately. Cause of vacation and such. Plus we spend a lot of time away from the house..well we used to, but now im trying to stay at home as much as possible so that the kids have more play time, we have potty training time, and i have time to clean.

Staying home has been good for us, we eat healthier, the house is way cleaner which i enjoy a lot, and of course aurora gets to potty train more. I have instituted a new rule.. She is in cloth potty training panties at home, no matter what... only at night does she wear a pull up at home. Hubby and my father put their feet down about wearing cloth panties out of the house and i said alright.. but once she gets good at it then ill be putting her in cloth panties when we go out. She treats pull ups like diapers.

Well the days are so-so.. she did good yesterday. Not too many accidents.. and she told me after she had an accident. Today she has had quite a few accidents, but we are working on it and it just makes more for me to clean. I put vinyl training panties on over her regular during her nap. Sooo..funny story.. but today we went out to breakfast then we walked over to toys r us.

I checked auroras pull up when we walked in and it was accident so far. I asked her if she needed to go, but of course she said no.. i mean i dont blame her.. she was in a toy store.. lol. So we walk around for like ten minutes and we walk right past the bathroom and i say..lets go try.. if she hasnt gone she prolly will go. So i take her in.. i lysol the toilet.. and i look back and she is pushing... she is going in her pants.. So im like hold it baby we will make it.. I yank her tights and pull up down and hear a thunk.. And put her on the toilet.. Well she pooped right as i pulled the pull up down and it got on the restroom floor.

So now she is sitting on the toilet pushing, trying to do more.. And im looking at the poop on the floor thinking.. um.. wth do i do now lol.. eww...So i help aurora finish up, she didnt go, but she did try.. put her off the toilet and then i use the toilet seat protectors to pick the poop up off the floor and toilet paper to clean up the poop smudges.. I knew i couldnt leave it there.. it just wasnt right.. Washed our hands and left.. So thats my

Tomrrow will prolly be an off day..we are going to the OC fair and im gonna try to take her to the restroom while we are out.. but like i said..she uses pull ups like diapers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lets skate!

Last night my friend nikki and her boyfriend jason invited us out to a skating rink, for an adults only skate. John used to rollerblade all the time and ive been dying to see him do it.. So we said yes. Dad babysat.

We got the skates on and i realized i hadnt forgotten how, but i was scared of falling. I didnt, but i was holding johns hand pretty hard lol. Nikkis boyfriend, jason, had never skated he had a hard time of it, but he was determined to get it. I think he is going to practice more and more cause nikki was really good..

And i was happily surpised that john was great, and very sturdy on his feet..He helped me up and down and held my hand while i skated and put tons of pressure and weight on him lol.. My feet hurt and john got a blister... but it was fun. I think john wants to do it more often.

Afterwards we went to the yardhouse for dinner, which was yummy..and we had a few drinks.. Then home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July trip

The road to where we stayed Auroras Fourth of july moment

Johnnys fourth of july moment

The kids together on the morning of the frouth, amazed that johnny took a paci..believe me...thats amazing! lol

Auroras moment on the way up..she loved the wind in her hair!

So we were back from texas for about two days, three nights. Luckily we were home for johns days off, so we got to spend some time with him before we headed off again. I wasnt really looking forward to another road trip. Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. Called my mom and told her about it, she thought i was trying to weasle my way out of the trip (And i was) and she told me i was still going..

And yes she holds that power over me. Well we left, hit a little traffic, but ended up in Fresno at about elevenish...Spent the night at my aunts house and left the next morning. Really didnt have a whole lot of time to visit. We drove on up to the San fran area. Stopped at a babies r us along the way and picked up a few things. I was getting sicker and the kids were coming down with it too.. got some vapor rub for them and cold medicine, just in case..i had everything else i would need.. And actually they didnt get that bad.. so i didnt end up using the cold medicine or the vapor rub, so i returned the medicine yesterday at our local babies r us.

We stopped at a farm that sells all kinds of jams, jellies, fruit smoothies, pies..etc.. All stuff made there and with items grown there too. I was getting a little worn with all the traveling though, so i was just ready to reach our destation. We wound our way up into a really pretty wooded area. Reached our destination in the early afternoon, brought everything in. Set up the pack and plays..we were in a tiny room with a twin bed.. but it was the only place i could fit both the kids in the room with me.. and they needed to be in there with me. We chilled. Tried to go to bingo..but i explained to mom it would prolly not end well since it was past the kids bedtimes..Ended up having to go back and put the kids to bed before bingo was over. Then we hung out with papa and his wife. Then to bed.

The next day we went down to all the fourth of july festivities..that was fun, took aurora to the park, bid on silent acutions..etc.. had a blast..the kids were awak for like five hours and doing all kinds of stuff..and then i took them back up by myself and put them down for naps and they were out for like two hours where i got to read. They came back and mom and barbra went down to the river to float down the river..and i got the kids ready to meet papa down at the russian river bank.. well they were screaming, his screams were reverberating in my ears...and i was was difficult... and aurora fell part way down a flight of stairs..its a four story place, we were on the bottom third story...had to climb up to go in and out.. Not baby proofed, no baby gates.. i felt like i was walking on egg shells the entire time.

