Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To the park...

Well we ran some errands this morning then went to the park. My father carried aurora into the park and then put her down..she then walked over to me and hugged my leg. I walked a few steps and she followed and again hugged my leg. She has been having some attachment issues lately. The park was pretty much empty... she has been there many times before.. i dunno.. but anyways.. once she got over her attachment to me..she played and had a blast. We didnt stay too long. It was sooo hot!
Oh and i washed the little newborn clothes for baby number 2...and got some more stuff together for my labor and delivery bag, which is almost finished now. : ) So excited. Hopefully by the end of the week ill get all my primer coats of paint on the wall and then i can start on the decorative paint : )

Monday, September 29, 2008

My daughter is adorable

If i dont say so myself :)

On Sunday Aurora and I went to visit my grandma and aunt and give hubby some peace while he was working from home.. and Aurora got to play on the piano.. and it was totally adorable. I took pics with my camera phone. :)

I also helped my aunt do the dimensions and such for design class, which is tomorrow night. Im sooo excited.. Ill either scan in or take pics of the dimensions that i did for the nursery and the kitchen at my grandmas house.


I posted this somewhere else.. but im gonna copy it here.. so you can read my hormonal ramblings...

Okay, so normally i dont come on here and vent.. but im sooo frustrated tonight and i feel like i have no one to one to vent to... Im sure its partially hormones.. i am 32weeks pregnant..but i also think my feelings are justified.. i dunno, you can give me your thoughts. Be gentle though. :)

So hubby has been working everyday for the last week and a half.. no days off.. He came home early one day cause he was sick and today he came home early to go to a prenatal visit with me. I was out and about with my father(he lives next door and is retired so we spend quite a lot of time with him) and my daughter today. We visited my grandma and my aunt for awhile this morning. I got a call from hubby when he was on his way home from work, he wasnt sure if he was going to be able to get off early. Well we didnt get home until maybe 15 minutes after him. I figured thats good, gives him some free time to play his xbox 360 or whatever...
We get home and I leave our daughter with him in the living room while i went on the computer for a second to read about the stock market crash that he told me was all over the news.. Well my daughter cried when i went into the other room and i could hear her crying still.. but then she stopped.. turned out grandpa came over to play with her... hubby continued to play his game.. Well i came out and talked with hubby, ate.. played with our daughter..etc.. and then it came time to leave for my appointment. My father babysat while we went to the doctors.. We went and came back, got dinner on the way home cause hubby really wanted a footlong chilli cheese dog from a place we saw on the way back (which ended up they didnt get his order right and he ended up with a regular hot dog instead of the one he ordered...)
Well he decides to call the phone company to check to see if the preorder for his new cell went through...some new gizmo he wants.. anyways.. Aurora is playing in the living room, my 14yr old neighbor is playing with her..they are and im sitting there talking to the neighbor kid and watching them play. Well another neighbor kid, a little 6yr old girl, comes and leaves a note asking for aurora to come out and play. My father found the note and he took her out to play with the little girl, which i was thankful about because honestly the girl gets on my nerves a bit.. we will get to that in a second.
So then the neighbor kid starts talking game talk with hubby, once he comes back in the living room, so i go next door to talk to his mom, who is my buddy. Well my daughter walks up to the neighbors door (she's one) with grandpa and the other little girl and comes inside. Grandpa leaves and we all go outside.. Aurora is playing around with the little girl.. and this is what i dont like, the little girl trys to manhandle my daughter..pick her up..etc.. and it makes me really ancy and so i try and tell her dont pick her up, let her get up on her own..etc... well she and my daughter walk a little down the path between our houses.. and my friend and i stand there and watch them, well for some reason she decides to pick my daughter up.. and then stumbles on the sidewalk, drops my daughter, head first onto the concrete! I come running, scoop up my child, who is screaming and run into the house.. I yell for hubby to get me some ice... and we ice her head...
Then its hubby, me, neighbor and her son, and my daughter all in the living room.. comforting her..etc... I check her eye bump on the head.. she gets over it pretty quick and starts playing around the living room with the neighbor kid.. Hubby goes back to his game.. and i just sit there and comfort her when she comes over for a cuddle.. My father comes over because he heard her screaming earlier... All goes along well.
Well we visit for awhile and then slowly everyone goes home and my daughter and I play a bit.. by now ive been asking hubby to get off the game, geometry wars, since the neighbors were there.. and i keep getting "in a second" and " in a minute"..and yet he isnt doing it. So finally we go into my daughters room and continue playing. Time goes by and we go into the kitchen and get some water for her and iced tea for me.. at this point im yelling at hubby cause im mad he wont get off the game to at least play with his child!
Come on! He has hardly spent five minutes with her since he has been home.. and he is sitting there saying stuff like "why does it bother you im having fun"..etc.. Im just so frustrated.. We used to take her to the park every monday as a family, which was his idea, but lately with him working everyday of the week it does happen. And i would think that he would be eager to spend time with his daughter.. but it just doesnt seem that way.
It amazes me.. i spend all day with her everyday and play all day everyday and i have fun doing it, I cant imagine being deprived of her for all day and then coming home and ignoring her... Its just been recently he has been doing this.
Yes he has always been really into his games and its been a struggle to get him off his games, but before she was born it seemed like he was finally over it.. finally got to the point where he would play a little every day or every other day and that was enough...
So now i finally got him off the game and they are in the living room playing. I came in here to vent and he got mad i was leaving and i said i was going to let him have some father daughter time... and she cried a bit when i left the room.. She is having some attachment things with me lately. I just started going to a design class with my aunt on tuesday nights and hubby watches her.. well when i left last week she stood at the door screaming her lungs out.. i wanted to cry.. my father called me to see if she has been hurt she was screaming sooo loud and he could hear her...
Ugh.. im just frustrated tonight...and if you actually read this whole thing..thanks :)

