Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello World

So life has been good. John is set to graduate at the end of this year. The kids are doing good, Aurora loves preschool. Im going to school and thats going well. John got a promotion and raise at work and that is awesome. He is also doing a special weight loss program (for his health) and that is going well. He is there tonight, waiting to hear how much he lost...but if his work scale is a good indicator...over 10 pounds in one week!

Well Im off to read the kiddos their bedtime story...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Play with ME!

I havent been on much and a lot has happened which Ill have to spend time writing a nice long response about..but I wanted to share this article that I wrote.. check it out

Play with ME!

Friday, September 17, 2010



The kiddos and I have been trying to do a lot more outdoor activities. So today after their awesome dentist appointment (Aurora got full xrays, a full cleaning and did great.. no cavaties and was such a great patient. Johnny just got his teeth partially cleaned and counted, he has 16 teeth.) we headed off to the craft store for supplies..

Grandpa, the kiddos, and I returned home. I made lunch for grandpa and the kiddos. While they ate, I set up. I went to the back, the carport, and taped large portions of paper across the wall and one large portion to the ground. I put different colors into two trays, one for each kiddo. Then once they were done eating, grandpa brought them out to me. He was tired so he headed back in. Too bad cause he missed out on all the fun!

The before shot

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long post...

I will try to post a more detailed update soon, but for now...

Aurora will be turning 3 on Monday! My baby girl is turning 3!!!

Johnny is talking up a storm lately, even some full sentences! He will be 2 in November.

Baby number 3 is...drum roll please... a little girl!!! Scarlett Mae is on her way! We got some bad news at our 18week ultrasound, possible down syndrome.. Bright spot on the heart and corpus plexus cyst in the brain..soft markers for downs. Went back. CPC is gone.. but bright spot remains. At my age and with the indicators seen...we have a 1%chance that she has down syndrome. So please pray that our baby is healthy. We have declined the amnio and are happily awaiting the birth of our baby girl in December.. no matter what ; )

Ill try to post pics later.. off to bed right now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

No school....

I have thought about it a lot, though I have yet to discuss this with its not for sure yet. However I am thinking of not going back to school in the fall. I am really just enjoying being mommy again... and while I love school and Im great at it, I really feel like my priority is my children. I feel like I need more time with them and now number 3 will be here in December and I think maybe I just want to go back to my little family.

I have retreated some from friends, it is not personal, im just ready for it to be my little family. Also I think I have mentioned before, I may even be a bit on the anti-social side.

I feel so blessed with where our family is right now, where we are at in life, etc. I look around and I realize how wonderful we truly have it and how so many out there would love to have a life like ours. So at times I know I wish I could change things, but deep down I am content with where we are now.

I dont really know what the future will really hold for us in the next 2-5 years. John will be graduating with his bachelors... We love the company he currently works for and he may try for a position inside the company but we dont feel tied down to where we are..and because of that we may keep our options open for positions nationwide... time will tell. I am excited and nervous..

Ive got some other thoughts running through my head, but not feeling like sharing lol.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a lil update

Not too much to say. Same ol same old stuff going on around here. I am buying things here or there for the new little one, but holding off on most items until we know the gender. We have moved some furniture around.. and cleaned out our storage unit. I am really trying to get rid of a lot of the junk we have around.

Today I bought pretty much everything the kids needed in summer wear.. I think they are all set, I might buy a few items here or there if its in the budget and I like them, but for the most part I think they have everything they need.

As most of you know, we considered moving, but decided against it. Im not willing to give up my husband and his time with our family for a further commute. I am also not willing to give up my friends and family. So alas, we stay lol. Funny though... that was my plan and somehow I became sidetracked, well I know how, but we wont go into that lol. I am actually at peace now, Im not stressing about it all.

There are things we have given up so that I could be a stay at home mom, but I couldnt imagine it any other way. A house will have to come later in life..which I mean come on.. im 24..ive got time lol.

Oh and I have been looking into local preschools for aurora. However I do not intend on sending her until she is at least 3 1/2 or 4. It is very important that we find a place that will help her get ready for school as well as help build a Christian foundation. We go to church and she loves it, but I want to make sure to further her spiritual faith in preschool as well. I have considered sending her to a Christian school instead of public, but it is costly and I almost feel like its a waste of money. We live in a pretty great public school district. Actually when I look up the ratings online its rated the best in the area. Yet this is something I dont have to worry about for a few years.

Ive started a few more sewing projects....ill post pics if and when I finish them lol

Well anyways. I could sit here and type all day lol..but ill save the rest for another day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just dont get it

This has been going around in my head for awhile now and I just havent really taken the time to sit down and write it.

How does someone hurt a child? And I dont mean spanking or something like that.. But I mean seriously abuse a child, or make horrible decisions that lead to a serious injury or even death!

I cant stand hearing about a child being abused, I dont know if its being a mom (well I am sure that is a large part of it) or it is the pregnancy hormones, but I get very upset. I begin to cry.. its just bad. Id rather not hear about it.

When doing my research for my English paper. I came across a newspaper article about a woman sentenced to 10 years in prison because she shook a poor little baby. She was a day care worker and the child was brain damaged. I felt so bad for that child, who will never be the same again.

Or my father was telling me about some woman who let her drunk boyfriend drive her son home, and they got into a wreck and the boy died. How do you even allow that situation to come about?

Or the worst story I ever heard...a story that I cried over for days.. A little boy was returned to its home by its grandmother, the man who was home at the time (i can not remember if it was the father of the child or just the mothers boyfriend). Took the baby boy in its carseat and put him in his carseat in the crib and there he sat for days..until he died of starvation, sitting in his own feces. Even now this brings me to tears.

How dare they? HOW DARE THEY treat a child like that? Scum of the earth I say... scum...

And then I think about that poor child, that child who had all the love in the world to give, yet the people around them just couldnt give it back.

Children are blessings, and you give them all the love and all they do is love you back. How can you not look into the face of a child and be in love? Even if its not your child. I can understand seeing an older child and being disgusted by their behavior, but in the end, its just a child. Innocent.