Saturday, January 30, 2010

And if i were an OSCAR MEYER weiner...

Today I heard the Oscar Meyer weinie mobile was going to be at our local grocery store. But that will come later.

This morning I got to sleep in for two hours, which was very nice. Then I got up and dressed Aurora for ballet/tap. Dad took johnny for us, while John and I took Aurora to her class. She did alright, still not listening to the teachers 100%, they said that will come in time. She will randomly say she needs to see mommy and daddy and try to leave. Its kinda painful to watch lol. But she is so excited to go and she enjoys the class, but she just needs to learn to listen to someone other than her mommy and daddy.

After that we came home. John left for work. I changed her clothes, listened to some loud country music and completely cleaned the living room. As soon as dad came home with johnny we set off. Dad, Me, the two kiddos, Ross, and my friend nikki and her boyfriend jason. We went to the grocery store and sang a song, got wenie whistles, and stickers, then got to see the inside and outside of the weenie mobile. Then we did some grocery shopping and went home.

Once at home we got home I just did some odds and ends stuff around the house, put dinner in the oven, then went to the movies, came home, finished dinner with the kids. Bathed the kiddos and all that, put them to bed, now here I am... waiting for john to be home soon : )

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ive been a busy bee lol.

Ive had school, Mondays and Wensdays I have math, which im doing pretty good in so far... heres hoping that with studying, doing my homework, and going to every class Ill continue to do well. I also have English online, which ive got assignments done ahead of time, and i am doing well. It comes easier to me than math.

The kids and I have been walking every day, that it hasnt rained. We have really enjoyed our little walks, we cant go too far, my father likes to go with us and complains if we walk too far. The house is relatively cleaned, not to perfection, thats what im going to work on this next week. Ive decided to give myself a week of projects then a week of cleaning. Ive been sewing a lot the past few days..making aurora a ton of stuff.

Ive got decorations up for valentines day. Aurora has a few clings that she put up for valentines day. She has also started tap and ballet on Saturdays. So that keeps us busy.

I think Im going to take them to the childrens museum tomorrow. They really enjoy it. Saturday we have a whole day of plans. Just keeping busy.

We spent the entire day at disneyland today. The kids had a blast.