Monday, November 10, 2008


Had my weekly prenatal today. : ) Last week she said she was gonna strip my membranes this week and that didnt happen..and she had me freaked i was having a huge baby...

Well today my bp was higher than norm for me but not bad. 131/78

I also lost 2 pounds..

Baby's heart rate was about 157

She checked my cervix.. and i am 3cm dilated
80%effaced (this part i didnt hear, but john says he did)
and -2 station...which i heard for sure and watched her chart in the computer.

She said she wasnt going to strip my membranes because my body is doing it all on its whooo hoo...the membrane stripping hurts! I dont want to go through that again unless i have to. Plus my body really is doing this all by itself.. I said i was going to use red raspberry tea, EPO, and sex, but i ran out of the tea and was too lazy to buy more last week... I also have been too lazy to do the EPO and i really really dont feel like having sex right now...

I also asked about the Ultrasound i had last week when i was 37weeks4days.. She said baby looked good and he was weighing 7pounds 11 ounces at the time, which i guess is in the 87th percentile or so for a baby at 37 weeks... Im gonna go back and see if i had an ultrasound of aurora around that time and if i put down how much they said she was gonna weigh.. but i have no doubt that i can push a baby out her size..which was 9pounds 4 ounces.. So i think we are good there.. sure my baby prolly weighs more now than some womens full term newborns do...but i guess i just make big kids : )

Oh and she mentioned that my weight gain was good.. ive gained 25pounds so far...

Oh and i just checked my to do list and im 99% done with it.. ive got two things left to do and ive already started them...