Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been busy

Well we have been so busy seems like forever since ive been online..even though its only been since Sunday...

Yesterday I put up "Dream" letters above the bedroom window..and also repainted my reading nook drapery and put that back up..did some touch ups.. My mom and neighbor moved all the furniture back in place for me.. I also put up new baby safety covers for the electrical outlets..we had those little plastic things you plug in, but at the infant safety and CPR class we attended they suggested something else.. so i got those for the nursery and they are installed.

And then today i organized the room, hung up a ton of baby boy clothes..and omg..we have a ton of clothes and i still have one more baby shower! Hung up the "Aurora" letters ive had Forever... they arnt exactly centered over her crib, which sorta bugs me..but my back was killing i just got it done..and i still think its cute! The room is almost done. Oh and i went through tons of stuffed animals that she has and divided them into piles of what is going to grandmas, whats going to grandpa's, and what is staying at home.

Things left to do before baby arrives:

Sew curtains and valance

Sew baby bedding

Buy some more plastic storage bins to fit all the toys we have! (and clothes!)

Thats pretty much it..

Oh and Sunday john and i went down to babies r us to return the diaper bag i had bought.. it had a stain on the side that i never noticed.. luckily i still had the receipt..and it didnt have the plastic lining on the inside like the one we have right now for aurora does.. and that comes in handy when things get spilled. Plus i saw one that my Internet buddy Bonnie bought and let me tell you..i fell madly in had polka dots on the inside..and its got the plastic lining i love.. they didnt have it at the store when i had bought the previous one.. So we went and returned the one we had bought and bought the new one..and I LOVE IT.. lol... so happy with it.

Yesterday we went to target and bought some bottles for the new baby..borne free..we are trying to get a collection of them started, but they are expensive bottles. Right now we have one glass, two plastic..and they are all the larger size ones since thats all i really need. I have a ton of the smaller medela bottles that i have for my breast pump. We also bought a shirt for aurora and a new onsie for our baby boy. We still have a few things left to get...

Things left to buy before baby number two gets here:

Crib mattress

Boppy pillow (though one of the moms from the club im in plans on giving me i prolly wont have to buy this)

The letters J-O-H-N for above his crib

and thats pretty much it...

Im so excited...its getting closer..

I also might want to buy one more baby gate.. to gate off the nursery..because then i can have them play in there sometimes...rather than just the living room, since i have her toys split between the living room and the bedroom.

I also have a huge list of things i want to get done to the rest of the apartment before the baby gets here, just so its in order..but thats not a biggie if it doesnt get done.
Oh and john is sooo excited he got his brand new G1 phone today..ugh..