All i want to know is where did my hubby go.... he is cranky tonight.. ugh...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Im tired..

and hott... Ahh..

Anyways. Today i went to my friend Deja's babyshower. She is due Nov a few weeks before me, with her first baby..also a boy :) Hopefully they will be buddies. Anyways.. I drove the 66 which of course doesnt have air, john was at work with the dodge, ugh... so it was hott.. and then i was outside in the sun and that was hot, but luckily we went inside for some stuff and the air was oohhh so nice.

Thursay i took a video of aurora..its pretty dark, but i thought id share it anyways. I was feeding her in her high chair and she started to pull the spoon out of the baby food to feed herself and she pulled it out and went straight to her mouth with it... left handed.. and she did it twice.. so of course i grabbed my camera.. i only got one small video before the camera died, but i got her doing it..not exactly the same as the first two times, in the video she does it two handed..

And also now if you ask her "can i have a kiss" leans forward and gives you a kiss. I got that on video too, but halfway through she trips over my leg and goes down..then comes back up..and gives me a kiss then she gets upset cause she wants the camera and i got the camera hijacked from me!

Downtown L.A.

So we drove to downtown l.a. yesterday... We went to the peterson automotive museum while we were there.. and guess what i forgot.. my camera! So i ended up buying a disposable....We had a blast, pumpkin seemed to really like it.. walked all over the place, smiled and giggled at the cars.. I got the photos processed already and had them put them on a photo cd, except my computer isnt recognizing the cd.. so ill have to have john look at it and see if he can fix it or if i need to take it back.. so at some point pictures will be up. : )

Here are some pics, they didnt turn out so great..but here they are anyways..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So i went to my free design class last night. It went great. Apparently the state pays for it, its a local city class. My aunt and I are going together. Anyways she gave us a bunch of handouts to help us with our project, gave us a bit of homework... mapping out the room we want to do..the dimensions and such. maybe ill take a pic of the page i do.. so everyone can see. I already did it for the nursery, which is my project ill be working on. Some of the things she said..i had already done. It was three hours, but a lot of the time was taken up hearing about her schooling, then everyone introduced themselves and said what they wanted to do in their home..then we did some questionaires about what we like in our home, what we want to change, what we want it to feel like..etc. It was fun.

Oh and today i did even more painting in the nursery. Now another wall(the longest wall) is done being primed. The other large wall has two coats on it, and will need a third or fourth.. And i did two coats on the last wall with the window. Though not all of it has been painted... There are certain places that i cant get to right now.. like behind the changing table. But that will get done soon enough. ill have to get john to move it.

Well thats that.. : )

Monday, September 22, 2008

Up late

John and I were watching the Heros season premiere.. I got halfway through and i was soo tired.. So i got up and started getting ready for bed.. Except somehow i ended up washing all the dishes, mopping the kitchen floor, getting my labor and delivery bag almost completely packed, organizing the bedroom, cleaning out the bathroom trash, dusting the tv stand.. picking up the babys bathroom, picking up misc. things in the rest of the house.. Now im waiting for hubby to come to bed.. It just seems like one thing led to another and i was And i liked it. : )

Oh and I forgot to mention that while i was at my Ultrasound, my midwifes office called to say that they had to cancel yet another appointment.. Thats two now, i figure there must be something up with the midwife.. so they sent a message to the nurses in the office to give me a call to try and fit me in.. cause they didnt have anything to book me.. I want to be seen. I didnt mind missing the last one, i thought going every two weeks was a bit much right now, but four weeks is norm.. so i want to be seen.. so we will see what happens when they give me a call. Ive got appointments scheduled until around 36weeks.. for every two weeks, but now im worried they might end up cancelling them all, so im going to discuss that with the nurse when they give me a call. I would have discussed it with the receptionist if I hadnt been in the ultrasound waiting room of the hospital when she called. Oh well.. C'est la vie....


So the ultrasound went really well. Most of the time we get u/s tech's who wont tell you anything, because its hospital policy.. so i dont get mad at them, but once in awhile you will get one who just tells you things. I dont even ask anymore.. Today was one of those days.. :)

I went in..she asked if I was here to look mainly at the placenta.. i said yes. She asked if we knew the gender, i said yes, but if she could check again that would be nice.. She said that the baby is still head down.. his head is actually to my left side.. He has been this way for awhile now. She asked if my daughter had been a big baby, i said yes, which was my first clue that he is measuring big. So then she did all her measurements and we chatted a bit. Then she brought john in.. and she showed us the head, hands, eyeball,, and heart, which i always think is sooo neat.

