Friday, January 25, 2008

I miss this

I miss wearing my wedding dress... I feel like such a princess in it. So i put it on for fun the other day... Im silly I know. In about two months or so (if i can talk john into it) we are gonna take pictures together in our wedding clothes..we will have to rent him a will be an early anniversary gift to me..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Its been awhile since i blogged.. a few days at And ive just been so busy, with cleaning the house, exercising, aurora, and gymboree.. And today i have to clean and then im going out with some friends.. Cant wait. It should be fun! We are prolly gonna go to the mall or something. Anyways. I cant wait. Ive got to start cleaning though. Today i do the kitchen and the dining room... i started last night and i dont have much left to do, but i do need to get started at some point. Luckily im not going out till around i have time left.

More and more ive been thinking about another baby and in my mind making solutions to problems that would arise from how do i get them both to the car in the back of the building.. well lately ive been using auroras stroller because we take so much with us, my purse, her, and often times we come back with bags, so the stroller comes in real handy...well i could and would get a double stroller..and that problem gets solved. I have enough room for two. I might have to take auroras big girl bed down for awhile and then put it back up, but i could deal with that.. because she would prolly be too young for a big girl bed. I guess we will just see what happens..

I told john the other night that i wanted another and he said.."i dont know what more you want me to do..i F@#k the S%@$t out of you" Which is vulgar but i found it funny and he was joking.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Life...Ahhh.. I mean it sucks what happened with the car, but oh well. Thats life. I should be thinking of all the positive that I have rather than focusing on the negative. I have a wonderful husband. A beautiful daughter who loves to giggle and smile. Ive got so much to be thankful for. A roof over my head. Etc. God is good.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I hate cars

So they called again and said we need new brake shoes..whatever... Went to pick it up..Total was 566 dollars. Thankfully we have a savings. I felt horrid, called my cousin reza who is also our pastor and he said praise God we have a savings to pay for it. And he was so right. Its made me feel better about it.


Shoot me now.. UGH. So they called. The back two tires need to be replaced...heck if i know why..the tires arnt that old, granted john does drive quite a few miles to work. AND the bushing is breaking so that needs to be fixed to.. Soooo The bushing is 200 dollars, the two tires will be 189 and 15 to fix the tire that was flat.
This sucks.


So i have this ottoman at my house. I don't have room for it, even though its great because it opens and you can store things in it. Also it doesn't match my decor. Well i offered it to my neighbor and she wanted it, but she wanted to slipcover it. So i offered to make a slipcover and did, no patter, though it was pretty simple. So i just thought i would share the before and after and all that.
The pics are the before, after and then at her house. She wanted bows as well, so i did that too.


Today started off fine. We ate as a family. Fed the baby, played with her, then we finished putting the border up in our dining room. Went outside to do some laundry and john says to me.. Christine, i think im going to need to go put air in the tire. Im like what..... So i walk over to look at the time and its completely flat. Im like, John, you cant drive a flat tire, it will ruin the tire and possibly the rim..
So we go out front with aurora in the stroller, covered up cause of the sun. We take down our christmas decorations and while we are doing that i call my father. He comes over and uses his pump to pump up the tire and then they both headed over to the tire repair shop. The tires arnt that two, three, years maybe.. and so im hoping they can just patch it instead of needing a new tire.

Honestly. Im sick of this car. We want to buy a new car, but because of issues with johns credit we cant.. not until thats fixed. He still has to call the credit companies and fix it since his credit was used without his permisson nor his knowledge. We already got one thing taken care of, now we need the others... We went to buy a new car a few months ago and thats when we found out about it, i broke down in tears. How could somone do that? I just dont get it.

Anyways. So yeah.. our tire is getting fixed right now..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Opinions are like...

You know what pisses me when i have to hear someone repeat their opinion over and over again. Thank you i know you disagree with me, but get over it because i listened to you and took into consideration what you said but it doesnt change my mind, because i do not make my Decisions at the spur of the moment. I consider many possibilities and research many factors and consult my husband. Over the course of my life i have had many people tell me how i should live my life and im sick of it!
Right now its having another baby. We arnt having one yet and we arnt trying. We are leaving it up to God.. and thats not good enough for some. They want me to use birth control. Except its not their body and not their decision. The only two peoples opinions that truly matter are mine and my husbands. He would be so happy to be a father again and i would love to be a mother again.
We know its hard, i have had sooo many people tell me it was horrible for them. Well im sorry you couldnt handle it, but let me find out for myself if i can!

But then again ive also had people tell me that they wouldnt have it any different than having their kids close in obviously it isnt horrible for everyone.. everyone is different and the way they handle things are also different.

People act like im willfully trying to get pregnant. No, im not. Im not preventing it either. I dont want to go on that hormonal crap again and i feel no reason to when we would both love to have a child again. What is so wrong with leaving it up to God. I truly believe he will never give us something we cant handle and that if we trust him he will let it happen when it is the right time.

Just realized

I had a feeling that i had another blog on this blogger space...but didnt want to waste my time looking for it, since i knew what was on it.. Well i forgot my password for this account..silly me i know... and i had to redo it, well it found my other one as well and linked the two together.


"no offense" or "Dont take this the wrong way" Blah blah blah.. okay.. You do mean to offend and you know you are about to or you wouldnt say that beforehand.. Idiots.. ugh.. anyways.. This has nothing to do with anything on blogger..


I need to get back to my novel, but at times i just feel like its not even worth it. I have chapters upon chapters written so far, my father loves it and urges me to complete it, but yet he is my father. He is biased. I want the truth. I want to know if what i write is worth worth the effort i put into it. Whats the point of writing a manuscript that may never be seen and if i do chose to write it, i do not want to post it on the Internet. I want a hard backed copy of it, because that is the way that i enjoy books. I love their smell, their pages, the print, the excitement of what will happen or be said on the next page. I love it all.

