Friday, October 17, 2008

Prenatal Appointment

So i had an appointment this morning. My grandma was able to go with me since she is here visiting from south carolina.

I lost two pounds..which surprised me.. My blood pressure was normal and so was my urine and all that. Babys heart rate was 130's...good and strong and she found it quickly. She said she wants me to have another ultrasound as i get farther along because Aurora was a big baby and because this baby is looking like another big baby, so they want to have an idea of how big.. So i guess in a few weeks i will be going in for another ultrasound.

I asked about the flu shot, because i was unsure whether or not to get it at this appointment since my baby shower is tomorrow. She suggested waiting for my next appointment because it can make me feel sick. So we will be waiting. Also at my next appointment we will be doing the group b or whatever culture. And thats about it. I said i was having normal preggo stuff, back pain, contractions, peeing a lot, all par for the course.. so there was nothing much to talk about. She gave me the okay to continue my painting..just to keep it well ventilated and take breaks. She also said if i go into labor from here on out..they arnt stopping it... So its becoming more real!

Ive been busy getting things done. Did two or three loads of laundry over the last two days.. washed the bassinet bedding. I have the paint for the nursery, i just need to tape it off and paint! I finished up the baby shower party favors a few moments ago. I cant believe its tomorrow! Im excited. Though i dont think there will be a lot of people there.. its still exciting! : )