Then I mentioned he looked big and she said he was. She said he is weighing about 4.12 right now.. and measuring 10 days ahead. Im 31weeks4days.. and he is measuring right at 33ish.. Then she mentioned that my placenta looked good.. so yay.. ill wait to really celebrate until after i hear it from the doc..but still..thats great.

So all in all, it was a good ultrasound. I have some pics i need to scan in, but they arnt all that great.. He was pretty squished in there and its getting harder to see things.

Ive been tagged : )

Here are some fun questions of the day...

1. Where is your cell phone? Right next to me on my desk

2. Where is your significant other? Driving home from work to take me to my ultrasound

3. Your hair color? Brunette

4. Your mother? I would think at work, but im not certain

5. Your father? Next door, most likely playing in his garden

6. Your favorite thing? Hmm.. I dont really do great with favorite things.. i like lots of things and can never seem to chose a favorite.. i love my sewing machine, my crochet needle, my paint brush and roller..etc..

7. Your dream last night? I dreamt that i was on vacation with my father and my daughter.. that we were in this very dirty and getto babies r us, which was at first supposed to be an arcade party store that we went to pick up our tickets to go seal watching? But then i started freaking out because i was worried aurora was too young to go on a boat and worried she would fall in and drowned.. so i started asking the lady all kinds of questions about the boat, but she didnt know the answers..and i was also afraid of not going because i knew they wouldnt refund us our money and we had paid quite a bit for the tickets.. I kept envisioning the boat being this crappy thing with metal railings all around that my daughter could just slip under..and then we were leaving the store to see what the boat actually looked like and i woke up...

8. Your dream/goal? I guess it would be the standard American dream... house, kids, married forever, see them grow up and have kids of their own..etc..

9. The room you’re in? My bedroom

10. Your hobby? Decorating, sewing, crochetting,

11. Your fear? I have this irrational fear of ships lately.. But i used to fear death quite a bit..its not as bad as it used to be, im working on it

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Hmm, six years, hopefully owning our own home.. Happily married, with another two kids.. so a family of six!

13. Where were you last night? At home watching men in black two with my hubby

14. What you’re not? Im not what everyone used to want me to be.. i am what i want to be

16. Where you grew up? SoCal

17. The last thing you did? Take some laundry out to the washer and dryer and pick up the living room while aurora naps

18. What are you wearing? Black pj pants and dark blue tshirt

19. Your TV? Phillips flatscreen, never buy one... ugh

20. Your pets- are annoying.. seriously im not a pet person...

21. Your computer? Dell

22. Your mood? Tired and realizing i need to get ready for my appointment!

23. Missing someone? yes, always.

24. Your car? Just parked in the back, hubby is home

.25. Something you’re not wearing?

26. Favorite store?Janie and Jack, if only i were rich

27. Your summer?what..there was a summer.. i thought it was summer all year long!

28. Love someone? I love many people

29. Your favorite color? Hmm. dont have one, i like purple a lot lately

30. When is the last time you laughed? a few moments ago when hubby made me laugh

31. Last time you cried? A few days ago when i was on a hormonal turn.

The other requirement is to tag others, see below, and for them to save and insert the cute "I love you blog' picture above into their own post.

I tag...

A story about two munchkins...(Bonnie)


learning to love my new life (Joe)

Ive been busy...

I hadnt realized that I hadnt been on the computer since Friday. Friday afternoon after john got off work we visited my mom. Ive been so busy. Running around and playing with aurora and such. Saturday john worked.. Aurora and I visited my grandmas. Sunday john was supposed to work from home, but his work computer kept screwing up.. so he ended up going in. That morning Aurora had woke up crying. Which its not unusual for her to wake up during the night and cry for a second or two and then go back to sleep, but the night before she had a runny nose and i dont know, i just felt like this was different. So I told john to bring her into bed with us. She slept with us the rest of the morning. We woke up around eight and she ate breakfast and then we laid her in her crib and she slept until ten when I woke her up. She has a slight cold. She is still happy though. She is easily set off, like if she falls she will cry.. but other than that she is perky most of the day. John went into work and aurora and I stayed home. My dad came over and hung out with us a bit. Ive been getting this weird nausea that comes and goes in waves during the day and i get all hot.. its weird.. but oh well.. i think its just pregnancy stuff.. i can deal. Its not that bad and its worth it.

