Monday, December 8, 2008

not out of the woods yet...

Well today we had a pedi appointment for Baby J, which went great. However John couldnt go, so i had to take the baby solo. Today is Johns day off and I had a lot planned for today, but sadly john started getting sick last night and is sick today. So all those things we were going to try and get done today have to be put off for another time... Which im kinda sad about.

Well anyways. The pedi appointment was for a weight check and his jaundice..well yay he gained 7 ounces in four days! He is now 9pounds 11 ounces... And his jaundice seems to be gone! Yay.. So we have a lactation appointment on thursday and im really hoping that we start cutting back on the bottles or the pumping or something..because honestly its getting to wear on me. I really want to spend more time with aurora. My father has been around a lot and watching her a lot and its driving me nutts. I see some bad habits coming out in her..and my father refuses to follow our parenting style..which would be fine if he only saw her once in awhile, but he sees her everday since he lives right next door.. So it may sound mean, but i kicked him out today. He was getting on my nerves...calling me names..saying im a nazi, because i have discipline in my household. We are starting to get back into a routine, im very thankful for that. Right now aurora is down for her nap, we will see if she actually goes to sleep.. and the baby is sleeping. He needs to eat again by the next unless he wakes up i have a little down time. I picked up the living room and kitchen. The bedroom needs to be picked up, but john is sleeping in there.

Oh and the pedi told me that the baby could potentially catch this flu...and that there isnt much they can do for him if he keep him away from the sick people...which is what we have been trying to do.. so far no sickness, but im watching him pretty close..i really pray he doesnt catch it..