Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Its been awhile since i blogged.. a few days at And ive just been so busy, with cleaning the house, exercising, aurora, and gymboree.. And today i have to clean and then im going out with some friends.. Cant wait. It should be fun! We are prolly gonna go to the mall or something. Anyways. I cant wait. Ive got to start cleaning though. Today i do the kitchen and the dining room... i started last night and i dont have much left to do, but i do need to get started at some point. Luckily im not going out till around i have time left.

More and more ive been thinking about another baby and in my mind making solutions to problems that would arise from how do i get them both to the car in the back of the building.. well lately ive been using auroras stroller because we take so much with us, my purse, her, and often times we come back with bags, so the stroller comes in real handy...well i could and would get a double stroller..and that problem gets solved. I have enough room for two. I might have to take auroras big girl bed down for awhile and then put it back up, but i could deal with that.. because she would prolly be too young for a big girl bed. I guess we will just see what happens..

I told john the other night that i wanted another and he said.."i dont know what more you want me to do..i F@#k the S%@$t out of you" Which is vulgar but i found it funny and he was joking.