This morning Aurora woke up with a cough.. and still has the runny nose. She is napping right now. In a few hours i have an ultrasound to check up on my placenta.. i wont be able to update though because i know they wont tell me anything.. ill have to hear it from the doc at a later date. Maybe i will email them in a day or so. Anyways.. ive also been trying to get a bit of organization done around here. I cleaned out my cedar chest.. apparently a lot of things that didnt belong in there got put in there when we moved and its been jam packed with fabric and sewing stuff.. so i went through and took out what didnt need to be in there, added some things that did and threw out what i didnt need.. I also got to go down memory lane. Our wedding album is in there, our wedding dvd is in there, the baby book i started for the baby i miscarried is in there (including my emergency room bracelet from when i found out we lost the baby), and many more memories. I added some things.. AND in the cleaning i found more boys clothes! I had stored some clothes in the cedar chest when we were ttc and must not have taken them all out when i went through them when i was preggo with aurora.. so we have even more clothes.. Im afraid people will assume thats what we need and buy us that, even though we have a ton.. but thats okay.. we can always use more and if they are willing to give then i will gladly receive.

I also reorganized one of my closets in the hallway. I might go snooping around in the other two.. and i want to do some more organizing of my closet and of the kitchen cabinets. Ive already started on both, but i need to buy some organizing accessories now. Oh and i bought a little table to be my nightstand next to my bed and my wing back chair.. i think that will come in handy when im breastfeeding. So i will have a place to set stuff.

I also started getting things together for my Labor and Delivery bag. Im going to try and finish that in the next few weeks. I also need to wash all the babys clothes, im going to just do the newborns and 0-3 months first.. but i want to wait until we are a lot closer. I also want to wash the bassinet sheet.... I already washed the swing cover twice.

I need to finish painting the nursery, but with so much thats been going on lately ive stopped doing it. I think today i will get john to take the white desk over to my dads.. so that will be one less obstacle to work around.. Then maybe i will do a bit more painting.. Its coming along though.

I was also thinking about doing dream dinners before the baby comes, that way we will have great meals already made up and john or dad or I can just stick them in the freezer... this way i wont have to worry about cooking when we bring home the new baby.

Oh and ive already begun to think about christmas! I cant wait!

Friday, September 19, 2008

On Garde!

So last night John had his first fencing class and it would seem he rather enjoyed it. Aurora, dad, and I all went to the mall while john was at his class (since the class is right across from the mall) and yes i made a few purchases. : ) I got a pair of sunglasses and mathing hat for baby number 2, a jumper, a onsie, and a shirt also for baby number 2.. most were on sale. Then i bought a cute jaket for aurora since its getting closer to winter, this was full price, but totally adorable. Then I bought aurora a pair of sunglasses and my father bought her a beautiful dress.

Soo when we got home i took pics of the stuff i bought the new baby and that inspired me to take pics of a ton of clothes that we have for him, though i havent been able to get pics of everything.

Toddlers everywhere!

So this morning Aurora and I attended a play group with our local MOMS club that im a part of. We went to the toddler play group and they were planning on doing some cupcakes and ice cream for auroras 1st bday. I wish i had remembered to bring my camera, but its the first time i have forgotten it.. But i was too busy to take pics.. There were tons of kids there.. ranging from 1-3 or4 years old.. Aurora had a blast. She played and played. I think we were there for about two hours. I was constantly having to watch her though, she was the youngest there and im still ancy about letting her do certain things. She doesnt really drink juice, maybe once a month.. MAYBE... and they had popcorn and little chocolate fishies for the kids and again she has never had those things and im still prety paranoid about choking, we are taking the whole food thing slowly. So i did have to keep a close eye on her. She LOVED the cupcake and ice cream... which is a real treat for her because again its not something she gets very often. We really try to keep her away from too much sugar. She had a sippy of water, baby cereal, and she did have some popcorn and she tried the chocolate fishies but didnt like them and spit them back out (into mommys

She had a blast though. There was a play house and Aurora loved it.. soooo if i can figure out a place to put one.. maybe she will be getting one. I dont think it would fit on our patio, but maybe i can talk grandpa or grandma into having one in their yards.. or both : )

She played with balls and toys and all that jazz. There were a bunch of kids.. about 12+ and three of the moms (including me) were preggo's : ) So of course we got to talk about that. I really do love my MOMS club. I wish we went to things more often, but really its a lot of work getting to them.

Right now aurora is napping.. later i think we will be visiting her grandma's, she wants to be called.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kick me again

Been meaning to share. A few nights back i was sitting on the couch with just a bra on and watching tv, aurora was in bed and john was on the computer. I had the tv remote on my belly and the baby kicked and it he did it over and over again and the remote would move every time.. Too cute! I finally called john out to see, but i think the baby had quit by then.

Then last night i was watching tv and falling asleep while watching tv in bed.. well john was laying there too and he had his hand on my belly and he felt the baby kick his hand..well i mentioned it.. but i guess i fell asleep and john said the baby kept kicking his hand while i was asleep. : )

Paint Paint Paint!

So i did some more painting today..Aurora got up from her nap and had a snack and hung around while my wonderful father took out the trash and cut up all the boxes from her bday presents. Then he sprayed our patio with spider killer.. we have a huge black widow problem out there, so we dont let aurora out there..ever.. which is sad cause i really would like to set up her play table out there. I think we might call an exterminator out to see how much it would be to have the place rid of spiders.

