Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just dont get it

This has been going around in my head for awhile now and I just havent really taken the time to sit down and write it.

How does someone hurt a child? And I dont mean spanking or something like that.. But I mean seriously abuse a child, or make horrible decisions that lead to a serious injury or even death!

I cant stand hearing about a child being abused, I dont know if its being a mom (well I am sure that is a large part of it) or it is the pregnancy hormones, but I get very upset. I begin to cry.. its just bad. Id rather not hear about it.

When doing my research for my English paper. I came across a newspaper article about a woman sentenced to 10 years in prison because she shook a poor little baby. She was a day care worker and the child was brain damaged. I felt so bad for that child, who will never be the same again.

Or my father was telling me about some woman who let her drunk boyfriend drive her son home, and they got into a wreck and the boy died. How do you even allow that situation to come about?

Or the worst story I ever heard...a story that I cried over for days.. A little boy was returned to its home by its grandmother, the man who was home at the time (i can not remember if it was the father of the child or just the mothers boyfriend). Took the baby boy in its carseat and put him in his carseat in the crib and there he sat for days..until he died of starvation, sitting in his own feces. Even now this brings me to tears.

How dare they? HOW DARE THEY treat a child like that? Scum of the earth I say... scum...

And then I think about that poor child, that child who had all the love in the world to give, yet the people around them just couldnt give it back.

Children are blessings, and you give them all the love and all they do is love you back. How can you not look into the face of a child and be in love? Even if its not your child. I can understand seeing an older child and being disgusted by their behavior, but in the end, its just a child. Innocent.


Betty said...

Oh Christine this is something that we will never find the answer to. It disgusts me to know that there are scum in this world that can to this to a child.

Gina R. said...

It is very disgusting Christine.

It's not only because you're a mother or pregnant either, cause i'm neither & it makes me sick to my stomache.

I believe in an EYE FOR AN EYE with stuff like that.