Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today started off fine. We ate as a family. Fed the baby, played with her, then we finished putting the border up in our dining room. Went outside to do some laundry and john says to me.. Christine, i think im going to need to go put air in the tire. Im like what..... So i walk over to look at the time and its completely flat. Im like, John, you cant drive a flat tire, it will ruin the tire and possibly the rim..
So we go out front with aurora in the stroller, covered up cause of the sun. We take down our christmas decorations and while we are doing that i call my father. He comes over and uses his pump to pump up the tire and then they both headed over to the tire repair shop. The tires arnt that two, three, years maybe.. and so im hoping they can just patch it instead of needing a new tire.

Honestly. Im sick of this car. We want to buy a new car, but because of issues with johns credit we cant.. not until thats fixed. He still has to call the credit companies and fix it since his credit was used without his permisson nor his knowledge. We already got one thing taken care of, now we need the others... We went to buy a new car a few months ago and thats when we found out about it, i broke down in tears. How could somone do that? I just dont get it.

Anyways. So yeah.. our tire is getting fixed right now..