Then he came back inside and watched aurora while i painted. I want to keep her away from the fumes as much as possible.. Painting is a bit of a hassle since it is her bedroom so she needs it during the day.. So i have to move the crib away from the wall and paint and then wait for it to dry then move the crib back so she can sleep in it at night. Im also very careful to finish painting hours before she has to be in the room again.. so the fumes have a chance to dissipate.. I bought paint(primer) that said low fume... and fast drying.. And i finished at 2pm.. and she doesnt NEED to be in there until 8:30, though we may give her a nap at 5:30 depending on how tired she seems. Lately she has been taking a second nap in the day.

Here is the room right after i finished my second coat on one wall and first coat on another and third coat on a small wall. It looks like ill be needing three coats to cover up the murals.

Yesterday was a laid back day..

Didnt really do much.. Just played with aurora and hung around the house.

Today i might try getting somemore painting done. As well as some regular daily stuff, like laundry. I took aurora to the park to play with a new friend of ours and her two twin boys..they are only a few months older than aurora. She had a good time. Ill post pics later. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Aurora napped.. Woke up.. electrician came and fixed the socket behind the stove.. 21/2 months without a stove, im ready to cook!

I started painting. I primed a small wall and then one of the other walls. Ill have to give em a few more coats tomorrow. But it looks like the primer will cover all the dark paint, its just gonna take a few coats.

Now ive got my design class in less than an hour. Ive got to get cleaned up!

Getting busy!

Today i woke up with the need to get started! Hello im almost 31weeks pregnant.. I have GOT to get the nursery painted... So this morning Aurora and I got up and did our normal routine. Then we went for a walk..with her riding in her push car..then started sanding down the bedroom walls. My father came over to watch aurora and did as much as i could. I got a lot done. Whats left to sand is either too high for me to reach or behind the changing table. Everything else is done. So im taking a break from that and letting everything settle. Because i dont want this to interrupt auroras schedule. Her nap time is in about thirty minutes.. So i will move her crib back to the wall and let her nap..then once she gets up..who knows. Im trying to decide on my course of action. Im thinking about painting the wall..with the primer....and seeing how well it covers everything. I know i shouldnt be moving the changing table and the bookcase is screwed into the wall.. Im going to wait until i absolutely have take that book case out.. We will see...

Also last night i went through a ton of stuff in our room. Got rid of a ton of trash. Put all of the clean laundry away. And started getting my labor bag ready. Now i need to go through my closet and get rid of some clothes.. i need to donate stuff i havent worn in a long time. Hmm.. I also cleaned up the kitchen a bit yesterday..but there are a still a ton of boxes in my dining room from auroras first bday presents. Those need to be cut down so they can fit in our recycle bin.. however hubby told me he would do that.

And i also need to finish baby number twos bedding, i started cutting it out...but i have yet to sew anything for his set yet.

Crisis- Dad and Aurora are playing outside. They come back in and she is crying. So i go in to ask whats wrong. She fell on the sidewalk. She has a very small cut on her cheek, a huge fat lip, and two small cuts on her hand. I take her into the bathroom and clean her up. Then give her a cold water sippy to maybe help the pain in her mouth. She is eating and then im gonna give her some Tylenol... im sure the lip hurts.. and then she will go down for her normal nap. My poor baby. :(

Monday, September 15, 2008


Im having issues with my cell right now and i have no clue why! Its not calling, just says call failed.. ive turned it on and off twice.. im gonna have to call the company..this is a pretty new phone, a blackberry pearl..i bought it like six months ago or so.. ugh!

On another note.. Some maintenance guy backed into our car while hubby was at work.. just some paint and scratches, but we are going to have to call their insurance and all that jazz...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Stroller!

My sleeping angel
With the car seat attached
With the second seat attached

So today John and I headed down to babies r us to see if the double stroller we picked out would fit in our car. They allowed us to test it out in our trunk and indeed it did. So we went back in and they had one on clearance. The lady said its most likely on clearance because the box was ripped.. Well the thing was 50 bucks off.. normally 199, we got it for 149. John really thought it was a good idea to get it now.. especially since we weren't sure anyone was going to buy something so big for our baby shower. Well we bought it and we love it! Its missing two screws in the handle bar, but i noticed that before we left. I also checked out the manual and it says replacement screws are free. Its made by Kolcraft..the same people that make the bassinet we have.. I loved the way they sent me the parts i lost for the bassinet for free! So im sure everything will be okay at getting the two missing screws.. Other than that its perfect.. Not a scratch or dent.. not a mark, nothing else is missing.. Its got it all.

We took it out tonight and walked down to blockbuster.. aurora fell asleep on the way back home : ) Too cute! Also earlier in the evening i tried it out in my dads trunk since we spend a lot of time with him. I didnt think it would fit because our previous stroller, single stroller, wouldnt fit in his trunk. He has a 2006 mustang and man does it have a tiny opening in the trunk. Well with a bit of wiggling.. it fit! I was amazed!

Here are a few pics.

