Friday, January 11, 2008


So im sure some of you are aware that i am in a moms club. Well today we had our membership meeting and found out that our treasurer is leaving and i said that i wouldnt mind doing it if no one else wants to. She said that its all mine if no one else wants to. I was surprised because i know it must be hard trusting someone with the group money especially since they have only known me for a month. I figure i do dads finances, my finances, whats one more thing to

So we had guest speakers today. They were from a local school district. It was the principals of three of the elementary schools. Its separated from people above Whittier blvd and below it. We happen to live below it and this school district is for above it. However its supposed to be a great school district and we asked them loads of questions and i have decided that without a doubt if we are still here when she goes to school then that is the district she will be attending. Either if we have to move into their area (which happens to be the really RICH part of town..we are talking 500,000 to million dollar homes.) or get an inter district transfer (prolly the latter will have to happen). Sadly if we do the transfer and another student moves into the area and they dont have room for them, a child who is transferred in will get bumped. Either to another school or out of the district completely. However, they do everything possible to keep that from happening and if you want you can still use their curriculum and teach your child at home with their independent study program, thats their back up. They have great test schools for their students, a great PTA, wonderful award winning programs, and they make sure to teach their kids to be proud to be an American.

I know it seems like it may be a bit early to think about this but since they were there it got my mind onto the future and now ive got some new plans for the future.


~ Joe ♥ said...

I know what you mean about good school districts.Katy has like the 2nd best school district in Texas, Another reason why we moved here :) are the only houses in that school district 500 thou+, that stinks, well you can do what you planned to do or even look into a private school in that area. If I'm not mistaken they take you as long as you pay tuition and it would be cheaper than the mortgage would be lol,good luck with your decision

~Mommy to a Princess~ said...

Well i was talking to my neighboor about this last night and her son is in that school district. She says that we are actually in the district already! Im going to double check that, but im excited about it!