Friday, January 11, 2008

Opinions are like...

You know what pisses me when i have to hear someone repeat their opinion over and over again. Thank you i know you disagree with me, but get over it because i listened to you and took into consideration what you said but it doesnt change my mind, because i do not make my Decisions at the spur of the moment. I consider many possibilities and research many factors and consult my husband. Over the course of my life i have had many people tell me how i should live my life and im sick of it!
Right now its having another baby. We arnt having one yet and we arnt trying. We are leaving it up to God.. and thats not good enough for some. They want me to use birth control. Except its not their body and not their decision. The only two peoples opinions that truly matter are mine and my husbands. He would be so happy to be a father again and i would love to be a mother again.
We know its hard, i have had sooo many people tell me it was horrible for them. Well im sorry you couldnt handle it, but let me find out for myself if i can!

But then again ive also had people tell me that they wouldnt have it any different than having their kids close in obviously it isnt horrible for everyone.. everyone is different and the way they handle things are also different.

People act like im willfully trying to get pregnant. No, im not. Im not preventing it either. I dont want to go on that hormonal crap again and i feel no reason to when we would both love to have a child again. What is so wrong with leaving it up to God. I truly believe he will never give us something we cant handle and that if we trust him he will let it happen when it is the right time.


~ Joe ♥ said...

HAHA I know what you mean.If I could have another daughter right now I think I would.Sisters close in age are the cutest thing,
but I cant even concider it till I finish school,thats another reason why I may want to stop at one.I'm teetering on more though, I need to stop thinking of the future so much hehe.Just go with the flow if it happens it happens, and the nay sayers are always going to be around,I swear some are like parasites lol, just gotta tune them out, your grown KWIM :)