Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas is COMING!

LOL.. Okay so yeah i tend to go overboard at Christmas and i am sooo going to go low key this year.. I dont want to go in debt buying millions of presents my kids arnt going to use.. Normally I would have done a ton of Christmas present shopping by now, but being as ive been pregnant.. my mind has been in other places (most of the time) and ive been doing other things.. However ive still taken the time to store up a few very very small things for my kids along the way.. Im sure baby John will be getting mostly clothes..since he will be only a month or so old.. my father however has already bought him his Christmas gift and its sooo awesome.. but im keeping it a

I also bought something for hubby..again a case he invades the computer and reads It isnt anything big.. because he got his gift early.. a tmobile G1...expensive super awesome phone. I may buy him a few more things between now and then, but nothing big..and im pretty sure i will wrap the phones box and put it under the tree... just to remind him thats what he got it for...

Yesterday i also picked up the baby John letters from babies r us.. so maybe when i get a chance.. i can put them up on the wall. I also almost completed his crib skirt last night.. just one last thing to do to it and it will be done.. I also finished the mattress sheet...or so i thought..when i went to try it out on auroras crib mattress (since we havent bought one for his crib yet)... i found that it doesnt fit.. which upset me.. so then i was like, gonna have to buy more fabric! Then i looked through my bag and yeah..turns out i sewed the remnants together and not the piece i had cut out for the crib.. no wonder it didnt fit! So i got the new piece sewed together all except for the elastic..which i had to seam rip off of the old piece..ugh..that was a hassle... But i got it off.. ill sew it all together later on tonight.. Then ive got to sew the bumper and ill be done! I cant wait to be done cause honestly i love sewing, but i need a freaking sewing room.. I was using my dining room, but it was driving me nutts how bad it looked in there.. and how uncomfy it was becoming for i moved it all into the living room.. I just want my house back!!! Soon soon....

Oh and we got a package from my grandpa and his wife who couldnt make it to the shower. Sadly he is pretty sick..they dont know what.. nothing life threatening i hope.. Well they sent their gift and they got us a baby Bjorn carrier..which i tested out on john and i cause hello we are big people..and luckily it fits! And another borne free glass bottle.. so I think we have enough bottles now.. im still hoping to breastfeed, so if that works out as planned i wont need too many bottles. A friend from the MOMS club offered to give me her old boppy pillow and i said sure! So i might buy it a new slipcover..though she says its i might not have to.. So actually all that we really need is the mattress... which isnt something we need until after he is born..and even awhile after that since he will be sleeping in our room in his bassinet. Though i would like to have it either before or shortly after..because i do want to get him used to napping in his crib and getting aurora used to seeing him in there...

Organizing the house is going alright.. little buy little the junk shifts from one room to Ive gone through and weeded out a lot of stuff we didnt need... and donated some of it today.. still need to get my old microwave down there to donate... Im working on getting my hall closets organized. After that i think im going to do my bathroom closet.. It prolly wont happen today though. We are supposed to be attending the MOMS club family Halloween party today after John gets off work.. so im looking forward to that.

Ahh well..Ill write a ton more later! : )