I recently finished pride and prejudice. It makes me feel like writing again. Yet i feel the effort is worthless. Of course i am my harshest critic....


So im sure some of you are aware that i am in a moms club. Well today we had our membership meeting and found out that our treasurer is leaving and i said that i wouldnt mind doing it if no one else wants to. She said that its all mine if no one else wants to. I was surprised because i know it must be hard trusting someone with the group money especially since they have only known me for a month. I figure i do dads finances, my finances, whats one more thing to

So we had guest speakers today. They were from a local school district. It was the principals of three of the elementary schools. Its separated from people above Whittier blvd and below it. We happen to live below it and this school district is for above it. However its supposed to be a great school district and we asked them loads of questions and i have decided that without a doubt if we are still here when she goes to school then that is the district she will be attending. Either if we have to move into their area (which happens to be the really RICH part of town..we are talking 500,000 to million dollar homes.) or get an inter district transfer (prolly the latter will have to happen). Sadly if we do the transfer and another student moves into the area and they dont have room for them, a child who is transferred in will get bumped. Either to another school or out of the district completely. However, they do everything possible to keep that from happening and if you want you can still use their curriculum and teach your child at home with their independent study program, thats their back up. They have great test schools for their students, a great PTA, wonderful award winning programs, and they make sure to teach their kids to be proud to be an American.

I know it seems like it may be a bit early to think about this but since they were there it got my mind onto the future and now ive got some new plans for the future.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yay for decorating.

So today i went with my neighboors to Jo'anns, our local fabric store to pick out some fabric for curtains for my bedroom that i intend on sewing, as well as a pattern with which to make them. I cant seem to find anything already made that i like. So i go and we were there for a long time. I special ordered some really nice expensive fabric, that was on sale for 40% off yay! Im so excited. I posted pics of our bedroom paint colors as well as the fabric and a link to the fabric site. Im so excited to finally get up the time and effort to finish decorating our home. I also intend on getting some black velvet to re-cover two wing back chairs that my grandmother intends on giving me, i also intend on going to a class with my aunt to learn how to recover furniture.


Aurora has this doll that we call her "baby. Well the other morning i walk in and she is cuddlding her baby. Holding her close to her side and has her hand sqeezed tight on her. Then this morning i can hear her talking, babling on and on at seven thirty. I figure ill just get up and feed her before she starts to fuss. So i go in and there she is holding her little baby up in the air with two hands just playing with it then brings it to her mouth to eat It makes a little rattle sound when you move it. Next time i should bring the camera in, its totally cute!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

AHHH!!! Tenants!

My father owns a tri-plex and i manage it for him. Well the back tenant always has a list of things she needs done. My father is retireing and so he cant afford much, well i feel he cant afford much because i also do his finances. He could put himself in more debt..but id rather not. So i do the manual labor for him, he has a bad back. Well she tells me she needs her kitchen cabinets painted. Fine..she has lived here for like five years now..thats understandable..Except they are dirty because A. My father painted them with the wrong paint origonally and B. it looks like she has never ever cleaned them.. Come on now! So now on top of taking care of my house and cleaning it, i have to clean her kitchen cabinets..then paint them, i also had to replace the trim around her door because someone cracked it a long long time ago..and back when dad was managing the units himself, he told her he would fix it and never did. So today and i went and fixed it..I hope she likes the job i did.. I still need to go put some caulking around it to keep cold air from coming in..I also have a few other things i need to do to her unit... Im just tired. I finished with her unit then had to come back to mine to clean my kitchen and dining room because i do that on wensdays and do laundry..and make the bed..i still have to put the laundry away.. But im taking a break right now!

The pic i added is one of her cabinets.


Currently i am reading jane austins pride and prejudice. Im about to go continue reading it in a moment. Actually thats what i was doing before i got on the computer to check something quickly and then got really side tracked. But anyways. What is everyone else reading?

My Grandmother just sent me a book called, a general theory on love..or something to that effect. I dont know if i will like it much, we have very different views on things. I will still give it a shot though.

Also, john and i are supposed to start reading the 40 days of purpose devotional together. We just need to find some time to do it. My cousin, Reza, bought us beautiful copies with leather bound journals. I cant wait to start. I also bought a devotional for john and i to do, but we can never seem to find the time.

Aurora is currently reading her babies first bible. After we finish that, John will read her the wizard of oz, and i have a few books for her as well. Hopefully she will be a reader just like her mommy and daddy.


I have to say, having my house clean makes me feel great. I recently started a cleaning schedule, where i do daily chores and then on certain days i do certain tasks. Like for example, wensdays is clean the kitchen and dining room day. Top to bottom. I love it. It makes me feel so much better and i really think john likes coming home to a clean house. And i feel he deserves to come home to a clean house.

I think its funny how having a baby has put me on a routine!


I really cant wait to have my next one. Aurora is such a blessing and i enjoy every day with her and i cant wait to have more children. Sometimes i think it would be selfish to have another so quickly and that i wouldnt be giving Aurora enough time to be an only child, but i have thought about it quite a bit. I know that i could still baby her and take care of a new child. She will always be my baby, she is my first and that is very special to me.

John feels this way as well, but we dont want to start actively trying this early. I still have some weight id like to lose, 18pounds down! I want to be even healthier before the next pregnancy. After i lose the weight then we might start actively trying.

Hey Everyone

So i had to create my own account to comment on someone here it is.. I figured i might as well use it!