Friday, September 17, 2010



The kiddos and I have been trying to do a lot more outdoor activities. So today after their awesome dentist appointment (Aurora got full xrays, a full cleaning and did great.. no cavaties and was such a great patient. Johnny just got his teeth partially cleaned and counted, he has 16 teeth.) we headed off to the craft store for supplies..

Grandpa, the kiddos, and I returned home. I made lunch for grandpa and the kiddos. While they ate, I set up. I went to the back, the carport, and taped large portions of paper across the wall and one large portion to the ground. I put different colors into two trays, one for each kiddo. Then once they were done eating, grandpa brought them out to me. He was tired so he headed back in. Too bad cause he missed out on all the fun!

The before shot

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long post...

I will try to post a more detailed update soon, but for now...

Aurora will be turning 3 on Monday! My baby girl is turning 3!!!

Johnny is talking up a storm lately, even some full sentences! He will be 2 in November.

Baby number 3 is...drum roll please... a little girl!!! Scarlett Mae is on her way! We got some bad news at our 18week ultrasound, possible down syndrome.. Bright spot on the heart and corpus plexus cyst in the brain..soft markers for downs. Went back. CPC is gone.. but bright spot remains. At my age and with the indicators seen...we have a 1%chance that she has down syndrome. So please pray that our baby is healthy. We have declined the amnio and are happily awaiting the birth of our baby girl in December.. no matter what ; )

Ill try to post pics later.. off to bed right now.