Long day

So Yesterday was a rather long day. I got up, did my morning routine stuff with aurora, and had a meeting to go to with the MOMS club, considering how Aurora got overwhelmed by all the people at her Bday party, i decided to have her grandpa baby sit her. In retrospect it was a great choice. The meeting was very loud and she would have freaked at how many people were in that room. After the meeting i came home, just as Aurora was going down for her morning nap. So then i think i surfed the web for a little while. Made plans to go out with my bestest Nikki, and discuss the baby shower. Well Aurora wakes up. I get her ready to go and my father comes over.

He has been having chest pains for the last two days and left arm pain. He had called the advice nurse and they said to have someone else drive him to the er. Well I dont drive stick on a regular basis, but my best friend Nikki does.. So I asked her if she would drive dads car. So we all pack up and go down to the hospital and drop dad off. Aurora was fussy and there was no way i was going to have her running around the emergency room. Dont get me wrong, i love my dad and i worry when he is ill, but we seem to go through this every year.. arm pain and it turns out he is fine.. so my concern level wasnt as great as it was...say last time we did this..

Well Nikki and I go to a local Jack in the box, its about two thirty and neither of us had eaten all day. We were both starting to get rather light headed.. So we ate and I fed aurora a snack. Then we headed home. I had to get some papers to my fathers lawyers regarding the trust he is having drawn up. They were getting pissy with me because it was taking me so long to get them back to them... I tried to explain that ive been very busy and this hasnt been on the top of my list... Anyways.. John gets home a few minutes after us and watches Aurora, because she is sick of being in the car. I call and check up on dad a million times while we are out, but ill write all that down below. We drop the papers by the lawyers office, then head to target to look for baby shower invites.

Well we didnt find much at target so we stop at the dip n dots store and have some ice cream. Then head over to Wal Mart where i thought i saw some cute stuff. Halfway there i get a call from dad to finally come and pick him up. Its almost five by this time and nikki needs to get those invitations and get going, so we all go back to my house. Leave dads car there, john, aurora, and i go to get dad. Nikkis boyfriend comes to pick her up. She goes to get the invitations.

Through the course of the day dad told me they did a bunch of tests, bloodwork, etc.. at one point he said they thought they saw a spot in his lung and sent him for a ct scan.... well turns out it was just a rib or something and dad was fine..completely healthy. They said he needs to do a stress test soon and follow up with his doc. So he is good. : )

Well we drop dad at home, feed Aurora, get Aurora ready to go out yet again..because we had plans that night to go to a bonfire. We drive down to the beach and get there around eight thirty. We hang out there with johns friend shauna, her kids, and a bunch of her friends. Aurora seemed to really enjoy herself, the sand, and the other kids.. Shauna got her a cute pooh bear toy as a bday gift. Though i kept in the bag there because i didnt want it getting all dirty in the sand.

Well few minutes before ten, when the beach closes (i still think its silly that they close the beach... ), we head for home. We grab a bite to eat on the way home and give aurora a sippy on the way home. Then she falls alseep and so do and we get home john wakes me up and we head inside. John changed Auroras diaper and stripped her down to her onsie.. She was fussing the whole time, she was sooo tired. She even pointed into her crib. He laid her down and she immediately rolled over and went to sleep.. it was like "dont bother me.. im sleeping" cute!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I feel like im continually busy. No matter what i do i cant ever seem to not be busy. I just got through auroras first birthday and whats next, my baby shower.. im not going to leave it all up to my best friend. Thats not fair to her, she works so hard and goes to school..she doesn't have all the time in the world to plan a i know she would appreciate the help and input. And i also have a bedding set to make for baby number two, luckily I have started cutting the pieces out for that. I also have to paint the nursery and that is going to be a huge ordeal and seeing as im due in two months, i need to get a move on!

Not to mention there are still things that need to be bought. And i keep holding off on buying some things because i do have a shower coming up, but then sometimes i think maybe i should just get the big stuff out of the way when i can.

1 year check up

It was yesterday. It went alright.

Her stats are as follows:

Height - Right around 30 inches
Weight- 20 lb 9.6 oz

She is still in the 90's(percentiles) for height, but only in the 50's(percentiles) for weight! She dropped even lower in the weight percentile this time!!! I was like WTH, we feed her 28 ounces of formula (per doctors request)..she eats five times a day with snacks in between, im not kidding you when i say she eats all the time! He said not to worry about it, that she is just lean and she is perfectly healthy. He said because she is so tall that she can have 24ounces of milk a day, when he normally only recommends 16-20.

We discussed food, what she can and cant eat. Discussed her development.. walking and talking and all that.. she is right on track, a bit ahead of schedule on some things. He checked her eyes and ears and all that jazz.. Answered any questions we had and then said the nurse would be in to do the shots.

The shots..ehh.. I didnt like the nurse we got this time. The other one used to get them all done real quick. She did the first one and aurora seemed okay. But it seemed like this nurse stopped in between every one and then after the two leg ones were done she had me sit aurora up to do the arms. Poor thing was collapsing into me by the last shot. She was screaming. I was on the verge of tears.. its never been this bad. She wanted to leave. The nurse gave her a sticker and she was better (until i had to take the sticker away in the car because she was chewing on it and dissolving it)

Her doctor really wants her to see the dentist at a year, but our dentist doesnt want to see her at a year, so he said to find one who would.. So i called the dentists and they said they can look at her teeth, but cant do xrays or anything.. So after we add her to our dental insurance then we will take her in to see the dentist.

