Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No baby yet

Well this morning i went to my MOMS club membership meeting.. Gave dad the option of watching aurora or i could put her in the daycare at the meeting..he opted for watching her (which is what i preferred..) Meeting went well, smaller group today because a lot of people couldnt make it.. had a cool presentation from the stroller strides people, but they are soo expensive! I think most of us moms were figuring on doing it all on our wouldnt be hard to do.. so yay.. i will have exercise buddies after this baby is born.

Then got home..Dad left..Aurora and i played..ate..etc.. Picked up the nursery a bit. Started packing the new diaper bag for both aurora and the new baby. My dad came back over to eat.. He ate in the kitchen, aurora played, and i sterilized the baby bottles..we wont need them for at least three weeks.. im hoping to hold off till six weeks.. but i figured might as well get them done when i get a chance.. burned my hand a little..oh well.. Then i put aurora down for a left.. put in a load of laundry..

And here i am. I also found two of my tea bags raspberry leaf tea.. ive decided im ready for this baby to come.. no more putting it off.. So now i will be drinking the tea... asking john to go for a walk with me tonight..and even attempt sex..which honestly doesnt interest me right now.. Maybe i can get these contractions to take on a consistent pattern.. I will be 39weeks tomorrow.. cant believe it.. and my next appointment isnt until next Wednesday! Seems like forever..ill be 39weeks6days! Which furthers my belief that i wont have this baby till November 23rd.. but im hoping to go into labor ready to have him here.. im ready to do all this over again! Im ready. Bring it on!


~Joe said...

ooooh your so close ~~labor vibes~~!!

Kassandra said...

u didnt post yesterday.. do we have a baby?