Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Any day now!

So this morning i had to go to a midwife appointment. I was sad that john couldnt go, but its a work day for him and he had special training to do this morning. They called last night and moved my appointment from the offices i normally go to, to the offices next to the hospital i will deliver at. They did this because of the fire.. we drove past the office this morning and the whole hillside right across the street was needless to say the fire came really close to their office building.

So my dad drops me off and takes Aurora with him. I was pretty certain she would be stripping my membranes and my daughter does not need to be there for that. So i do all the pee in the cup and all that.. which came out fine. Did my bp..which was fine.. all that. I think i gained like five pounds...

Midwife comes in and we discuss the "plan". She asks how big aurora was. I said she was nine pounds four ounces the day before my due date. She was like Ohh...and mentioned that my due date is tomorrow.. She knew my daughter was big but i guess she didnt know that my daughter had been that big.. So she talked about induction..and would i be willing to go through one..etc.. and said she worked again on Friday. I said i was willing to do an induction, but i was hoping she could strip my membranes and then if i dont go into labor on my own by Friday then we will induce. She agreed that was a good plan.

So she went to strip my membranes, when she checked she said "oh yeah your gonna go into labor" and then she proceeded with the stripping of the membranes..OMG.. it was MORE painful than last time.. i mean seriously painful..and tmi, but when she pulled her hand out it was slightly bloody!!!!! I mean i was grabbing the pillow in pain...ouch..

Afterward she helped me up and told me that i am 4-5 cm dilated.. still a little "long" (dont know what that means" and about 40-50% (which means hubby heard wrong last time when he said she had said 80%...cause i didnt hear that...but he swore he had...anyways..) And the head is right there...still.. And she said that my bag of water is literally "pouching" out of my cervix...

So we will see what happens.. Im set to be induced Friday at 10pm if i dont go into labor before that. Though i do need to call ahead at 9pm and make sure they have a bed for me.. and i can get bumped...