John took some pics while we were there, but because he did so on his cell and his cell has been having issues sending pic may take us awhile to get them on the computer.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Birthday

So on Saturday Aurora celebrated her first birthday. It was so busy and hectic, but very worth it. John and i got up with aurora, finished her birth to a year slide show. Then after a while put her down for a nap, then we had my father sit at the house while we ran here there and everywhere. lol. We started out by picking up the cakes and taking another load of bday presents to my moms house (we had taken a load there the day before..stuff from us and from my consisted of a bunch of big boxes). So after that was done we headed off to get johns hair cut (which was badly needed) then to the party store to pick up all her balloons. Then home to dress her up for the party. All the balloons took up so much space in the car that we didnt have room for her..luckily dad lives right next door so he took her on over to her party, while john and i grabbed the computer so we could show the slide show. And also picked up the pizza on the way over to moms.

We get to the party and there are already people there, my mom and my best friend had already set up the decor. Well people kept on coming and i was pretty busy trying to play hostess. I handed out pink lemonade, tried to greet people. After a while of telling everyone there was pizza and no one going to get it, i started handing it out. Then my aunt took over that while we rushed to find more chairs! We were running out of places for people to sit. There ended up being like 30 people there, including ourselves. We hadnt planned on so many. People chatted and some watched the slide show, there were about four other kids there, so aurora played with them. John had to run back home to get a missing piece of her high chair. My mother had taken her high chair over the night before, but accidentally forgot to grab the table part of it. Anyways.. John ran off to get that..seemed like he was gone forever. I gave the little kids their goodie bags. After awhile Aurora started getting really upset with all the people (and i learned after the fact that some little girl was getting into auroras face). Apparently this little girl was trying to be all over Aurora, who was excited to have a bigger kid play with her, but after while i guess she got sick of being touched and picked up and prodded. So apparently she started trying to push the little girl away. John and my father told me of this since i spent most of my time running about getting food together and such.

So Aurora was taken outside by my father and John and fed some cantaloupe. She was happy to get away from all the people and noise. We brought her back in and attempted to open presents, but there were sooo many of them. And the other little kids were all around trying to play with stuff as we opened it. The little girl that had annoyed aurora prior (and at this point i had no clue that she had been all over aurora) was over asking me things.. and Playing with toys as we opened this and trying to help open things. Well Aurora was already a bit fussy, so when the little girl accidentally hit her in the face with a balloon, aurora just got soo upset. I handed her to john who took her outside again. He told me to stay behind and finish the gifts because like i said there was just so many to get through. So we did that. Then we decided to do cake, brought her back inside, some people had left by this time..other things to get to. And so it wasnt so crowded anymore.

Before we did the cake we changed her out of her cute dress and into a onesie that said first birthday princess on she wouldnt ruin the dress with cake. Aurora sat in her high chair as we sang happy birthday to her and then she ate her little princess cake. As she was eating cake my aunt cut and handed out ice cream and cake to the other guests. Im very thankful she did that because it finally gave me a chance to get some pictures taken of aurora eating her cake. After that was over there were even less guests.. and Aurora was covered in cake, but very happy. lol

We took her off to have a bath and by the time we got out most people had already left. Aurora played around the living room a bit, while my dad and others loaded up two separate cars with gifts.. Then John switched Auroras car seat forward facing and we brought her out to the car. I put her birthday princess crown on her. I had meant to do it during the cake but i completely forgot.

Then we headed home. Where we put aurora down for a nap. She napped for hours.. and our friends nikki and jason came over to drop off auroras gifts and hang out with us for awhile.. Dad also came by to unload his car too. Aurora woke up and we started opening up and putting together some toys.. She loves them all.. : )

All in all it seemed to go well. We had some glitches, but got through them. The whole thing had me sooo stressed I was running here there and everywhere. I really didnt think so many people would be there.

But anyways. That was how it all went, a very eventful day : )

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today we got up and did our normal morning routine. Then headed off to the cake shop to drop off the cake topper. Then over to my grandmas..We spent awhile there and then headed off to the 3d ultrasound place. The dvd worked fine in their computer.. oh well.. it works fine on our PS3, so im not that concerned. But they still hadnt given me the clips on the Cd.. so she gave me another mini ultrasound.. two clips.. and 22 or so new photos, and even a few black and white printed 3d images.

Tonight we are visiting with family, tomorrow night we are supposed to go out to dinner with them as well. So tomorrow during the day will be hectic, running around doing last minute bday stuff.

Im really tired right now.