Left a day early because we wanted to split the trip up again. I did all the driving back. We went down to Albany..the bay area... to go out to lunch for two family members birthdays. We went to a fancy itallian restraunt, not a place for kids.. They did arlight, but it was taking forever and we ended up having to leave early so i could nurse johnny and they could nap. Drove back to my aunts house. Got to visit and had a blast.. played scrabble, aurora had a blast with my cousin emily..they are about four years apart in age..

Woke up the next day, visited some more and then left for home. Drove back home and thats it.. I have a ton of pics to get off my moms camera..mine died and though i had the charger i kept forgetting to charge it lol


Grandpas moment: He liked the air museum and he was great cause mommy didnt feel so great, so he took care of the kiddos.

Mommys moment: Going crazy from boredom, but excited to be heading to Tx
Johnny's moment: Chillen at the childrens museum..he had a blast there

Auroras moment: At the hotel, being a cute ham!

So as most of you know we took a trip to Texas recently. At times it was a bit rough with the two kids, but worth it. Here is my little cliff notes on the trip.

We dropped some stuff off at johns work and left from there. We drove for awhile until johnny had enough of driving and ended up at a pretty neat military museum. A Patton museum. We had a blast going through that and getting out of the car lol. We saw some neat tanks. Got the kids two new outfits. Then we got back in the car and drove and drove and drove... We stopped at some Wendy's real late to get something to eat and to check on johnny who had been crying a bit. Little did we know, he had his head stuck under the britax headrest. We had made a last minute decision to move johnny into a big boy seat that still faces backwards and actually is meant for newborns and up.. Though he would be more comfortable, safer..etc.. my father had suggested it.. Oh and if i haven't said yet. The trip was my dad, the kids, and I...john had to work.

Well that scared the crap out of us..Dad got him out of the car and i walked him around and comforted him and massaged his neck. He was alright. We got driving again and ended up in Benson, AZ. We spent the night there in a nice hotel and got on the road again the next morning. Drove and drove, stopped at a little gift shop in New Mexico. Got the kids cowboy hats and moccasin's. Got back in and did more driving. OH and my dad had a horrible toothache the entire time, we had him see the dentist before we left, but she said she didnt see much and told him to make an appointment to see the orthopedic surgeon/specialist. Oh and we also tried johnny out in the other car seat for a day before we left and had no problems...little did we know..

So anyways, we didnt drive as much the second day. Ended up in a rainstorm in El Paso. Stayed at a really nice hotel there. Had some room service and just chilled. Slept and all that, left the next day and drove and drove and drove..finally ended up at our destination outside of Austin.

Got completely lost looking for our hotel.. Had to call and walk us through the way to get there.. little different than here..quite a few more one way streets.. But by the end of the stay we got the hang of it. Checked in..went to sleep, it was really late. Found out that they didnt have roll away cribs.. which sucked cause we could only fit one of our pack and plays in the car. So i had a hell of a time getting aurora to sleep with me every night.

Well the next day we meet up with my friend Teela and her two cute sons. Went to lunch and then looked at homes. Saw some really nice homes, not the perfect one yet, but thats okay cause john doesnt have a job out there yet. Dad was all about it at that point (now he is second guessing his feelings about moving cause of the heat. We will see what happens)

After that we explored the town a bit. The next day we went to the Inner space caverns with my friend and her sons again. That was fun, though a tad bit humid.. lol..and they told us to make sure the kiddos didnt touch anything..right... 3 two year olds (Almost...) we did our best and Id say they didnt touch hardly anything that i know of. We went back to the hotel after that and bathed aurora..she fell and got mud all over.

The next day we went to find a baptist church my dad wanted to see, then to the Austin children's museum. That was chaos, but fun. Dad pretty much stuck with johnny in the infant areas. And aurora and I were all over the place. She got a wooden choo choo set when we met and she loves trains now. We even bought her some more train stuff when we got back. I met another friend of T's and her cute daughter Addyson. All of us went out to lunch/dinner afterwards. Stayed there forever talking and letting the kids play on the playground. T's son, Jackson, finally warmed up to me!

We left the next morning. Aurora was sad to leave, she actually told me she didnt want to go home. Oh and to solve our little carseat problem, that was really a big problem. We bought a new infant car seat and stuffed the britax in the trunk. That was a feat...oh my.. that mustang has a tiny trunk.. and i used my tetris skills to make it all work lol.

We had a good drive on the way back, we stayed outside of El Paso.. We were forced to stop by a really bad rain/lighting storm. I mean lighting struck really close to us...i cant even count how many times we saw the lighting strike! It was amazing, cool, and scary! The kids pretty much slept through that. Stayed at an okay hotel, wouldnt be my first choice.. but we didnt have any other options. The next day we drove and drove and drove, stopped at a cool air/space museum that i wouldnt mind going back to and ended up home.. at like midnight. But i was determined! I missed my John Brown!

All in all we loved it.. it was hot, but i can deal! We will see if we actually move, we want to, but again its giving up our family, friends, and Disneyland! Cant forget my dad is worried about the heat and im concerned john wont like the heat, plus he hasnt hear anything about his transfers... So things are still up in the air.