Monday, February 9, 2009

Whole foods

So yesterday my mom and I were hanging out with the two kiddo's, who were both being especially good. Well she told me about this whole foods store and it sounded interesting.. so we drove out there.. its pretty far away...and I LOVED IT. I love how the produce is locally grown and organic...doesnt travel more than seven miles from where it was grown.. A lot of it was from Washington. They had this great prepared food section and it had this great kale salad...oh it was good.... And the prices seemed to be cheaper than my local grocery store.. needless to say we will be going back..friday! Cant going to make out my grocery list. Oh and i bought this great tea... mothers milk tea.. to help promote healthy lactation.

Also while i was there i picked up a laundry detergent that will be better for the cloth diapers.. planet.. It was very highly rated on a website i found and its biodegradable. Which i think is good as well.. I mean God created this wonderful place for us and we really should try our best not to abuse it. I dont know what inside me is changing lately but it just is.

And on sat i got to see dr. laura speak in was great..she was great! She was funny, uplifiting..makes me want to finish reading the proper care and feeding of a husband..if i can find my copy.. i just get so distracted sometimes. And the best part is the baby got breastmilk the entire time i was gone! I worked really hard to pump enough for him to have and he even had some leftover! I gave that to him last night. Im going to pump little by little and build myself a nice little stash up so that if we want to go out for a little date or something..or for some reason i need him to take a bottle..then he can without actually having formula.

Money is a little tight right now, but then again i think it is for most... we will get through it. It should get a lot better in about a week.. so we can deal with it.

Went to weight watchers today and lost another 2 pounds.. im happy with that since i didnt do as great this last week. This upcoming week i plan on trying to get more exersize in.. wish me i get pretty busy with the kids.

We also went to see my grandma today..poor woman.. i just wish this whole thing hadnt happened..she is so miserable.. i hope she can come home soon.

Well im not sure thats everything i wanted to say..but it will do for now : )