Here is a clip from the original ultrasound, the part that would upload to the computer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Magical Moments

Baby Johns heartbeat was 120, midwife said that was normal. I didn't gain anything. We talked about the pelvic pain that Ive had non stop since auroras pregnancy, she said its probably normal. Normal in pregnancy, normal afterwards since she did get stuck on my pelvis. etc. We discussed the horrible experience i had on the recovery floor at the hospital. She said its normal. That if it happens again to speak to the charge nurse, or admin. To ask to speak to a lactation consultant prior to them giving any supplementation..etc. That i need to stand my ground. She suggested staying with the hospital i gave birth at last time, she said the new one is having staffing issues and such. We talked about my placenta and the ultrasound i have to make an appointment for.

I also did my glucose test while i was there.. i drank the stuff and came back in an hour for blood work.

I also got all the stuff for the goodie bags for any kids that come to the bday party, i didn't buy a lot though, cause i'm not anticipating a lot of kids. I hope i don't run out. I also finally found the balloon i wanted for her party.. had to go to another store to get it.. dropped it back off at the store in my area, so that it could be filled there when i go to pick them up on sat. Got aurora a pair of shoes to wear with her birthday dress and a onesie to get all messy when she eats her cake.

Things left to do. Assemble goodie bags.. which ill do tonight. Finish the slide show, hopefully this can be done... And wrap up her new bedding set. I wont be finishing the scrapbook in time, i don't want to rush it. I also have to wrap dads gifts for her. I have to take the cake toppers down to the cake place. And pick up some last minute party snacks and drinks.

Its almost time!

Oh and while we were at babies r us, we tried aurora out in the stroller we want to get.. i took a pic too. : )

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Growing up

I tried to post this yesterday, but blogger was down or something and wasnt allowing me to do anything. So while i speak of everything as in "today", it really was yesterday, Tuesday.

Today i took my daughter down to Nordstroms and had her foot sized for her first pair of walking shoes! We tried on a pair and then another pair and let her walk around in them. We went with the brown and pink Nike's... They are specifically designed for a baby who has just started walking. She actually seems to walk even better in them. She walked around the store, around the Disney store as well, around grandma's house, a ton outside, at home. She loves her shoes.. and she knows what they are too. Today we kept asking her, pumpkin wheres your shoes? and she would point to her feet. I honestly cant believe how fast she is growing up. Today i didnt even need to carry her to the laundry room, she walked with me. She climbs up steps with my assistance, she seems to be learning so fast!

We also had some new neighbors move in. She has a 6 yr old daughter who seems to love babies and aurora loves other kids so it was a match made in heaven. They played together on the front lawn.

Oh and while we were at the mall today I got aurora new Halloween costume (seeing as i had to return the bee one because she was terrified of it).. so aurora will be Tinker Bell for Halloween. The Disney store had it in her size and she wasn't afraid of it actually she loves it. I got to try it on her and everything, i went a little big (but not too big) so that it fits just right (hopefully...) by Halloween. Now if i can just talk someone i know... preferably my cousin.. into dressing their son as peter pan!

Im so excited for her bday this Saturday!

Labor Day

We hadnt planned on doing anything. John went to work at like four thirty in the morning, so that he could get home around one.. We thought about going to the mall to get me some new maternity pants cause mine are wearing out... But i just ordered them online instead. My friend nikki called and wondered if we wanted to hang out. So they came over and brought some yummy chips and dip.. we watched tv and talked..then we played some fun games.. Then they headed off to her uncles for a labor day party. John and I just hung around the house with pumpkin the rest of the night.. not doing much, but it was nice. All in all we had a good day.

Oh and i think im supposed to have a prenatal check up tomorrow. Ill have to double Yeah i do.. at 3:30pm... so ill blog about that tomorrow.

And in less than a week is auroras bday.. yay! Pretty much everything is ready or ordered.. i havent decided on food.. its at one pm.. so im not sure whether or not to do food, i think im going to get a few pizzas just in case. Im also trying to decide whether or not to do goodie bags for the other kids, the only problem is im not sure how many are going to be there.. very few i imagine.

Monday, September 1, 2008


As most of you probably know, john and i just celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. I guess its got me thinking. Why did he chose me? I mean when i look back, the man i met wasn't planning on marriage.. i doubt the thought had ever really crossed his mind. Yet when we met, the feelings were almost immediate. It was like we were one unit, separated into two pieces.. like we were made for each other. I mean what else explains how fast it all went by. We knew.. I would say within the first two and a half months, we knew that we would be together forever. I remember him staring at me while i was sleeping one night, when we had only been together a few weeks.. And i could see how much he cared for me. Withing five months of starting our relationship, we were engaged. A year and a month after starting our relationship, we were married. I know there were some that thought we must have been getting married for other reasons, but they were wrong. We loved each other, we wanted to be married.

I know i wasn't looking for marriage, or even a serious relationship for that matter. I was 18.. i was at the height of my But honestly something about him changed things in me. I remember visiting my grandma and her saying.. i can tell Christine, i can tell you are really happy for once in your life. And i was, i was so happy.. all the bad things that happened in the past no longer mattered. I had a future.. one that involved a wonderful man and the family and life we wanted to create. We discussed having kids before we were engaged..

I know how much he loves me and that he has sacrificed some things for me. I guess i just wonder, why me? Whats so special about me? Why do i deserve such a wonderful guy...