Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

Well we had a great vday.. Woke up... aurora got to go through their vday bucket. She got an outfit for vday, heart peeps, a cliffords vday book, and a doll from her a card. Johnny got a vday outfit, part of which was from his grandpa, and a book, and a card. John and I exchanged cards.. and also the kiddos had cards for mommy and daddy...mine was signed by pumpkin.. it was just a scribble but sooo cute! We got them dressed in their special outfits, got us dressed and headed off to visit family and go shopping.

After shopping around online and in stores.. we finally found a really great price on a 52 inch sony bravia flatscreen lcd tv... so we bought it..and they delivered it the morning of the next day..and seems huge to me.. i mean our old tv was like 42 inches or so..and this one just seems sooo bigger.. We are gonna hang it on the wall, with help from our buddies Deja and her hubby Mike.

We visited my grandpa in the convalesant hospital..we actually did that before the tv..but i forgot about it until now. The kids were real ancy so we didnt stay long..well aurora was ancy. So we left.

Took aurora to the park after we bought the tv... and i bf the baby in the car while john and aurora played in the park. Then we left. We drove around for awhile because the kids had fallen alseep. Then we visited my aunt and gave aurora some of the cookies we had baked together the night before.

Then we came home. Dad watched the kiddos while we went out to dinner with Deja and Mike..which was a LOT of fun! I cant wait to do that again!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines pics

Today we are getting some pics taken of the kiddos.. for valentines and also because aurora has a special dress she needs to take pics was made by her late great grandma.. who passed many years ago...and every female in the family has taken pics in its her turn..after will most likely be passed on to my cousins daughter Cadence. Its a very special dress..

I dont have anything special for johnny to wear..this whole thing just seemed to come upon me really fast. I looked yesterday but couldnt find much for him.. So hopefully we are able to get to the mall before the pic appointments and find something for him to wear.. i mean i have some back ups, but im not happy with them..

After that we will prolly do lunch, with my mom..who we are going to be doing all of this today with... and then off to whole foods... YAY!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Potty training?

Im just starting to wonder if we should start or not. I had this discussion with a mom friend of mine and she seems to think my daughter is ready for it.. Im torn..She shows interest in the toilet..goes when i set her on the toilet..stays there until she is done..if i ask her if she wants to come off..she says no until she is done.. Today she went number 2 on the toilet.. thats toilet usage number 4 in the last few days.. She seems ready and interested..but i dunno, i hadnt planned on starting her until she was 20months..she is 17months right now.. And then big girl bed at 2.. per doctors recommendation (for the toddler bed)... I thinking about it..

And in other news..Baby J or chunky monkey as i lovingly call him..slept seven hours last night! YAY. Lets hope he repeats tonight.

Oh and i forgot to mention..Last night i made dinner as usual..we sat down to eat..and then grandpa started to eat and so did john...well I look over at aurora..and she had her arms crossed in her "prayer" waiting for us to say was too cute!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Whole foods

So yesterday my mom and I were hanging out with the two kiddo's, who were both being especially good. Well she told me about this whole foods store and it sounded interesting.. so we drove out there.. its pretty far away...and I LOVED IT. I love how the produce is locally grown and organic...doesnt travel more than seven miles from where it was grown.. A lot of it was from Washington. They had this great prepared food section and it had this great kale salad...oh it was good.... And the prices seemed to be cheaper than my local grocery store.. needless to say we will be going back..friday! Cant going to make out my grocery list. Oh and i bought this great tea... mothers milk tea.. to help promote healthy lactation.

Also while i was there i picked up a laundry detergent that will be better for the cloth diapers.. planet.. It was very highly rated on a website i found and its biodegradable. Which i think is good as well.. I mean God created this wonderful place for us and we really should try our best not to abuse it. I dont know what inside me is changing lately but it just is.

And on sat i got to see dr. laura speak in was great..she was great! She was funny, uplifiting..makes me want to finish reading the proper care and feeding of a husband..if i can find my copy.. i just get so distracted sometimes. And the best part is the baby got breastmilk the entire time i was gone! I worked really hard to pump enough for him to have and he even had some leftover! I gave that to him last night. Im going to pump little by little and build myself a nice little stash up so that if we want to go out for a little date or something..or for some reason i need him to take a bottle..then he can without actually having formula.

Money is a little tight right now, but then again i think it is for most... we will get through it. It should get a lot better in about a week.. so we can deal with it.

Went to weight watchers today and lost another 2 pounds.. im happy with that since i didnt do as great this last week. This upcoming week i plan on trying to get more exersize in.. wish me i get pretty busy with the kids.

We also went to see my grandma today..poor woman.. i just wish this whole thing hadnt happened..she is so miserable.. i hope she can come home soon.

Well im not sure thats everything i wanted to say..but it will do for now : )

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hang in there jack

LOL..i love the new jack in the box ad campaign! Its great.. Hang in there jack!

In other news... lil brother is wayyy into baby einstein..aurora hated it..but i brought it out for him..and oh my does he love it..the first time he was like smiling at it..its baby Mozart.. and he will stop crying and just stare and stare...he really likes it.. And he was being too cute at my grandmas house today when we were visiting my aunt..he was laying on the floor and cooing at me..and i was talking to him and he was just smiling and smiling.. just makes my heart melt!

Grandma is still in the convalescent hospital and she hates it..she gets made and slams her fists on the bed and says she wants to go home..if my aunt doesnt take her home she will never forget her..etc.. its not this particular hospital, just hospitals in general..she just doesnt want to be there..and she has been there for over two weeks now, but she has to heal her hip..she has to learn to walk on it again..and she has to start being able to pee on her own, because currently they have the poor woman in a diaper and catheter. My aunt will take her home, but just wants her to be able to walk to the restroom..thats it..and the restroom is not far from grandmas bed and she will get her a potty chair so she wont even have to walk that far.. We try to go visit her every day or so..lately we have only made it every other we were there for an hour and a half..the kids get ancy though.

Oh and the other day i asked aurora if she want to use the big girl potty..she ran to the restroom...and i put her on..with a small child potty seat attachment thingy..and she went! She went again later that day..and today! She still is using a diaper..but im excited that she is eager to use the toilet..she hates the potty chair we have for her, but loves the big girl toilet...real toilet.. Ill sit there with her and ask if she wants to get normally says no until she goes potty...So now im debating on whether or not to potty train her now..instead of waiting until 20months which was my original intention. She turned 1 7months today...

Time will tell.. Well ive got a MOMs club thing to go to tomorrow..I had planned on taking the baby since im breastfeeding, even though it isnt a thing for kids..and most people dont bring theres..but luckily ive been able to pump a bit this week and store up milk for a bottle or going to try and pump some more tonight and just get as much milk for him..and if he has to he can have formula..he has had it before..but hopefully he will have enough milk..john will be taking care of him. i asked the doc about giving him a bottle of formula or breast milk and she said that its prolly a good idea to give him practice and keep him from rejecting it all together if i ever need to give him one for some reason.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 month check up


weight 13 pounds 14 ounces (80%)
height 24 3/4 inches (90%)
head 16" (??%)

Still breastfeeding. We just started moving him from our bed, co sleeping, to his bassinet. Still baby wearing :). All that jazz... got a good routine goin.

He rolls, holds his head up for a minute or two and lifts it a full 90 degrees on tummy, stilll rolling over, coo's. smiles, etc

Doc said he is doin great!

i might post more later...